WWE Monday Night RAW 11 01 2010

WWE Monday Night RAW

November 1, 2010 – Uniondale (Long Island), NY
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

WWE champion Randy Orton + John Cena + The Nexus (Wade Barrett & Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater & Michael McGillicutty & Husky Harris & David Otunga): Randy said there wasn’t a man alive that could take the title from him but if someone did he would accept it. Randy said he wouldn’t accept losing the title because of a crooked referee, especially if that referee was John Cena. Randy asked John Cena to the ring because he wants John Cena to be man enough to admit whether or not he’s going to screw him over. John asked Randy to cut him some slack. John said he’s been the champion before and championships are won and lost. John said if Wade beats Randy he is out of Nexus but if Randy beats him he’s fired. John said he has to be the guest referee so he’s supposed to call the thing down the middle. John said you see all this chaos in the WWE Universe and he doesn’t know what he’s going to do. Randy said this was John’s bleeding heart way of telling him he will be screwed over. Randy said if John screws him over he keeps his job but he’ll be the biggest phony in the WWE. Randy said if John obeys Wade’s orders he’ll disrespect every WWE champion. Randy told John to get out of his ring. John said he worked hard to get here and now he’s getting coffee. John said Nexus runs the show. John said he’s been in the ring with Wade and he might have enough skill to compete for the WWE championship. John said they all know Wade will cheat because he doesn’t know about respect. Wade Barrett came out and thanked Cena for the kind words. Wade said John has permission to say whatever he wants because actions speak louder than words and when push comes to shove Cena will do exactly what he tells him. John said in 3 weeks this is all over. John asked Randy for a second with his boss. John said whether he’s out of Nexus or the WWE he will not go quietly. John said he will leave Wade a parting gift by beating the hell out of him. Randy said he doesn’t have to wait until Survivor Series. Randy said Wade is nothing more than a scared pathetic little child. Randy said at SS he is going to beat on him until he’s unconscious. Michael Cole received an email saying that tonight John would be the special guest ref in a tag match between Randy and a partner of his choice against Wade and a partner of his choice.

WWE Tag Team champions Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater defeated The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith): David and Tyson were hostile towards each other during the match. At one point in the match Tyson tried to jump over the top rope onto Justin but David got in the way and was hit. Justin kicked Tyson in the back of the head and hit the 450 back in the ring for 3.

R-Truth & John Cena: Truth asked John what he would do when the moment of truth arrives. John said he didn’t know and walked away.

Sheamus defeated Vladimir Kozlov w/Santino Marella: Sheamus said Santino pulled off the biggest upset in the WWE. Sheamus said Santino didn’t beat him because he beat himself. Sheamus said he’s given Santino a week to bask in the glory and now he’s going to make him pay. Santino came out immediately and said he respects Sheamus as a human. Santino said he’s a fan of Sheamus and last night went trick or treating dressed as Sheamus but everyone thought he was a ghost. Santino said last night he ate too much candy and the doctor told him he can’t wrestle or he’ll puke in his face. Santino said he found Sheamus a suitable replacement. Vladimir Kozlov cameo out and said Sheamus talks funny so he must crush him. Sheamus squashed Vladimir easily and finished him off with the brogue kick. After the match Sheamus stalked Santino up the ramp while Santino tried to give him money and candy. Sheamus got ready to give Santino the Irish curse but John Morrison came out and kicked the crap out of Sheamus.

WWE champion Randy Orton & R-Truth: Truth said he didn’t like what he saw in John. Truth said John wouldn’t let himself get fired in 3 weeks. Randy asked Truth to be his tag team partner because he wanted to see how Cena treats his friends. Truth said sure.

Mark Henry & Pee Wee Herman + Eve Torres & Nikki Bella & Brie Bella & Melina + Lita: Mark was talking to Pee Wee about how he missed Evan Bourne. Pee Wee said he had a bad splinter and it came out one night. Mark said Pee Wee was his idol and asked for a hug. Pee Wee asked Mark to play Diva twister. Pee Wee said there would be plenty of surprises including Lita. Lita came on camera and knocked the Diva’s over.

Ezekiel Jackson defeated Zack Ryder: Ezekiel is a babyface now and squashed Zack.

The Big Show defeated Mike “The Miz” Mizanin w/Alex Riley by DQ: Pee Wee said he was feeling raw. Pee Wee said the secret word tonight was ring. The Miz came out. Miz said he thought RAW losing at Bragging Rights was the lowest point in WWE history but this is worse. Miz said Alex loved Pee Wee but he hated Pee Wee Herman but loved He-Man. Pee Wee told him to marry He-Man and Miz told him to get out of his ring. Alex told Miz not to say the secret word. Miz made fun of Pee Wee’s outfit. Alex said he would handle this and Pee Wee mimicked him. Alex got really mad so Miz told them both to stop. Miz asked Pee Wee if he was stupid. Miz asked Pee Wee if he wanted to get beaten up. Pee Wee pretended to be scared and said he was getting angry. Pee Wee said he’s a rebel, really infinity. Pee Wee said they could play the really game all night but they shouldn’t anger the Pee. Pee Wee said he had his cousin here. Miz said Pee Wee could bring out the whole family so he can destroy him. Pee Wee said his cousin was awesome and The Big Show came out dressed like Pee Wee. Michael Cole got an email saying Miz had to face The Big Pee. The Big Show won after Miz hit him with the briefcase right in front of the referee.

WWE United States champion Daniel Bryan defeated Ted DiBiase Jr. w/Maryse Ouellet: In the match of the night Daniel made Ted tap out to the LeBelle lock. After the match Ted told Maryse to shut up and that he needed his title back. Ted said tomorrow they would break up Goldust’s wedding.

Natalya Neidhart defeated WWE Diva’s champion Michelle McCool w/Layla El: Michelle and Layla made fun of Natalya and said she was special. Lay-Cool said they were going to be nice and give the special girl another shot at the title if she beats Michelle tonight. Natalya won after Michelle accidentally kicked Layla in the face and was rolled up.

Freddy Prinze Jr. & Vince McMahon + Stephanie McMahon & Triple H (voice): Freddy was a doctor checking on Vince, who was in a coma from Nexus. Freddy talked about Linda’s election and said she spent 50 million dollars on her campaign. Vince sat up. Vince had a bunch of Linda stickers on him. Vince said as long as everything is okay in the WWE he’s fine. Freddy said Undertaker was buried and Nexus was stronger than ever and John Cena was in Nexus. Freddy said Paul Bearer is back and Goldust is getting married and RAW is being taken over by Pee Wee Herman. Vince said the next thing that will happen is Daniel Bryan will win the U.S. title. Freddy gave him a look and Vince said he needed to go to the bathroom. Vince got up to go take a dump and said if his wife could run for senate then he could run to be the president. Vince went to go to the bathroom and his wife’s competitor’s sticker was on his ass. Suddenly Stephanie McMahon woke up and said she had the weirdest dream. Stephanie asked an off scream Triple H if her dad was still in a coma. Triple H said he was pretty sure he was brain dead and Stephanie said thank god.

Randy Orton & R-Truth defeated Wade Barrett & David Otunga: John Cena was the special guest referee…. R-Truth got the pin after Randy hit David with the RKO behind Cena’s back and attacked Wade Barrett. Wade flipped out after the match.