WWE Royal Rumble 2002

January 20, 2002 – Atlanta, Georgia – Phillips Arena

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Tazz & Spike Dudley defeated The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley w/Stacy Keibler) to retain the WWF Tag Team titles: D-Von Dudley attempted a flying headbutt from the top rope but Spike rolled out of harm’s way and tagged in Tazz! The man from Red Hook evened the score and got some help from his undersized partner. That prompted Stacy Keibler to climb the ring apron and distract the referee, but it didn’t have the desired effect. Tazz soon locked on the Tazzmission and forced D-Von to tap out!

Lillian Garcia & Edge: Edge said that it was fine that William Regal wanted to play dirty. He produced a steel chair and reminded everyone how he broke Regal’s nose on it with a Edgecution. If Regal wanted to play dirty, Edge said he’s up for the challenge.

William Regal defeated Edge to win the WWF Intercontinental title: William Regal got off to a fast start in this match and pounded on Edge, but could only score a two count for his efforts. Edge rebounded, though, and hit Regal with a unique backdrop. Edge attempted to hit the Edgecution, but Regal turned the tables and latched on the Regal Stretch! Edge refused to give in to the pain and finally grasped the rope to break the hold. Once Regal let go, Edge gave his opponent a taste of his own medicine by stretching Regal! Regal made his way to the rope and the action continued. Regal tried to hit a backdrop from the top rope, but Edge pushed him off. Edge followed with a leap off the top rope that stunned both men. Edge then went to spear Regal, but Regal pushed the referee into the way to absorb the blow! One down, Regal grabbed brass knuckles and smacked them into Edge! Regal made the cover to win the Intercontinental TITLE!

Michael Cole & William Regal: Michael Cole asked William Regal immediately after the match how he could accept the championship in this matter. Regal said he was blessed with a powerful punch.

Trish Stratus defeated Jazz to retain the WWF Women’s title: Jacqueline came to the ring next to serve as the special guest referee.. Trish Stratus sported a cast on her left wrist, the result of a brutal attack by Jazz last week. Jazz picked up right where she left off by brutally beating the blonde champion. A sunset flip turned into a Jazz pin attempt, but Trish countered with a pin try of her own. Soon after, Jazz and Jacqueline got into an argument and they exchanged shoves. Jazz then rolled up Trish into a pin, but Jacqueline delayed her count, allowing Trish time to recover and kick out. Soon after Trish hit a bulldog and nearly got the win, but Jazz kicked out. Trish displayed her own toughness by kicking out after a stiff DDT from Jazz. Moments later, another Trish bulldog allowed the champion to retain her title!

“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair defeated Vince McMahon: A jacked up Vince McMahon flexed mightily after shoving Ric Flair to the mat at the start of the match. Flair’s technical prowess outshined Vince’s muscles early on. Flair trapped Vince in the corner and delivered a few searing chop shots to his opponents chest. Vince responded by whipping Flair head over heels into the corner and knocking him outside the ring. Vince smashed a street sign over Flair’s head repeatedly. Vince rooted around beneath the ring where he found a garbage can to smack over his Flair’s head. Vince threw Flair’s bloody face into the ring post and then slammed him to the hard floor. Vince then grabbed a camera from Flair’s daughter, sitting at ringside. Vince began snapping photos of himself with Flair’s beaten, bloody face. Once back in the ring, Vince threw on a leg lock and then smashed Flair leg repeatedly into the ring post. Vince then went to lock on Flair’s own signature Figure Four! Vince executed the move, but Flair refused to tap out. Flair eventually was freed of the move, but Vince wouldn’t let up. He went outside the ring and found a lead pipe similar to the one he assaulted Flair with last week. But when he reentered the ring, Flair pounded a low blow onto Vince. The action spread outside the ring with Flair now taking the upper hand. He sprawled Vince out on the ring barrier and proceeded to clear the announce table. Vince tried a counter-offensive but was crushed by a monitor that Flair threw at his head. Flair, bleeding from an earlier wound, threw Vince back into the ring and laughed evilly as Vince begged for mercy. Flair reacted by punching Vince in the head and delivering another low blow! Flair then picked up the lead pipe and cracked it over Vince’s skull! Flair followed up with a Figure Four that made Vince scream in agony and made him tap out! WINNER: RIC FLAIR.. WHHOOOOOOOO!

Michael Cole & Nick Patrick + Stephanie McMahon + Stone Cold Steve Austin: Michael Cole asked Nick Patrick about the match earlier in the night when Stephanie McMahon interrupted. She said that the beating Vince just took was nothing like what Triple H would do tonight. Steph said she wished Debra would be at ringside so she could destroy her. Austin snuck up on Stephanie and asked her WHAT!? she was talking about. Stephanie quickly ran away in fear. Austin said that he would throw every man over the top rope, including Triple H.

Chris Jericho defeated The Rock to retain the WWF Undisputed title: Late in the match, The Rock surprised Jericho with a Sharpshooter! The champion screamed in pain and began tapping out! But the referee didn’t see the action because Christian and Lance Storm came down and offered a distraction. The Rock disposed of the outside invaders but found himself falling victim to his own Rock Bottom, delivered by Jericho. That wouldn’t be enough to defeat the People’s Champion, though. The Rock tossed Y2J through the ropes and continued an assault outside the ring. Rock began clearing off the Spanish announce table. He grabbed Jericho but was caught off guard and smacked into the hard wooden table. Jericho then mounted the announce table with The Rock in tow. He readied a Rock Bottom but absorbed the move himself when The Rock countered. The action spread back inside the ropes. The Rock went for a Rock Bottom but was turned into the Walls of Jericho! The Rock’s face turned red as he howled in pain, but he reached the ropes to break the hold. The Rock nearly took home a win when Jericho turned an inside cradle. Soon after, The Rock sprang off the ropes and tried to launch his body into Jericho but he met the referee instead. Jericho knocked The Rock down and motioned for another referee. Nick Patrick came down and began counting, but only got to two before The Rock kicked out! Nick Patrick was definitely on Jericho’s side. The Rock rolled up Y2J in a pin, but Patrick flat out refused to count! The Rock responded with a Rock Bottom to the referee and then with a People’s Elbow on Jericho! But there was no referee to count the ensuing pin attempt. The Rock, visibly frustrated, tried to revive Earl Hebner. Jericho hits The Rock with a low blow then pinned The Rock with his feet on the ropes for leverage. WINNER: CHRIS JERICHO TO RETAIN.

Shawn Michaels: Shawn Michaels predicted that Stone Cold Steve Austin would win the Royal Rumble!

Triple H last eliminated Kurt Angle to win the 2002 Royal Rumble!: Goldust & Rikishi enter 1 & 2. Goldust entered complete with Shattered Dreams Production theme. Rikishi threw Goldust over the top rope twice but Goldust hung on and slipped back in. Rikishi gave Bossman the stinkface. Lance Storm had a poor outing :( — The Undertaker entered at #8 and cleared house, eliminating everybody until he stood alone. Each Hardy boy entered and they (joined by Lita) attacked the Undertaker but are eliminated themselves. While Undertaker stood alone, Tough Enough champion Maven entered the Royal Rumble. After a brief ass-kicking, Maven actually managed to ELIMINATE THE UNDERTAKER!!!!! The Undertaker went on a rampage dragging Maven all through the arena beating the hell out of him. Diamond Dallas Page got a major pop from the crowd. The Godfather appeared with a dozen of his FINEST ho’s. Albert was eliminated Bushwhacker style (in a few seconds). Stone Cold entered at #19 and eliminated everybody leaving himself standing alone. Triple H entered at #22, immediately locking eyes with Steve Austin. The Hurricane entered and tried to choke-slam both Austin & HHH, but was quickly eliminated himself by the Megastars. Mr. Perfect joined the match #25, and put on a great performance. Mr. Perfect proved he is one of the best in Royal Rumble matches. Kurt Angle entered at #26, and went right after Triple H. Kane entered at #28 and didn’t last two minutes. Kane failed to duplicate his 2001 Royal Rumble dominance. Rob Van Dam entered by frog-splashing Kurt Angle. Booker T came in and quickly eliminated Rob Van Dam. Booker R was then eliminated by Austin (shameful performance by Booker T). FINAL FOUR: Austin, Mr. Perfect, Triple H, and Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle eliminated Steve Austin. Austin refused to leave and beat up on Angle & Perfect. Austin brought a chair into the ring and knocked out all three remaining competitors. Mr. Perfect hit the PerfectPlex on Kurt Angle. FINAL TWO: Triple H and Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle backdropped HHH over the top rope, but HHH hung on and pulled himself back into the ring. Angle thought he had won the match!! HHH came from behind and tipped Angle over the top rope to officially WIN the 2002 Royal Rumble!!

Order of Entry Order of Elimination
3-Big Bossman
5-Lance Storm
6-Al Snow
7-Billy Gunn
9-Matt Hardy
10-Jeff Hardy
12-Scotty Too Hotty
14-Diamond Dallas Page
15-Chuck Palumbo
16-The Godfather
18-Perry Saturn
19-Steve Austin
20-Val Venis
22-Triple H
23-The Hurricane
25-Mr Perfect
26-Kurt Angle
27-The Big Show
29-Rob Van Dam
30-Booker T
(1-Big Bossman by Rikishi b4 #5 )
(2-Lance Storm by Al Snow b4 #8 )
(3-Bradshaw by Goldust b4 #8 )
(4-Goldust by Undertaker b4 #9 )
(5-Al Snow by Undertaker b4 #9 )
(6-Rikishi by Undertaker b4 #9 )
(7-Billy Gunn by Undertaker b4 #9 )
(8-Jeff Hardy by Undertaker b4 #11 )
(9-Matt Hardy by Undertaker b4 #11 )
(10-Undertaker by Maven b4 #12 )
(11-Maven pulled from match by UT )
(12-DDP by Christian b4 #17 )
(13-Albert b4 #18 )
(14-Godfather by Billy&Chuck b4 #18 )
(15-Scotty Too Hotty by Chuck b4 # )
(16-Christian by Austin b4 #20 )
(17-Chuck by Austin b4 #20 )
(18-Saturn by Austin b4 #20 )
(19-Val Venis by Austin b4 #22 )
(20-Test by Austin b4 #22 )
(21-Hurricane by HHH&SCSA b4 #24 )
(22-Farooq by Austin b4 #25 )
(23-Big Show by Kane b4 #29 )
(24-Kane by Angle b4 #29 )
(25-Rob Van Dam by Booker T )
(26-Booker T by Austin )
(27-Austin by Kurt Angle )
(28-Mr Perfect by HHH )
(29-Angle by HHH! )
WINNER: Triple H

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