WWE Monday Night RAW 07 23 2012

Date: July 23rd, 2012
Location: St. Louis, MO
Commentators: Jerry “The King” Lawler & Michael Cole & Jim Ross (For One Match)

Mr. McMAHON + D-X + DAMIEN SANDOW: The show started with Justin Roberts introducing Mr. McMahon. Mr. McMahon then made his way down to the ring. Vince started off by saying WOW, 1000 episodes, and thank you to the fans. He went on to say Welcome to Monday Night Raw! And welcome D-Generation X. DX’s music hit and out came Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Before they did the crotch chop pyros Michaels stopped them and said that he needed to catch his breath first, and not to get him wrong as he is feeling it, but he feels like something is missing. Triple H agreed and said that they had all the gratuitous merchandise on, and then Triple H asked if there used to be more of them? Triple H asked again and then pointed to the stage and then a military jeep came out with Road Dogg, X-Pac and Billy Gunn. The three men then made their way down to the ring, where they all hug. Then all five do the crotch chop pyros. Road Dogg then took the microphone and did his old bit and then Triple H took the mic back, and said if that wasn’t a start he doesn’t know what is but then asked if the fans were ready? Then Triple H said let’s get ready to suck it! Billy Gunn and Michaels then got into a joking argument about how the next part was theirs, and Triple H then cut in and said that Billy should let Michaels do it so he doesn’t loose his smile again. Then they decide to both do it, and then before they can continue, Damien Sandow’s music hit and out he came asking for everyone’s attention for a moment. Sandow said that what is going on in the ring is what is wrong with society as degenerates are running around manipulating the masses. Michaels said that Damien was right and that he needed to leave and beg the church for forgiveness… again. Damien then said that he knows the five of them could beat him up but he won’t be a victim he would be a martyr for the cause. Triple H then has DX huddle up to talk about it for a moment. When they break Triple H said this is what we decided… Michaels then hit Sandow with Sweet Chin Music followed by a pedigree from Triple. Billy Gunn then got in Sandow’s face and said if you aren’t down with then we’ve got two words for ya! Then they celebrated in the ring.

Rey Mysterio Jr., Sin Cara & Sheamus defeated Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio via pin fall: Sheamus won with Brogue Kick on Jericho after Ziggler hit Jericho with a cheap shot.

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AJ LEE + LAYLA EL: AJ was brushing her hair saying that the wedding was going to be so romantic and then asked Layla if she agreed. Layla then asked her if she was sure she wanted to go through with it. AJ then went off about why people keep asking her that and saying that she was unstable. She then opened the door to show Jim Duggan yelling at someone, and then R-Truth and Roddy Piper playing jump rope with Little Jimmy and then a man in a hand suit walked up with Mae Young saying that he was her son all grown up. AJ then turned to Layla who smiled then said good luck with the wedding and ran off.

Brodus Clay w/ Funkadactyles & Dude Love defeated Jack Swagger via pin fall: Clay won with the Funk It. After the match Dude Love danced in the ring with everyone and then used Mr. Socko on Jack Swagger.

TRISH STRATUS + D-X: Triple H was backstage with Trish Stratus talking about yoga. Trish then tried to do a little yoga with him bending him over and then the rest of DX came into the room and he got embarrassed and tried to explain it to them and followed DX out of the locker room but X-Pac stayed back and put his arm around Trish and asked how she was doing.

JERRY LAWLER + SLICK + AJ LEE + DANIEL BRYAN + Mr. McMAHON: Jerry Lawler was in the ring to introduce the reverend for the wedding of AJ and Daniel Bryan, which is Slick. Daniel Bryan then came down to the ring next, and then the bride to be, AJ Lee came down to the ring. Slick said that the two have asked that the fans be the witnesses for their wedding. Slick then asked if there was anyone that had a reason for them to not be married or forever hold your peace. Daniel then said that he knows they have had their ups and downs but he loves her and will always lover her and he promises that once he slips the ring on her finger a new chapter will begin for them and he will then finally have everything he ever wanted. Slick them if they take each other to be husband and wife and both Bryan and AJ say yes. Then just before Slick and pronounce them, AJ stopped him and said that she wasn’t saying yes to Daniel but to someone else, another man, another man who made a proposal to her earlier tonight. Mr. McMahon’s music hit and out came Vince and said that it wasn’t that kind of proposal, but rather a business proposal, and then he introduced the new Raw General Manager, AJ! AJ then threw the flowers into Bryan’s chest and then started skipping around him before walking away from him. Bryan lost it in the ring ripping up the flowers screaming no as AJ chanted yes on the stage. Bryan then tore up the wedding set.

DANIEL BRYAN + CM PUNK + THE ROCK: Daniel Bryan was still in the ring after break yelling at the referees, when CM Punk’s music hit and out came the WWE Champion to the ring. Punk said he didn’t come out here to rub it in Bryan’s face but he did just get stood up at the alter, and that it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Now Bryan is throwing a tantrum as AJ was just named the new General Manager, and Bryan can keep throwing his fit as CM Punk is still the best in the world and the WWE Champion. Bryan said that Punk isn’t even the best in the ring tonight, and that he is not only better than Punk but he is the greatest of all time! Then the Rock’s music hit and out came the Great One to the ring. The Rock starred at Bryan for a moment and then said he doesn’t get to say who the greatest of all is, they do, as The Rock pointed to the crowd. He then said Finally the Rock has come back to St. Louis. Bryan then cut the Rock off and said that he doesn’t know who he thinks he is, but then the Rock cut him off saying you don’t cut the Rock off like that and then the two starred at one another, and Bryan began taking off his suit. Rock then said that it was right here where the Rock won his first Championship, but he isn’t here right now to talk to Frodo he is here to talk about the WWE Championship. The Rock turned to CM Punk and said that he just got word that at the Royal Rumble whoever the champion is they will go one on one with the great one for the WWE Championship. Punk told the Rock good for him, and that he will fill in the blank because he is going to be the champion. He then said that he is going to beat John Cena later on tonight and he wished the Royal Rumble was tomorrow so he could beat him then as well. The Rock said that he wanted to come out here and tell Punk to his face that he is going to become the WWE Champion at the Rumble. Daniel Bryan then stood between the two of them and said NO! Tonight was suppose to be about him and at the Royal Rumble the Rock will not face Punk he will face Daniel Bryan and not only would he be Champion, but the face of the WWE. The Rock then made off Daniel Bryan calling him the child of a lumberjack and an umpa lumpa. The Rock then wished CM Punk good luck tonight against Cena and then told Bryan he had a wedding present for him even though he got stood up, and then proceeded to hit the Rock Bottom on Bryan and then his music hit as he rolled out of the ring.

Special Ring Announcer: Bret “The Hitman” Hart
The Miz defeated Christian © via pin fall: Miz won with Skull Crushing Finale, The Miz is the NEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION.

TRIPLE H + PAUL HEYMAN + STEPHANIE McMAHON + BROCK LESNAR: Triple H’s music hit and out he came to the ring. He said that he had his fun but now it was time to bring up the intensity. He then said he knows Brock Lesnar is backstage and he wants to fight him at SummerSlam and he wants his answer right now. Brock’s music hit and out came Paul Heyman. Triple H said that he came out here to talk to the Horse’s Head not it’s ass. Heyman said that he was right about one thing, Lesnar is here tonight, and Heyman has given him power of attorney, and he is here to give Triple H his answer, and his answer for Triple H is no. Triple H said that he is tired of his crap and if Lesnar doesn’t want to come out here he is going to go to the back and find him. Heyman then brought up the two pending lawsuits and asked if it was a wise idea. Triple H said that he doesn’t care anymore, and that it seems that Brock is nothing but a little bully and a coward. Heyman then asked if Hunter was resorting to name-calling and then mentioned Hunter’s kids which set Hunter off. Heyman backed down for a moment, but then when he went back on a verbal assault on the family, out came Stephanie McMahon. She went right into Heyman’s face and said that he is to never speak of her children again. She then said that these lawsuits have nothing to do with Lesnar but about Heyman’s failures from WCW, ECW, and WWE. Heyman tried to get a word in but then Stephanie shut him down saying that his children are ashamed to be his kids because he is nothing more than a professional parasite and then she slapped him across the face. Heyman then got out of the ring for a moment before getting back into the ring. Heyman then said the match between Brock and Triple H at SummerSlam is on. Heyman then applauded and said that Daddy’s little girl always gets what she wants, and then asked if she taught her kids that which caused her to pounce on him and as she beat on him Brock Lesnar’s music hit and out he came and went right after Triple H and the two began to brawl, trading blows. Triple H then got the upper hand and clothesline Lesnar out of the ring. Lesnar and Heyman then backed away and up the ramp and threw his tee shirt at Triple H.

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HEATH SLATER + WWE LEGENDS: Heath Slater came to the ring said that everything that has recently happened is in the past as all anyone will remember is his victory tonight as it will be epic. Then he issued an open challenge to anyone from the past to a No DQ No Count Out match. Lita came out to accept but after the bell rang Lita said she did hire a little protection, and out came the APA! Heath Slater tried to run away but all of the legends he had faced in the past caught him and dragged him back to the ring.

Special Ring Announcer: Howard Finkle
Lita defeated Heath Slater via pin fall: Lita hit a twist of fate, followed by a clothesline from hell by Bradshaw and then Lita hit Slater with a moonsault for the win. Then Ron Simmons said Damn!

SEAN MOONEY + DANIEL BRYAN: Sean Mooney said it was great to be back on Raw and that he was standing backstage with Daniel Bryan and said that tonight hasn’t been that good for him. Bryan said tonight has been tainted as AJ humiliated him, the Rock assaulted him and then Charlie Sheen insulted him. Bryan said that Sheen needs life management and if Sheen was standing in front of him he would slap the Yes Lock on him faster then he could say winning. Bryan then walked off.

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ZACK RYDER + JOHN CENA + MEAN GENE + THE ROCK: Ryder was with John Cena and Mean Gene, and he said that Mean Gene was the one behind G-TV. Gene said he wasn’t even working here then. As they argued The Rock came over and said that he wanted to wish John Cena good luck just like he told Punk. Cena said that he also heard that Rock is facing the WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble and he can’t wait till it is him who gets another match with the Rock. The Rock said John doesn’t even know how much he is looking forward to that, and then he walked off leaving John Cena alone.

KANE + UNDERTAKER + MAHAL + REKS + HAWKINS + HUNICO + CAMACHO + McINTYRE: Kane came out for a match but then Jinder Mahal’s music hit and Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins, Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre, Hunico and Camacho all came out. Mahal said that for 999 episodes they have been given no chances on RAW so tonight they make their own impact, and as they were about to get into the ring, the Undertaker’s music hit and he then made his way out for the first time since Wrestlemania. Once The Undertaker was in the ring he and Kane starred at one another while the other six stood at ringside not sure what was going on. After a few moments the six get into the ring and try to assault the Brothers of Destruction. Kane and Taker clear the ring but not before hitting Hunico and Hawkins with Tombstone Piledrivers. The Brothers of Destruction then pose in the ring as Kane’s pyros and Taker’s lights hit.

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John Cena defeated CM Punk © via Disqualification: Big Show attacked Cena as he had Punk in the STF causing the disqualification, so Punk retained the Championship. After the bell Show continued the assault and Punk did nothing to stop Show. The Rock ran down to the ring to help Cena and got the upper hand on the Big Show but as the Rock went for the People’s Elbow CM Punk stopped him and hit the Rock with a GTS, and then Punk left the ring with the WWE Championship.