YouSHOOT with Maria Kanellis

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YouSHOOT with Maria Kanellis
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Reviewed By: Brad Dykens

Just when you think Kayfabe Commentaries has completed their destiny and done everything there is to do, along comes sweet little vixen Maria Kanellis. I’m sure when KC director Sean Oliver pitched the idea for Maria to take the hotseat and answer questions submitted by fans, he probably had low expectations but figured he had nothing to lose. I would have expected Maria to politely decline, however, to her credit, she agreed and was a true champion when handling the mixed nuts thrown at her from all corners of the wrestling globe. Maria added a touch of class to this edition of YouSHOOT, but still didn’t shy away from taking shots at several people from the wrestling world. It wasn’t a festival of negativity like several former YouSHOOT guests, and Maria was cute and giggly when reacting to the many ridiculous topics. Maria is a beautiful person, even more beautiful than she was portrayed on WWE television.

Some of the many topics discussed include; the Diva Search (and rubbing Kamala’s belly), all things WWE, working for OVW, Paul Heyman (loves), Jim Cornette (hates), Ken Anderson (and how she helped develop his most famous gimmick), WWE writers, the airhead gimmick, training with Fit Finlay, gimmick matches, going PG, wrestling Umaga, teaming with Cena against Edge & Lita, wrestling Kurt Angle, suggesting storylines, the infamous Extreme Strip Poker segment, Santino Marella, RAW guest hosts, WrestleMania, rude Randy Orton, locker room etiquette, the Chris Benoit tragedy, pitching marketing ideas, getting fired, SHIMMER, Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump, Cyndi Lauper, Brett Michaels, musical aspirations, favorite stories, best friends in the wrestling business, diet on the road, the Waffle House, thoughts on Obama, dirt sheets, WWE producers/agents, Mickie James release, Tammy “Sunny” Sytch, Vickie Guerrero, Gail Kim, more WWE Divas, posing for Playboy, FMK (Kevin Dunn, Johnny Ace, Donald Trump), FMK (Trish Stratus, Melina Perez, Layla El), are the twins real?, a game of “real or fake,” drugs, hosting the Macho Madness DVD with Matt Striker, a series of really creepy sexual questions, biggest pervert in WWE, biggest asshole, a game of Ho-Bag, a whole chapter on C.M. Punk, and the final chapter is dedicated to creepy fans (most of whom participate in the making of this DVD!).

My questions have been used on most of the YouShoot DVD’s but none of them were used for Maria. I assume they were lost in cyberspace or I did not submit them in time. Most of my questions were asked by other people and answered by Maria anyway so it’s no big deal. Still it’s quite a thrill to hear your own name on a professionally produced DVD. I recommend going to their website and looking for scheduled YouSHOOTs so you can submit your own questions. This was a really great DVD and well worth watching!

If you’re not a fan of Kayfabe Commentaries, then become one now and head over to their website at and pick out a couple of amazing DVD’s from their growing collection.

Reviewed by Alan Wojcik of

Few entering the Kayfabe Commentaries “YouShoot” DVD realm have looked so good sitting in the chair (sue me I don’t think Missy Hyatt, Hardcore Holly or Honky Tonk Man are good looking). Former WWE Diva and Celebrity Apprentice contestant Maria Kanellis sits with Sean Oliver and the infamous laptop to discuss the following main topic areas:

Diva Search/OVW, WWE, Future Endeavors, Apprentice & Reality TV, the Road, Potpourri, Divas, Playboy, Sex and Drugs, Gossip, Punk, the Boys & Creepy Fans.

I keep waiting for Sean and his crew to pick someone who is absolutely horrible on this series and they didn’t do it here. Maria Kanellis is a favorite Diva of mine so I was waiting for this release since she was cut from WWE for stupid reasons and I wanted answers like everyone else who is a fan. Since I want you to watch this excellent DVD I will give some quick hits: Maria give opinions on her time working with Santino Marella, Raw guest hosts, her relationship with CM Punk, Diva’s past and present plus she opens the backstage area specifically how the office treats the Divas including their marketability as opposed to the Superstars. In addition we get thoughts on the infamous Trump board room, his hairstyle, how “real” reality TV is, stepping in the recording studio and her issues with Cyndi Lauper.

Sean Oliver brings out the games you love and enjoy from previous “YouShoot” sessions: Real or Fake (think boobage men) done in record time, the Ho Bag (light on the Ho’s) followed by What A Dick (not so light on the dicks), the Playboy Game (match the diva with the nude photo) & two versions of f**k & marry & kill. Kanellis had fun and I was entertained by her candor.

Once again the Kayfabe Commentaries fans prove they can ask the most outlandish & dumb as crap questions that surprisingly made Kanellis laugh for several minutes. I have given my thoughts on the questions chosen for the DVD’s and will not bury these people any more than they bury themselves. Despite the questions I felt Kanellis was very entertaining and I wish her the best in her music career. Grab this DVD and place it in your collection. Seriously stop reading this and log onto the address below.

The “Summer of YouShoot” continues next month with the live Q & A session with TNA President Dixie Carter followed by Jim Cornette-The Lost Sessions. is the destination you need to go after reading this review.

Monday Night Mayhem DVD Review
“YouSHOOT with Maria Kanellis”
Produced By Kayfabe Commentaries
Written By “Wild” Bill Brown


Content: 8.5

“Wrestling Therapy” is what it was called, Kayfabe Commentaries once again comes through with a major mainstream female diva that has been through the wrestling world, Playboy Magazine, & Hollywood in a relatively short period of time. From the 2004 WWE Diva Search, to Finlay’s training, to Johnny Ace giving the news on her termination from World Wrestling Entertainment, & all other avenues her career path has taken her, this is a totally candid & unscripted “tell as much as possible” shoot interview, where both praises & hatred are fully expressed. Maria Kanellis, being a former WWE Diva, offers a whole new aspect to this latest interview series here, with plenty of Diva dirt & backstage politics coming from what she saw on her side of the WWE locker room.

Audio/Video : 9.0

Perfectly clear & easily understood. Sean Oliver & Maria bring their candid, Rated R discussion directly to their audience. Tight camera work, plenty of on-screen graphics when needed & great clarity; once again a top-notch production is being showcased to the inside wrestling community.


What’s On The DVD?

For almost two hours, Sean Oliver chips away at one of the bravest women to ever sit down in the Kayfabe Commentaries hot seat. Starting off with the ’04 WWE Diva Search, Maria will share her opinions on the unscripted competition, as well as some heat with a few of the girls (Carmella DeCesare in particular). Once in the WWE with a contract, she will tell you how much hatred she held in towards WWE’s Executive Vice President John Laurinaitis. But through her entire WWE tenure, Maria answers all the questions thrown at her. How did Playboy come her way? What about her most memorable road stories? Who’s full of themselves? Sex & drugs? Gossip & creepy fans? Who hits on the Divas? And in a chapter showcased on her former boyfriend, CM Punk, Maria shares quite an open mind.

After her WWE career, Maria will tell you first hand behind the scenes discussion with her involvement on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump. And what will the future possibly hold for Maria? If you are a fan of hers, here is your chance to hear a side of Maria that you have never ever heard before.


Special Features: 9.5

Sean Oliver pulled out all his special tell-all games in this one, and Maria was shocked to even know that he would dare to try. What makes this DVD so good is that Maria gives her honest answers and lets you know the truth of the matter. So play along with Maria in “The Playboy Game,” and see if you can detect the face of each naked diva, or perhaps guess who is all natural in “Real vs Fake.” What about the old favorite “F*ck, Marry, Kill” game, or would you like to know how “What A Dick” is categorized? Who belongs in “The Ho-Bag” in Maria’s eyes? All this & many more outrageous topics are openly shared to the viewers.


Overall Recommendation:

If you want to find out about all the stuff you never thought you would hear from Maria Kanellis, this is one of your only candid true chances. For almost two hours, she certainly grew a nice set of balls to sit down & answer the topics that were thrown her way. There is not a major Diva that wasn’t brought up for Maria to have something to discuss about. Great questions, fun games, & plenty of interesting conversation, “You Shoot: Maria Kanellis” by Kayfabe Commentaries is a definite thumbs up!


Overall Rating: 9.0


This DVD was reviewed By “Wild” Bill Brown. Visit the official website, Facebook, & MySpace pages of The Mayhem’s official DVD reviewer at,, &