WWE Monday Night RAW 06 06 2016

WWE Monday Night RAW
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Date: June 6, 2016

Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up from Oklahoma City with Dean Ambrose heading to the ring. We see ladders set up inside the ring with the Money In the Bank briefcase hanging high. Cesaro, Alberto Del Rio, Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho and Sami Zayn are waiting at the tops of the ladders with mics. Michael Cole is joined by JBL and Byron Saxton.

Kevin Owens speaks first and takes a shot at Sami Zayn. They all trade promos and a fight breaks out, ending with Cesaro standing tall. Teddy Long’s music hits and out he comes to the stage.

Teddy says he’s here to take SmackDown to the new live era. He does a promo about putting everyone in a match but it makes no sense. Everyone looks confused. Stephanie McMahon comes to the stage and acknowledges what he said made no sense. He calls her babygirl and she says she is not his babygirl. Stephanie respects Teddy’s tenure but says they haven’t made any decisions on who will be running SmackDown yet. Teddy says he doesn’t have time for Stephanie and wants to know where Shane McMahon is. Stephanie says Shane is not here tonight because he’s on vacation. Stephanie sends Teddy to the back with no music and announces Sami vs. Del Rio, Ambrose vs. Owens and Jericho vs. Cesaro for tonight. We go to commercial with everyone arguing.

Cesaro vs. Chris Jericho

Back from the break and the match is underway. Good back and forth action to start. Cesaro ends up dropping Jericho on the apron with an uppercut. Cesaro takes it to the floor and keeps control, launching Jericho into the barrier. Cesaro with a running uppercut. He brings it back in and goes to the top but Jericho dropkicks him in mid-air. Jericho covers for a 2 count as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Cesaro makes a comeback with uppercuts. He unloads on Jericho in the corner and gets hype. Cesaro with the Uppercut Train now. Jericho ends up nailing a Codebreaker mid-move and Cesaro ends up on the floor. Jericho brings him back in but takes too much time. Cesaro kicks out at 2.

More back and forth. Jericho kicks out of a big superplex. Cesaro runs into a boot and Jericho takes control, going for another 2 count. Jericho counters the Neutralizer and gets the Walls of Jericho locked. Cesaro powers out and blocks a catapult. Cesaro with the Cesaro Swing now. Cesaro ends up getting the win with a Sharpshooter.

Winner: Cesaro

– We get a look back at John Cena and The Club from last week. Still to come tonight, The Club vs. WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day in six-man action. Also, a look at the history between Seth Rollins and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a look at Seth Rollins’ rehab and recovery.

Lana is in the ring to do a grand introduction for WWE United States Champion Rusev. Out he comes.

Rusev vs. Jack Swagger

Rusev hits the ring and raises the title as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Titus O’Neil is out for commentary. Jack Swagger is out next to a big hometown pop.

Back and forth to start. Rusev turns it around and works Swagger over in the corner. Rusev with a big kick and then a running kick to the head. Rusev plays to the crowd and gets booed. Swagger dodges a move in the corner and clotheslines Rusev. Swagger runs into an elbow but catches Rusev with a big slam for a 2 count. Swagger goes for the Patriot Lock but Rusev kicks free and rolls to the floor.

They both collide on the floor with clotheslines and go down. Swagger stops Rusev from re-entering the ring. Rusev stops Swagger. They go at it and Rusev shoves Swagger into Titus. Rusev makes it back in before the 10 count for the win.

Winner by Count Out: Rusev

– After the match, Swagger and Titus recover and Swagger comes in but gets kicked. Titus comes in and they eventually clear the ring of Rusev and send him retreating. Titus stands tall with Swagger as fans cheer them.

– Still to come, John Cena addresses The Club. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and out comes John Cena to a mixed reaction.

Cena talks about how big the moment was with he and AJ Styles in the ring last week. Cena gets the crowd going with a few dueling chants and says he’s only had electricity like last week with one man – The Rock. Cena says Rock and Styles have very different career paths but that does not change the energy they had. Cena says a lot of people thought it was a moment that would never happen. Cena calls Styles to the ring to explain why he took the easy way out last week. The music hits and out comes AJ to a big pop. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are with him.

The Club stops on the stage and the crowd does loud dueling chants. Cena knocks Gallows and Anderson. Styles cuts a promo on Cena and says Cena insults him every time the bell rings. Styles knows the fact that Cena can’t beat him burns Cena up inside. Styles tells his kids he hasn’t faced Cena because Cena doesn’t want to be in the ring with him, because Styles would run circles around Cena. Cena is disappointed because Styles had 15 years to come up with insults but that’s all he had. Cena is embarrassed by Styles skills and says his jokes are as outdated as the jorts. Cena knocks AJ’s WWE run and for picking a fight with him after he couldn’t even get past Roman Reigns. Styles goes on and says he has nothing left to prove, which makes him dangerous. Cena wants to know again, why is it Cena vs. The Club instead of Cena vs. AJ. Styles says it’s because everyone knows once you wrestle Cena and lose, it’s time to get the shovels out because guys like Cena bury guys like AJ. Styles says Gallows and Anderson are his insurance policies to make sure his head stays above ground. AJ says Cena has no idea who he’s dealing with. The Club marches to the ring as Cena waits for a fight. They surround Cena and taunt him from the floor. They slowly get on the apron. They step through the ropes but WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day run down for the save. The Club quickly retreats and both teams have words. Cena’s music hits as he raises hands with The New Day.

– Still to come, The Club vs. The New Day in six-man action. Back to commercial.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. The Vaudevillains

Back from the break and Simon Gotch waits in the ring with Aiden English as we see a replay of the Enzo Amore concussion. The music hits and out comes Enzo and Big Cass to a big pop. They both pay tribute to Muhammad Ali and go on to cut promos on The Vaudevillains. Cass says they are the next WWE Tag Team Champions. Enzo starts off with Gotch and they go at it.

Enzo takes a minute or two of punishment before Cass gets the tag. He unloads on Gotch and hits the Empire Elbow for a 2 count as English breaks it up. Enzo comes in but gets big booted. English does the same move that gave Enzo the concussion before. Enzo sells on the floor outside of the ring. Cass sees this and snaps. He unloads on English in the corner as the referee tries to get in between. Cass stomps away in the corner as the referee calls for the bell.

Winners by DQ: The Vaudevillains

– Cass continues to unload on English in the corner. Gotch comes from behind but Cass floors him with a big boot. Enzo is shook up but makes his way back in the ring as the “how you doin’?” chants start. Cass grabs Gotch and hits the East River Crossing before standing tall with Enzo.

– Tom Phillips is backstage with Sami Zayn, asking if Sami considers himself an underdog in the match with Alberto Del Rio tonight. Sami talks about Del Rio already winning MITB but he knows he can beat Del Rio. Del Rio walks in and taunts Sami before walking off. Back to commercial.

– We get another tribute for Muhammad Ali.

– Stephanie McMahon is backstage when Teddy Long comes dancing in. She wonders if she’s on an episode of Swerved tonight. Teddy says Enzo, Cass and The Vaudevillains have potential to take the tag team division to the next level and you can’t forget Anderson and Gallows. He says she should make a Fatal 4 Way against The New Day. Stephanie wonders how he even got past security, let alone out in front of the crowd and in her office. Teddy pulls some cash out of his pocket but Stephanie asks him to leave. Stephanie makes a call and takes credit for coming up with the Fatal 4 Way, announcing it for Money In the Bank.

Sami Zayn vs. Alberto Del Rio

Back and forth to start the match. We go to commercial with Sami taking control on the floor.

Back from the break and Del Rio is in control. Sami finally looks to make a comeback but Del Rio avoids a Helluva Kick. Del Rio takes Sami to the top but gets knocked back to the mat. Del Rio runs right back with an enziguri. Sami is turned upside down in the corner as Del Rio climbs back to the top. Del Rio wastes time and Sami pulls him to the mat. Sami pulls himself up but Del Rio shoves his head into the ring post. Del Rio kicks him and climbs back up for the stomp and the win while looking up at the briefcase.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose

Back from another break and the next match starts. They go to the floor early on and Owens takes control. Owens goes back out and takes Byron’s headset to talk trash but Ambrose takes him down. They come back in and Ambrose hits a side suplex. Ambrose goes to the top but rolls through as Owens moves. Owens blocks Dirty Deeds, kicks Ambrose and hits the senton for a 2 count.

Ambrose finally fights back but Owens superkicks him for a 2 count. More back and forth and reversals. Ambrose blocks a pop-up powerbomb and sends Owens to the floor with a hurricanrana. Ambrose charges for a dive but Owens catches him and runs him into the apron. Owens with a big splash from the ring to the floor. Owens brings it back in but Ambrose counters and hits Dirty Deeds out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

– After the match, Ambrose goes under the ring and brings a ladder in. He climbs for the briefcase as his music plays but Owens runs back out and tips the ladder over. Fans boo as Owens points up at the briefcase and yells about it being his.

– Still to come, our six-man main event. Also, Dana Brooke and WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte will be here. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get another vignette with Darren Young and Bob Backlund.

– We go to the ring and out comes WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte with Dana Brooke.

Charlotte says she’s been watching the footage from the segment with Ric Flair and if he’s watching at home, she’s sorry everything needed to be said. She’s sorry she didn’t explain herself better but when she said her dad is dead to her, she meant professionally. She still wants to celebrate Christmas and work out with Flair, to hang out and be there how he couldn’t be for her. But she does not want to share her spotlight with Flair. The music interrupts and out comes Natalya with Becky Lynch.

Natalya and Becky aren’t buying what Charlotte’s selling. Charlotte ends up knocking Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart, calling them the biggest trainwreck of a family in WWE. Natalya and Becky try to turn Dana on Charlotte. Dana looks to be thinking about what they said to her. Dana starts stepping away from Charlotte and fans cheer. She suddenly decks Natalya and the beatdown starts. Natalya and Becky fight back but Becky and Charlotte get the upperhand. Dana hits the driver on Becky while Charlotte has Natalya in a submission. Fans boo as Charlotte and Dana stand tall.

– We go to the announcers and they hype Wednesday’s WWE NXT “Takeover: The End” event. Still to come, The Club vs. The New Day in six-man action. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and The Shining Stars invite everyone to Puerto Rico again.

Tyler Breeze vs. R-Truth

We go the ring and out comes Tyler Breeze with partner Fandango. We get a backstage video from earlier with Breeze shaving Fandango’s back. Goldust and R-Truth are out next.

The match quickly falls apart as both teams start brawling. The Golden Truth looks to hit a double team but Breezango slips out of the ring. Teddy Long’s music hits and out he comes to make a tag team match, playa. WWE security comes to usher Teddy to the back as he makes one last pitch to be hired as the new SmackDown authority figure. The two teams have words as we see Teddy being escorted out of the building. Stephanie stops him and says she let Teddy stay for her own amusement but the fun is over. She rips Teddy and says it won’t be Shane McMahon running SmackDown, it will be her. She tells Teddy to get the hell out of her building and he leaves.

– Back from the break and the announcers lead us to a tribute for Muhammad Ali.

The Club vs. The New Day

We go to the ring and out first comes Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. AJ Styles is out next as The Club heads to the ring. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and out come WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day. They cut promos on The Club as they head to the ring. The fight starts and we have Gallows and Anderson outside with Kofi Kingston and Big E. Xavier Woods goes at it with AJ in the ring, then dives out taking Gallows down. Woods sends AJ to the floor and kicks him away but Anderson drops Woods with a kick. Styles with a Styles Clash on the floor to Woods. We go to commercial and the bell hasn’t rang yet.

Back from the break and we have a handicap match as Xavier Woods was taken to the back. The bell rings and Kofi goes at it with Anderson. Kofi unloads, clears the apron and counters Anderson. Big E comes in and they double team Anderson. Big E with a belly to belly suplex on Anderson as Gallows and Styles look on. The referee is distracted as Gallows and Styles destroy Big E on the floor with kicks. Fans chant for John Cena. Gallows ends up in control of Big E in the ring, keeping him grounded with a headlock.

Kofi finally gets a hot tag and unloads on AJ, then clears the apron. Styles hits the Boom Drop on Styles. Gallows comes in but Kofi hits a DDT on him. Styles and Kofi trade holds. Kofi misses a crossbody. Styles goes for another Clash but it’s blocked. Kofi with the SOS for a 2 count as Anderson breaks it up. Big E takes out Anderson. Gallows takes Big E out. Kofi kicks Gallows to the floor. Styles nails a Phenomenal Forearm on Kofi for the win.

Winners: The Club

– After the bell, Styles stomps on Kofi while Gallows and Anderson launch Big E into the barrier. Fans chant for Cena as they triple team Kofi in the ring. Cena’s music hits and out he comes. Cena nails Gallows at ringside and hits the ring but AJ has retreated. Cena fights off Anderson and Gallows but turns around to Styles attacking from behind in the ring. Styles works over Cena until Kofi nails a missile dropkick. Big E with the Big Ending on Anderson. Gallows comes in but Cena hits him with an Attitude Adjustment. The crowd pops as Cena’s music hits and he stands tall with The New Day. The Club looks on from the floor recovering. RAW goes off the air with the two teams having words.

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