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Random Rumblings

By the fall of 1999 World Championship Wrestling was struggling along looking for anything to spark interest in their product. In the summer, Sid Vicious made his return to the company after being gone for six years after a incident with Arn Anderson. Sid would align himself with Randy Savage, but that wouldn’t last too long as Savage would be gone from WCW, again, by July.

As most of you know Goldberg had a lengthy undefeated streak from 1997 to 1998 in WCW. After a couple of months in WCW, Sid became obsessed with breaking Goldberg’s streak. Most of Sid’s “victories” were when he would get involved in a match and attack the contestants before pinning them. He would have Charles Robinson hold up a sign with the amount of victories he had. During this streak, Sid won the WCW United States Championship from Chris Benoit at Fall Brawl on September 12th.

Shortly afterward, Sid’s feud with Goldberg began. Sid was obsessed with breaking Goldberg’s streak while Goldberg was focused on regaining the WCW United States Championship, which he held in 1998. During the September 23rd edition of Thunder it was revealed that Sid got a restraining order against Goldberg saying that he can’t touch him prior to Halloween Havoc.

On the September 27th edition of Nitro, Goldberg got inside Sid’s head. He was able to get a hold of Sid’s car keys and would have Sid’s car demolished. At the end of the show, Sid stood on the crushed car and screamed out Goldberg’s name. It was actually a humorous segment.

The following week on the October 4th edition of Nitro, Sid attempted to get revenge on Goldberg by having his car compacted like his was last week. However, Sid’s assistant screwed him over and parked Sid’s car in the spot that Sid believed Goldberg’s car would have been. When told about the news, Sid ran out to the parking lot and screamed out “Why Me?”

Goldberg broke the no contact rule on the October 11th edition of Nitro when he speared Sid. Sid got involved in the tag team main event and taunted Goldberg. That lead to Goldberg speaking him. Don’t worry, their match at Havoc is still on.

The following week on Nitro, six days away from Havoc, Sid had a lawyer with him saying that since Goldberg broke the stipulation that their match at Havoc was now off. Sid would rip up the contract, but Goldberg ran down to the ring and took the lawyer out with a spear. Sid would plant Goldberg with a powerbomb to get some momentum heading into the pay per view contest.

Prior to their match at Havoc, Goldberg attacked Sid backstage and busted him wide open. Seriously, Sid was bleeding buckets. Anyway, Goldberg beat the living crap out of Sid and as a result the referee stopped the match due to blood loss. So, Sid’s “streak” was over and Goldberg won the WCW United States Championship. The feud would continue on, though.

It would continue the next night on Nitro where Sid Vicious and the Outsiders attacked Goldberg. Sid hit a powerbomb on Goldberg and that allowed Bret Hart to win the WCW United States Championship.

On November 8th edition of Nitro Sid showed evidence that Goldberg said “i quit” at Halloween Havoc. His evidence was simply yelling into a microphone the words while footage of the match was shown. It was rather silly. Goldberg would spear Sid and issued a challenge for WCW Mayhem to an I Quit Match. Goldberg would spear Sid a second time during Sid’s match with Lex Luger.

The blow-off to the feud took place on November 21st at WCW Mayhem. After about two months of build and a memorable match at Havoc, mainly because of how much blood Sid lost, Goldberg was able to beat Sid in just over five minutes of action by choking Sid out. Sid didn’t utter the words “I Quit”

The next on Nitro their feud was tossed out the window as Sid would turn babyface and team with Goldberg to take on the Outsiders. They would lose the match.

Bob’s Opinion:
For a heated feud that these two had, it was kind of goofy. The feud started off with Sid wanting to end the steak and Goldberg wanting the gold. That’s fine and dandy. Then it turned into both men wanting to crush the other guy’s car. Sid was made to look foolish during the build up towards their Havoc match.

The Havoc match did a good job in making Goldberg look like a destroyer and Sid as a man who could take a beating. There was very minimal build towards their match at Mayhem, which may explain why it got so little time. At the time, Sid was starting a mini feud with the Outsiders. So, looking back at everything it wasn’t a total shock that Sid ended up turning babyface.

When you look at the feud, Goldberg never made Sid tap out or pin him. Sid lost the first one by referee stoppage and passed out in the second match. In my opinion, Sid was the first real threat to Goldberg in a long time. Maybe the first threat since Goldberg had a series of matches with the Giant in late ’98.

The feud is average at best. A feud between Goldberg and Sid sounds good on paper and the first month of the feud provided some decent television, but they stopped putting much of an effort into the feud and it failed to deliver. Thus, I can’t give the feud a positive recommendation.

What are your memories of the Goldberg/Sid feud? Leave your thoughts below.

Thanks for reading.

— Bob Colling