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“Montreal Theory” DVD Asks If Bret Hart Was In On The Montreal Screwjob; Available At Wrestlecon April 6-7

Purchase the DVD via pre-order now at save 25% at: www.MontrealTheory.com

Watch the official trailer at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGHBucy_gO0

It’s the most controversial and talked-about in-ring moment in pro wrestling history – one “screwjob” on November 9, 1997 changed the industry forever… but do we really know the whole story? In a business built on deception, why are we taking such a controversial topic at face value and not asking any questions about the numerous things that may not quite add up? Is it impossible to think Bret Hart may have been a co-conspirator in the “Screwjob” – perhaps even secretly to everyone but Vince himself. The huge WCW contract… financial security for his family… twice the days off of his WWF schedule… and a scenario that would have painted him as a sympathetic, heroic babyface standing up to the evil establishment. At the time, Bret had every reason to gain from the incident, but could he have been involved? We ask that question in “The Montreal Theory”, available on DVD for the first time Apriul 6 & 7 at Wrestlecon in Secaucus, NJ.

In disc one, we’ll re-tell “The Official Story” as it’s been told to us up to now through the various mediums this issue has been covered. We’ll go back and review the classic Ironman Match between Bret and Shawn Michaels, Bret’s hiatus & initial contract offer from WCW that he declined, mounting tensions between Bret, Shawn, and Vince, scandalous “shoot” comments aired weekly on Monday nights, a very real backstage fight in Hartford, the genesis of the “Mr. McMahon” character, and of course the fateful night in Montreal on November 9, as well as how each man handled the issue, Earl Hebner’s involvement, and the repercussions that took place over the next near-fifteen years.

In disc two, we’ll take that story and turn it upside down as we present “The Theory”. Could Bret Hart have been secretly in the know about the Montreal Screwjob. If he was, was it a last minute agreement in secrecy or could it have been an 18-month long plot hatched by Bret & Vince themselves? Think it’s impossible? What about the warning signs? Evidence of Bret & Vince’s pre-screwjob conversation revealing the finish, the angle points throughout 1997 TV that seem to lead to the perfect storybook conclusion, the documentary film crew capturing all the drama, the numerous major stars (from Jerry Lawler to Kevin Nash) who also doubt the validity, the all-too-symbolic moment of the death of the Bret Hart character, and most importantly the fact that everyone ended up getting what they wanted out of Montreal, and no one was hurt by the incident in any way. What about the fact some of the skeptics were in the ring that night?? Think we’re wrong? Some of our panelists think we are too, and you’ll hear debate from both sides, doubters and believers alike. Listen to the “Theory” and form your own conclusion!

We are proud to correlate the release of the most controversial investigative DVD in recent times along with the biggest weekend of the year for professional wrestling. “The Montreal Theory” will be available for purchase for the very first time April 6 & 7 at arguably the largest fan convention in the history of professional wrestling, Wrestlecon! “Montreal Theory” will be part of perhaps the most diverse table in the entire con, headed by Sorgatron Media & PRIME Wrestling. In addition to the “Theory”, we’ll have DVDs from independent companies like PRIME Wrestling & IWC, old school action figures & trading cards, DVDs, vintage video games & VHS tapes, and so much more! The “Theory” will be the centerpiece of all of this, a TWO-DISC and nearly SIX HOUR journey back to 1996 & 1997 WWF to talk about what was and what might have been. We’ve assembled a very diverse & knowledgeable panel of every era, company, and job title in pro wrestling to debate and discuss everything leading up to and falling out from the most infamous match of the modern era.

Starring: Kevin Kelly, Steve Corino, Raven, Brian Krasman, Justin LaBar

Featuring: CJ Spencer (fka Tony Mamaluke), Robert Maillet (fka Kurrgan), Bill Behrens, Jerry Jarrett, Scott Hudson, Les Thatcher, Chris Cruise, Dr. David Reiss

Hosted by: Joe Dombrowski

Plus Bonus Footage featuring comments from: Shawn Michaels, Jerry Lawler, Kevin Nash & Sean Waltman, Tammy Sytch, BG James & Kip (fka New Age Outlaws), Chris Kanyon

For more information on “The Montreal Theory” please visit www.MontrealTheory.com. For more information on Wrestlecon April 6-7 please visit www.Wrestlecon.com!