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Gary Hart

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Wrestlers who Gary Hart Managed:
Bobby Shane
Gorgeous George Jr.
Jerry Lawler
Black Angus
Bobby Duncum
Bob Orton Jr.
The Samoans (Tio & Reno)
The Great Kabuki
The Great Muta
Killer Kahn
Mark Lewin
Abdullah The Butcher
Pak Song
The Spoiler
Dick Slater

Career Highlights

  • Gary Hart really made the rounds as a wrestler in the Wisconsin – Illinois area in the early ’60s..
  • Gary Hart, believe it or not, was a bleech-blonde “nature boy” type as a wrestler in the mid-60s known as “Gay” Gary Hart..
  • Gary Hart is best remembered for his heel-manager roll in promotions like World Class Championship Wrestling..
  • Gary Hart has a son, Chad Hart, who now wrestles..
  • January 9, 2004 – MLW Reloaded: Gary Hart makes his unexpected return to pro-wrestling appearing at the end of the MLW taping!
  • March 16, 2008: Gary Hart (66) passed away at his home in Euless, TX after returning from an autograph session in Allentown, PA.
  • March 20, 2008: The official cause of death for Gary Hart was heart disease according to the Tarrant County medical examiner’s office

    Greg Kelly wrote: Playboy Gary Hart in Australia — 3/21/69 Sam Menacker d Gary Hart DQ, 3/28/69 Spiros Arion & Sam Menacker d Spoiler & Hart 2-1, 4/25/69 Mario Milano v Hart the ref was KOd & Spoiler & Tex McKenzie got involved, 5/2/69 Milano & McKenzie d Spoiler & Hart DQ, 4/9/69 McKenzie d Hart, 5/16/69 McKenzie & Billy White Wolf d Hart & Murphy the Magnificent, 5/23/69 Spoiler d Hart after a falling out, 5/30/69 Larry O’Dea d Hart, he came back several times during the 70s



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Trained By




January 24, 1942


Originally: Evansville, Indiana
Retired in Euless, Texas




Finishing Move(s)

Favorite Move(s)

Notable Feuds

The Von Erich Brothers
The Great Kabuki