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Ron Hutchison (2)

Wrestlers who Ron Hutchison has Trained:
Edge (WWE World Champion)
Christian Cage (NWA World Champion)
Trish Stratus (WWE Women’s champion)
Gail Kim (WWE Women’s champion/TNA)
Tracy Brooks (TNA) Tiger Ali Singh (WWF)
Joe E. Legend (WWF/TNA)
Johnny Swinger (ECW/WCW/WWE)
Jason Sensation (WWF)
The Original Sinn (TNA)
Maddog Rex (UWA-Vancouver)
The Canadian Kodiaks (UWF)
Mandy Weaver (NWWL)

Title History


  • (Superstars Wrestling) Canadian Junior Heavyweight title (1984)
  • (Big Time Wrestling) Canadian Heavyweight title (1990);


Career Highlights


  • 1981: Ron Hutchison began training to wrestle at Sully’s Gym in Toronto, Ontario..
  • June 5, 1983: Ron Hutchison made his professional wrestling debuts working for promoter “Bearman” Dave McKigney..
  • ~~~Danny Little Wolf & Ron Hutchison (debut) beat Teddy Marshall & Joey War Eagle at Scarboro Arena Gardens..
  • July 14, 1984–World Wrestling Federation: The Iron Sheik defeated Ron Hutchison in Brantford, Ontario..
  • September 9, 1984–World Wrestling Federation: Ron Hutchison vs John Bonello at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto..
  • Summer 1984/85/86: Ron Hutchison toured the Canadian Maritime Provinces for Emile Dupree’s Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling..
  • ~~~He was a babyface against the likes of Masahiro Chono, Mr. Pogo, Killer Karl Krupp, Jos Leduc, Frenchy Martin, Leo Burke..
  • ~~~He also wrestled midget star Sky Low Low and “Monster Ripper” Rhonda Singh in mixed tag team matches..
  • 1984-Late 1987: Ron Hutchison wrestled many matches against big stars in the World Wrestling Federation..
  • ~~~~Such as: Jesse “The Body” Ventura, Roddy Piper, Bret Hart, Macho Man Randy Savage, Jake “The Snake” Roberts..
  • ~~~~Also: Paul “Mr. Wonderful” Orndorff, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Iron Sheik, Jim Neidhart, Adrian Adonis..
  • ~~~~Not to mention: Dick Murdoch, “The Ugandan Giant” Kamala, “Hoss” Dory Funk Jr., King Kong Bundy, and others..
  • April 25, 1986: “Wonderboy” Ron Hutchison was profiled with a full page story in the Toronto Sun daily newspaper..
  • ~~~The story was picked up by newspapers throughout Canada including the Moncton Times Transcript & The Calgary Herald..
  • 1986/87: Ron Hutchison toured in the province of Quebec for “International Wrestling” booked by Leo Burke..
  • Summer 1987 & 1988: Ron Hutchison toured Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island for World Grand Prix Wrestling..
  • ~~~He worked under a mask as a heel known as The Intelligent and Sensational Masked Thunderbolt on the tour..
  • ~~~The Masked Thunderbolt was a mamber of “Bulldog” Bob Brown’s army feuding with many of the top stars..
  • ~~~~~Such as: “Rotten” Ron Starr, The Great Malumba, Leo Burke, Stephen Petitpas, Vinnie Valentino, Cuban Assassian..
  • ~~~~~Such as: The Rock & Roll Rebel Express, Steve Blackman (future WWFer), Sunny War Cloud, Buddy Lane, and others…
  • September 1997: Ron Hutchison appeared with WWF Canada President Carl DeMarco on CBC TV’s teen talk show “Jonovision”..
  • September 1997: Ron Hutchison worked a taped Asian PPV for the continent of India promoted by Tiger Jeet Singh..
  • ~~~The event took place in Hayes, Middlesex (London), England in front of well over 10,000 wrestling fans……..
  • August 30, 1998: Ron Hutchison launched his Apocalypse Wrestling Federation in Toroto and booked the shows himself..
  • September 1998: Ron Hutchison made a 2nd appearance on “Jonovision” with two trainees; Tiger Ali Singh & Jason Sensation..
  • February 14, 1999: Missy Hyatt made her first officially sanctioned in-ring wrestling appearance with AWF in Toronto..
  • ~~~It was also her Canadian debut and took place at an AWF show entitled “A Valentine to Remember”..
  • ~~~~~Missy Hyatt ended up becoming the first ever woman to hold a mens professsional wrestling title..
  • ~~~~~Missy Hyatt captured the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation Heavyweight title at that particular show.. In addition to other male and female wrestlers who trained and got their starts with Hutchison the AWF also hosted the Canadian wrestling debuts of WWE star Jillian Hall (a.k.a. Macaela Mercedes–Nov. 24, 2002–AWF “Gauntlet to Glory”), Beth Phoenix (OVW/ WWE — AWF Ironman Tournament Aug. 2002) and joshi star Sumie Sakai (June 2, 2002– AWF “International Implications”.)
  • June 6, 1999: Ron Hutchison promoted Terry Funk’s Canadian retirement match “One Last Dance”; a victory over Sabu!
  • August/September 2000/2001/2002: Promoted & booked the AWF Ironman Tournament each year in Toronto, Ontario..
  • ~~~Each year, the AWF wrestlers showcased upwards of 100 matches presented over the course of the 18 day fair..
  • August 2002: Legendary wrestling journalist George Napolitano dubs “Ron Hutchison: Trainer to the Stars”..
  • ~~~The proclamation was presented in a three page tribute to Hutchison in Napolitano’s TV Wrestlers Magazine..
  • 2003: Ron Hutchison was profiled in the book “The Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame; The Canadians” by Greg Oliver, ECW Press..
  • April 6, 2003: Ron Hutchison ventured to Tokyo, Japan to partner with women’s pro-wrestling legend Chigusa Nagayo..
  • ~~~Together they produced the debut of the “GaeaBoyz” at Gaea Japan’s 8th Anniversary show at Yokohama Bunka Gym..
  • October 2003-present: Ron Hutchison helped launch Carmen Electra’s NWWL (Naked Women’s Wrestling League)..
  • ~~~Hutchison served as the company’s head wrestling trainer and consultant | NWWL events also featured Jimmy Hart..
  • ~~~Carman Electra’s NWWL events are syndicated world wide with both pay per view and DVD distribution.
  • December 2005: Ron Hutchison began training reality TV star Mandy Weaver (TBS Gilligan’s Island II Mary-Anne)..
  • July 2006: Ron Hutchison took the girls from NWWL to the Toronto Grand Prix car race for some bikini tag team matches..
  • ~~~The girls did a spot for The Fight Network, posed for a photo spread in Penthouse and also posed with Randy Couture..
  • Special thanks to Ron Hutchison for providing such a detailed history of his career for this profile [View Unedited]



Social Media


Trained By

Johnny Powers
Sweet Daddy Siki


June 1983


February 7


Toronto, Ontario





208 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

Double Leg Grapevine
Olympic roll-up

Favorite Move(s)

O'Connor Roll
Cross-face Chicken Wing
Out-side Topwrist-lock
The Kiwi Roll

Notable Feuds