WWE Royal Rumble 2018

WWE Royal Rumble Kickoff Show Results
January 28, 2018
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Results by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

The following took place on the Royal Rumble Kickoff Show airing live on WWE Network and YouTube from Philadelphia:

* Kalisto, Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado def. TJP, Drew Gulak and Gentleman Jack Gallagher by pinfall when Kalisto pinned TJP with Salida Del Sol.

* The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) def. The Balor Club (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson) by pinfall when Anderson was pinned.

WWE United States Championship Open Challenge: Bobby Roode (c) def. Mojo Rawley to retain the title by pinfall with the Glorious DDT.

WWE Royal Rumble Results
January 28, 2018
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Results by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

A video package runs focusing on Brock Lesnar vs. Kane vs. Braun Strowman for the WWE Universal Championship, AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn for the WWE Championship and both the Men’s and Women’s Royal Rumble matches.

If you missed it earlier, WWE announced Alicia Fox has been pulled from tonight’s first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match tonight in Philadelphia.

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens head to the ring kicking off the show tonight.

Next out is WWE Champion AJ Styles to a big reaction.

WWE Championship
2-on-1 Handicap Match
AJ Styles (c) vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

We get ring introductions for the challengers Owens and Zayn and champion Styles.

The bell rings and we start with Owens and Styles. Owens immediately tags out and in comes Zayn. Zayn teases a lock up and then tags Owens back in. Another quick tag back to Zayn, who locks up with Styles and exchanges wrist lock attempts. Tag back to Owens who leans down and trips up Styles. Styles quickly drops Owens and blocks a tag to Zayn. Owens rolls out, slides in near the corner and tags in Zayn. Zayn smiles. Zayn eats a dropkick from Styles and then tags Owens back in. Owens with big shots to Styles in the corner and tags in Zayn who stomps away at Styles. Zayn with chops to Styles. Styles responds with chops of his own. Tag back to Owens who tosses Styles to the corner. Tag to Zayn who keeps Styles grounded near the corner. Tag to Owens who eats a big right from Styles. Styles hits Zayn as well off the corner and chops to Owens. Styles with a boot, but Owens gets him on his shoulders and drives him down face first for a two count. Owens misses a cannonball attempt, holds his knee and tags in Zayn. Styles with a snap huricanrana on Zayn from the top turnbuckle. Tag to Owens who eats a Pele Kick from Styles. Zayn gets the tag and eats a boot from Styles. Styles with a corner springboard reverse DDT on Zayn! Owens gets the tag. Styles with elbows to both. Owens with a monkey flip on Styles, but Styles catches Zayn on the way down with a huricanrana! Styles has Owens down in the Calf Crusher. Zayn is in to break it up. Styles tosses Zayn out. Owens rolls up Styles for a close two. Styles sends Owens shoulder first into the post. Zayn has the tag. Owens with a shot to Styles setting up a Blue Thunder Bomb by Zayn for a close two! Zayn with slaps to Styles in the corner and then props him up top. Styles avoids a superplex slipping out under Zayn. Styles with a shot to Owens. Styles springboards off the top rope and catches Zayn with his flying forearm. Owens is in to break up the pinfall attempt. Styles with shots to the jaw of Zayn. Styles dumps Zayn over the top rope. Owens with a superkick to Styles, attempts a Pop Up Powerbomb and rolls up Owens for the win!

Owens is screaming “NO!” as the referee hands Styles the WWE Championship.

Winner and still WWE Champion: AJ Styles

After the match, we are trying to see if Sami Zayn actually tagged in Kevin Owens. From one angle it doesn’t appear Zayn actually tagged in Owens.

Backstage, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are yelling at Shane McMahon and say they were screwed by the referee tonight. Zayn is asking Shane if he saw what happened. Owens is asking if Shane watched. Shane simply responds, “Yep!”

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships
Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match
The Uso (c’s) vs. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin

We start with Shelton Benjamin and Jey Uso. Benjamin attempted a powerbomb near the corner on Jey and Gable was going up top. Jey escapes as Gable gets the tag. Jimmy tags himself in as Gable goes for a german suplex. The Usos attempt a double superkick on Gable, but Gable quickly rolls out of the ring and regroups with Benjamin. Gable back in and gets a quick takedown on Jimmy. Jimmy with chops to Gable. Jimmy catches Gable with a big uppercut. Chop block by Gable taking out the left knee of Jimmy. Benjamin then tosses the left leg of Jimmy across the ring post as he gets the tag. Benjamin with another chop block to the left leg of Jimmy. Tag to Gable who stomps over Jimmy. Tag back to Benjamin who drops his weight over the left leg of Jimmy. Tag to Gable who throws a shot to the back of Jimmy’s neck keeping him grounded. Jimmy throwing chops, but Gable with a dragon screw takedown on Jimmy’s bad left leg. Benjamin and Gable with double knees to Jimmy and they knock Jey off the corner. Benjamin, who has the tag, drops Jimmy down in a snapmare. Jimmy with an uppercut and chops as Jey is back up on the ring apron. Jimmy with a kick to the head of Benjamin. Hot tag to Jey who takes out Gable and hits repeated shots to Benjamin. Gable tags himself in as Jey tosses Benjamin out. Jey clotheslines Gable over the top rope. Jey leaps over and takes out Benjamin. Jey is back in and leaps over taking out Gable as well! Jey with a top rope cross body on Gable for a two count. Jey with a shot to the head of Gable in the corner. Jey is up top, misses a shot, rolls up Gable for two, Benjamin with a shot from the outside and Gable with a close roll up. Gable with a tiger suplex for a two count. Tag to Gable. Benjamin has Jey up for a powerbomb. Gable takes out Jimmy with a dropkick. Benjamin powerbombs Jey into Jimmy. Benjamin with Pay Dirt and Jimmy kicks out. Benjamin is shocked. Benjamin kicks Jey to the outside. Tag to Gable. Gable with a top rope moonsault on both Usos at ringside! Jey with a superkick to Gable who’s the legal one. Jimmy drops Benjamin with a superkick. Jey comes off the top rope with a splash over Gable for a two count! Jey is also shocked. Benjamin with a kick to Jey. Jimmy with a superkick to Benjamin. Gable with an armbar on Jimmy, pushes him to the corner, Jey is legal and eats two superkicks from both Usos. Double superkick by The Usos. Gable is pinned.

Winners of Fall #1: The Usos

Benjamin tosses Jey to the corner. On the outside, Benjamin has Jimmy up for a powerbomb and Gable comes jumping off the steel ring steps with a modified bulldog! Jey is back inside the ring as Gable and Benjamin return. Gable is the legal man as Benjamin tags himself in. Gable with an overhead kick. Benjamin is in grabbing Jey. Gable is going up to the top rope. Jey rolls up Benjamin and gets the pinfall!

Winners of Fall #2: The Usos

The Usos retain with back-to-back falls tonight!

Winners and still WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions: The Usos

A video package runs hyping tonight’s 30 Man Royal Rumble match up next.

30 Man Royal Rumble Match

The winner will go on to face the champion of his choice at WrestleMania 34.

Jerry “The King” Lawler joins Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton tonight.

No. 1: Rusev (introduced by Aiden English)

No. 2: Finn Balor

Balor catches Rusev with a dropkick early as time expires.

No. 3: Rhyno

Rhyno with a belly-to-belly suplex on both Rusev and Balor. Loud “ECW” chant. Rusev with a spinning heel kick catching Rhyno as time expires again.

No. 4: Baron Corbin

Corbin hits the ring and throws right hands at Balor and Rhyno. Corbin tosses Balor across the ring and hits Rhyno with a big boot. Corbin with his rolling out/rolling in clothesline catching Rusev. Rhyno with a belly-to-belly on Corbin to slow him down. Rhyno goes for a Gore. Corbin with End of Days and tosses Rhyno over the top rope!

Rhyno is eliminated.

Balor then quickly tosses Corbin over the top rope!

Baron Corbin is eliminated.

Corbin reaches in, pulls Balor out under the ropes and tosses him into the ring barricade. Corbin also pulls Rusev out under the bottom rope and hits End of Days on him as well. Corbin with a backbreaker to Balor as WWE officials send Corbin to the back.

No. 5: Heath Slater

Corbin levels Slater with a clothesline at the top of the ramp! Corey Graves talks about the path of destruction Corbin left at ringside taking everyone out in the Rumble.

Time expires.

No. 6: Elias

Elias kicks Slater on the ramp. He says that countdown clock will not begin until he’s allowed to play a song for the crowd tonight in Philadelphia. Time expires.

No. 7: NXT Champion Andrade “Cien” Almas

Elias tosses Almas into the ropes who catches himself in them. Almas with a back elbow that catches Elias. Almas with running knees to the corner on Elias. Elias levels Almas with a big running clothesline. Elias takes time to recover as time expires.

No. 8: Bray Wyatt

Slater is still crawling at ringside. Wyatt launches him into the barricade. Wyatt with a planting Rock Bottom to Elias inside the ring. Balor is back in attacking Wyatt. Wyatt levels Balor with a clothesline. Wyatt with an uppercut to Almas in the corner. A loud “RUSEV DAY” chant starts up as Rusev is fighting up to the ring apron. Wyatt with shots to him.

Time expires.

No. 9: Big E

Big E slows down near the ring near Slater. He helps Slater up to his feet and puts pancakes in his mouth. Slater collapses near the ring as Big E eats a boot from Wyatt. Big E with a belly-to-belly on Wyatt. Rusev levels Big E with a kick to the head with help from Elias. Elias with kicks to Balor in the corner. Time expires.

No. 10: Sami Zayn (replacing Tye Dillinger)

Backstage, we see Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn attacking Dillinger. Zayn tells Owens he has this and walks off. We return live as brawling continues inside the ring.

Sami Zayn is entering the Rumble in the place of Tye Dillinger.

Time expires.

No. 11: Sheamus

Sheamus tosses Slater inside the ring. Slater clotheslines Sheamus over the top rope!

Sheamus is eliminated.

The crowd in Philadelphia can’t believe it. Wyatt with Sister Abigail on Slater. Wyatt grabs Slater and tosses him over the top rope to the outside.

Heath Slater is eliminated.

Loud “RUSEV DAY” chants start up as time expires.

No. 12: Xavier Woods

Big E and Woods double team Zayn in the corner and Woods splashes Elias with help from Big E. Woods and Big E are trying to toss Elias over the top rope. Elias hangs on.

Time expires.

No. 13: Apollo Crews

Balor with big chops to Almas in the corner. Balor with stomps to Wyatt. Time expires.

No. 14: Shinsuke Nakamura

Tonight is Nakamura’s first ever Royal Rumble. Rumble with knees and kicks to Wyatt. Nakamura with a kick to the head of Crews and drops a knee over Elias. Nakamura with more knees to Elias in the corner. Nakamura props Zayn up on the top turnbuckle area. Nakamura throws his big knee and Zayn falls to the outside.

Sami Zayn is eliminated.

Time expires.

No. 15: Cesaro

Cesaro is tossing out big uppercuts. Crews hangs on when he is tossed over. Another “RUSEV DAY” chant starts up as Rusev throws shots at Cesaro. Time expires.

No. 16: Kofi Kingston

All three members of the New Day are now in the Rumble. Crews nearly eliminates Cesaro. Cesaro tosses Crews over. Crews hangs on landing on the ring apron. Cesaro throws a big uppercut to Crews and Crews goes flying to the outside.

Apollo Crews is eliminated.

Time expires.

No. 17: Jinder Mahal

Mahal with a huge suplex and knee drop over Woods. Woods with a dropkick to Mahal, charges at Mahal and Mahal tosses him over the top rope!

Xavier Woods is eliminated.

Mahal and Big E brawl to the ring apron. Mahal kicks Big E off the apron.

Big E is eliminated.

Time expires.

No. 18: Seth Rollins

Rollins tosses out Sling Blades to Wyatt and Balor. Cesaro charges at Rollins. Rollins falls to his back and literally kicks Cesaro up in the air over the top rope!

Cesaro is eliminated.

Mahal tosses Kingston over the top rope. Kofi’s left foot touches the floor, but his right foot lands on top of Woods! Big E then puts pancakes down and Kofi puts his foot on the pancakes. Kofi is now bouncing on one foot and Mahal is trying to block him. Woods and Big E lift Kofi back in over the top of Mahal back inside the ring! Kofi with a kick to the head of Mahal and Mahal goes flying over the top rope!

Jinder Mahal is eliminated.

Almas plants Kingston and tosses him over the top rope.

Kofi Kingston is eliminated.

Time expires.

No. 19: “Woken” Matt Hardy

Rusev is tossed out by Hardy and Wyatt.

Rusev is eliminated.

Hardy plants Almas with help from Wyatt. Hardy and Wyatt exchange shots. Both Hardy and Wyatt brawl and go over the top rope at the same time!

Matt Hardy is eliminated.

Bray Wyatt is eliminated.

Time expires.

No. 20: John Cena

Cena hits the ring and is immediately attacked by everyone. Cena with an AA on Elias sending him over the top rope to eliminate him.

Elias is eliminated.

Cena goes after Nakamura as time expires.

No. 21: “The Hurricane” Shane Helms

Helms goes after Cena right away attempting a chokeslam. Cena tosses him over quickly.

“The Hurricane” Shane Helms is eliminated.

Time expires.

No. 22: Aiden English

English is going after Balor as Nakamura walks up to try and toss him over.

Time expires.

No. 23: Adam Cole

Cole has his ribs covered in tape. English is tossed out by Balor.

Aiden English is eliminated.

Time expires.

No. 24: Randy Orton

Orton hands out a series of snap powerslams. Orton misses an RKO on Cena and eats a knee from Almas. Almas springboards up. RKO out of no where! Orton tosses him out.

Andrade “Cien” Almas is eliminated.

Time expires.

No. 25: Titus O’Neil

Titus goes after Cena in the corner and tries to toss him over. Cole and Rollins are double teaming Nakamura trying to eliminate him in the other corner. Time expires.

No. 26: WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz

Miz plants Cena with a big DDT after taking out Rollins and Balor on the way in. Miz with the “YES” kicks to Rollins and Cena repeatedly. Skull Crushing Finale on Cena. Rollins catches Miz with a big superkick. The Miz hangs on when Rollins tries to toss him out.

Time expires.

No. 27: Rey Mysterio

Mysterio gets a huge reaction. Mysterio tosses Cole to the turnbuckle and then pulls him over the top rope with a huricanrana!

Adam Cole is eliminated.

Mysterio takes out Miz. 619 on Miz! Time expires.

No. 28: Roman Reigns

Loud negative reaction for Reigns tonight in Philadelphia. Reigns is taking everyone out with big uppercut shots. Reigns turns his focus to Miz. Reigns with clotheslines to Miz. Reigns tosses Titus over the top rope.

Titus O’Neil is eliminated. 

Reigns tries to toss Miz over. The Miztourage save him. Superman Punch to both. Rollins with a Curb Stomp on Miz. Reigns and Rollins smile at each other. Rollins puts Miz up on the shoulders of Reigns. Reigns with a powerbomb on Miz to the Miztourage.

The Miz is eliminated.

Reigns then grabs Rollins and tosses him over the top rope!

Seth Rollins is eliminated.

Reigns smiles down at Rollins. Time expires.

No. 29: Goldust

Goldust nearly eliminated Orton right away. Goldust with an atomic drop to Cena.

Time expires.

No. 30: Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler avoids an AA attempt early and hits Cena with a superkick. Superkick to Orton. Goldust with a snap powerslam on Ziggler. Ziggler sends Goldust to the ring apron and then connects with a superkick. Goldust falls to the outside.

Goldust is eliminated.

Zig Zag on Nakamura. Nakamura flips Ziglger over. Ziggler lands on the ring apron. Balor with a shot to Ziggler who goes flying to the outside.

Dolph Ziggler is eliminated.

We are down to Balor, Nakamura, Reigns, Mysterio, Cena and Orton. Cena with an AA to Balor. 619 to Reigns. RKO on Nakamura. Orton, Cena and Mysterio stand tall. Superman to Orton. Reigns tosses Orton over the top rope.

Randy Orton is eliminated. 

Mysterio with a double 619 to Cena and Reigns. Mysterio with a springboard shot ot Cena. Balor tosses Mysterio over the top rope!

Rey Mysterio is eliminated.

We are down to Balor, Nakamura, Reigns and Cena. Reigns goes after Balor, while Cena goes after Nakamura. Philadelphia starts a loud “YOU BOTH SUCK” chant. Balor and Nakamura jump up and attack Reigns and Cena. Balor and Nakamura have a stare down. Balor with body shots backing Nakamura to the corner. Nakamura props Balor up top, hits his high knee and Balor hangs on over the ring apron. Balor with a kick to Nakamura and is back in. Balor with an elbow that drops Nakamura. Nakamura with a knee and kick to the head of Balor. Balor with a dropkick to the face of Nakamura. Reigns and Cena are back up taking out Balor and Nakamura with clotheslines. Another loud “YOU BOTH SUCK” chant. Cena and Reigns exchange right hands. Cena with shoulder tackles. Reigns with a samoan drop to Cena. Reigns calls for the Superman. Cena avoids and plants Reigns. Balor with a Sling Blade to Cena and dropkicks him in the corner. Balor with a Sling Blade to Reigns and also dropkicks him in the corner. Sling Blade to Nakamura. Nakamura with a boot to Balor. Balor with double stomps to Nakamura. Cena tosses Balor over the top rope!

Finn Balor is eliminated.

Cena with shoulder tackles to Reigns and plants Reigns again. Cena connects with Five Knuckle Shuffle. Reigns is back up and hits a Superman on Cena. Cena rolls to the corner. Reigns kicks Nakamura out of the way. Reigns calls for the spear. Cena has Reigns up and connects with an AA. Nakamura is up and Cena blocks the attempt. Nakamura puts Cena on the ring apron. Nakamura kicks Cena off the ring apron.

John Cena is eliminated.

We are down to Shinsuke Nakamura and Roman Reigns. Loud “NAKAMURA” chant. Nakamura taunts at Reigns to “COME ON.” Nakamura and Reigns exchange shots. Reigns catches Nakamura with a Superman. Reigns tries to toss Nakamura over. Nakamura hangs on. Nakamura kicks Reigns in the head. Nakamura is getting back in over the top rope and then locks on a triangle on Reigns over the ropes. Commentary is telling Nakamura this is a bad idea. Reigns power lifts Nakamura back inside the ring and plants Nakamura with a powerbomb. Nakamura blocks a spear attempt with a knee. Nakamura with a knee to the side of the face of Reigns. Reigns with a spear out of no where. Both men are down. Reigns has Nakamura on his shoulder. Nakamura powers off and connects with a knee to the face. Nakamura grabs Reigns and tosses him over the top rope!

Winner of the 2018 Royal Rumble: Shinsuke Nakamura

After the match, Michael Cole says Nakamura lasted almost 45 minutes tonight. Rene Young is in the ring congratulating Nakamura on his victory tonight. She asks him if he’s decided who he will challenge at WrestleMania 34. Nakamura reveals he will challenge AJ Styles for the WWE Championship in New Orleans!

Backstage, Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon celebrate a Smackdown Live guy – Shinsuke Nakamura – winning the men’s Royal Rumble match tonight. Bryan tells Kurt tough break. Angle points out the Universal Championship match is still to go and Stephanie says they will all be pleasantly surprised by the first ever women’s Royal Rumble match.

We get footage of a KFC Colonel Rumble. “Colonel” Ric Flair was the winner!

WWE RAW Tag Team Championships
Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan (c’s) vs. Sheamus & Cesaro

We start with Rollins and Cesaro. Rollins with a series of arm drag counters early on Cesaro. Rollins with a huricanrana and dropkick combo to Cesaro. Cesaro bails to the corner to slow things down. Tag to Sheamus who takes a cross body from Rollins. Tag back to Cesaro who stomps away at Rollins in the corner. Quick tag back to Sheamus. The Bar with a double kick to Rollins and Sheamus gets a two count. Rollins catches Sheamus with a kick to the head. Cesaro pulls Jordan down and sends him into the ring post. Sheamus misses a Brogue Kick going over the top rope. Rollins takes out Sheamus and Cesaro with a dive. Sheamus dumps Rollins to the barricade repeatedly. Sheamus catches Rollins with a clothesline off the top rope. WWE staff is checking on Jordan on the outside as Cesaro gets the tag. The Bar kicks away at Rollins in the corner. Tag back to Sheamus as they hit a double clothesline on Rollins. Sheamus drops a knee over Rollins. Jordan is still holding his head on the outside as Cesaro gets the tag. Rollins throws elbows to Sheamus and Cesaro. Cesaro with a knee and tags Sheamus back in. Cesaro has Rollins up on his shoulders. Rollins avoids a shot from the top by Sheamus. Rollins tosses Sheamus shoulder first to the ring post and then tosses Cesaro out of the ring. Rollins with a Sling Blade on Cesaro. Rollins with an impressive blockbuster to Cesaro off the second rope. Rollins catches Cesaro with a superkick. Tag to Sheamus who throws a stiff uppercut to Rollins. Tag to Cesaro who jumps up with Rollins as Sheamus is attempting the same. Rollins pushes Sheamus away. Rollins dumps Cesaro back inside the ring. Rollins with a frog splash over Sheamus and Cesaro! Rollins is clutching his knee as Jordan walks up the steps and tags himself in. Jordan grabs his head and stumbles. Jordan tags out. Cesaro grabs Rollins and pulls him back in. Rollins with rights to both. Cesaro with an uppercut to Rollins. Rollins with a knee to Cesaro. Sheamus tags himself in and levels Rollins with a Brogue Kick. Tag to Cesaro. Sheamus picks up Rollins on his shoulders. Sheamus with a White Noise on Rollins as Cesaro jumps off the corner landing on Rollins. Cesaro covers Rollins for the pinfall.

Winners and new WWE RAW Tag Team Champions: Sheamus and Cesaro

A video package runs hyping Lesnar vs. Kane vs. Strowman tonight.

WWE Universal Championship
Triple Threat Match
Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Kane vs. Braun Strowman

We get ring introductions for the challenges Braun Strowman and Kane and…Paul Heyman cuts off JoJo to do the introduction for his client Brock Lesnar.

The bell rings and Lesnar goes after Kane right away. Strowman charges both Lesnar and Kane. Strowman with a HUGE dropkick taking out Lesnar. Graves said it’s like getting dropkicked by a T-Rex. Strowman catches Lesnar with a big knee. Lesnar didn’t like that and threw a big punch to Strowman. Kane takes out Lesnar. Strowman backs Kane to the corner. Commentary is talking about that knee from Strowman to Lesnar. Lesnar brings in a steel chair (No DQ Rules tonight), but Strowman clears house! Strowman tosses Lesnar and Kane out immediately. We see a replay of the knee that landed flush on Lesnar. We also see the right hand that landed flush on Strowman as well. Strowman has the top of the steel steps and hits Lesnar with them at ringside. Strowman is bringing in tables. Strowman with a chokeslam on Kane. Lesnar with three german suplexes to Strowman. A table is propped up against the corner and another table is setup. Strowman picks up Lesnar and slams him through a table. Kane breaks up the pinfall. Kane sends Strowman through the table propped up in the corner. Lesnar with an F5 on Kane. Strowman breaks it up and dumps Lesnar back with a release german suplex! On the outside, Lesnar hits Strowman with an F5 through an announce table at ringside! Lesnar tosses another announce table over Strowman. Lesnar with an F5 to Kane over the third announce table at ringside! Back inside, Strowman plants Lesnar with a slam. Strowman yells at Lesnar to get up. Lesnar gets to his feet and Strowman with a second powerslam. Kane is in with a chair and hits Strowman over the back twice and then against the ribs of Strowman. Strowman falls out. Lesnar pushes Kane into Strowman on the ring apron. Lesnar with an F5 to Kane over the steel chair. Lesnar hooks the leg and retains the title.

Winner and still WWE Universal Champion: Brock Lesnar

After the match, Paul Heyman immediately grabs the WWE Universal Championship and hands it to Brock Lesnar. Braun Strowman is already back up and yelling, “YOU CAN’T BEAT ME” towards the direction of Lesnar. Lesnar holds up the Universal Championship smiling and telling Strowman to take a good look at it.

A trailer for the new HBO documentary about Andre the Giant airs.

A video package airs hyping the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble tonight.

First Ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Maria Menounos is introduced as the special guest announcer tonight.

Stephanie McMahon is introduced and will join Cole and Graves on commentary. RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss and Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair are introduced and will be sitting at ringside for tonight’s main event.

No. 1: Sasha Banks

No. 2: Becky Lynch

Banks goes for a backstabber early and Becky hangs on to the ropes. Becky with arm drags to Banks and keeps Banks grounded workings her left arm. Banks goes for a Bank Statement a few times and Becky quickly breaks free. Time expires.

No. 3: Sarah Logan

Logan with kicks to Becky right away. Logan with a dropkick to Banks. Logan with a big clothesline to Becky. Logan is trying to toss Becky over the top rope. Logan with a nasty looking headbutt to Banks. Time expires.

No. 4: Mandy Rose

Rose with a hip toss on Banks. Rose drops Banks down on her head. Rose with a high knee to Banks after she bounces off the ropes. Time expires.

No. 5: Lita

Big reaction for Lita tonight in Philadelphia. Lita with a double clothesline on Banks and Becky. Lita kicks Logan again. Rose attacks Lita throwing forearms. Logan is nearly tossed out by Banks, but hangs on and throws a right hand to Banks. Lita has Rose on the ring apron, but Rose throws a knee to the side of the face of Lita. Lita tosses Rose out!

Mandy Rose is eliminated.

Time expires.

No. 6: Kairi Sane

Sane with chops and a big kick over the back of Logan. Sane takes out Banks and Becky. Sane with a chop shot to Lita in the corner. Sane with a diving clothesline to Lita in the corner. Sane with a shot off the top rope to Logan and trips up Banks. Sane with a leaping neckbreaker to Banks. Sane with her top rope flying elbow over Banks!

Time expires.

No. 7: Tamina

Sane drops another flying elbow over Becky as Tamina hits the ring. Tamina with a superkick to Sane, Banks and Becky. Tamina levels Logan. Lita with a DDT to Tamina. Lita with a Twist of Fate to Banks. Twist of Fate to Becky. Lita is going up top for her moonsault. Lita with a top rope moonsault over Banks and Becky. The crowd in Philadelphia starts up a loud “YOU STILL GOT IT” chant at Lita. Lita tosses Tamina over. Becky tosses Lita out.

Tamina is eliminated.

Lita is eliminated.

Time expires.

No. 8: Dana Brooke

Brooke levels Becky and flip splashes Banks in the corner. Brooke tosses Sane to the corner throwing shoulder charges. Sane is tossed out by Brooke.

Kairi Sane is eliminated.

Time expires.

No. 9: Torrie Wilson

Wilson with a facebuster on Brooke. Wilson with a dropkick to Becky. Logan takes out Wilson with a dropkick. Logan is working over Wilson in the corner. Wilson tosses Brooke to the ring apron. Wilson dropkicks her off the ring apron to the outside.

Dana Brooke is eliminated.

Time expires.

No. 10: Sonya Deville

Sonya throws kicks at Becky and nearly eliminates her. Becky hangs on. Sonya with big knees to Logan and knees to Wilson as well. Sonya kicks Wilson off the ring apron.

Torrie Wilson is eliminated.

Time expires.

No. 11: Liv Morgan

Morgan goes after Becky right away with kicks. Morgan drops Banks face first off the mat. Banks is nearly tossed out, but she hangs on to avoid Morgan. Time expires.

No. 12: Molly Holly

Molly tossing out kicks and a suplex on Becky. Molly picks up Logan and dumps her out.

Sarah Logan is eliminated.

Molly with a flip dive off the top rope over Banks! Sonya levels Molly with a shot. Sonya and Morgan exchange shots as Becky gets involved breaking it up. Time expires.

No. 13: Lana

Loud “RUSEV DAY” chants as Lana enters. Lana with a big slap to Sonya and then tackles Morgan. Lana is throwing big right hands as time expires.

No. 14: Michelle McCool

Michelle with a kick to Lana. Michelle with a kick to Morgan, but eats a kick from Sonya. Michelle charges both Sonya and Morgan in separate corners. Michelle has Sonya up top, throws an uppercut and tosses Sonya out. Michelle tosses Morgan out as well.

Sonya Deville is eliminated.

Liv Morgan is eliminated.

Michelle picks up Molly Holly and dumps her out!

Molly Holly is eliminated.

Lana attacks Michelle. Michelle tosses her over.

Lana is eliminated.

Time expires.

No. 15: Ruby Riott

Banks tries to dump Riott over, but she hangs on. Riott dumps Banks on her back. Becky nearly eliminates Riott, but Riott hangs on and drops Banks over the top rope. Banks is grabbing Michelle and trying to pull her out to the ring apron. Time expires.

No. 16: Vickie Guerrero

She is yelling “EXCUSE ME!” on the mic as she enters. Guerrero confronts Banks, Michelle, Becky and Riott. They go after her and Guerrero tries to crawl out. All four toss Guerrero over the top rope. Guerrero hits the floor and is not happy. Time expires.

Vickie Guerrero is eliminated.

No. 17: Carmella

Vickie takes the “Money in the Bank” briefcase from Carmella and hits her on the back with it. Carmella is laying on the floor near the ring. Banks is charging at Michelle in the corner while Becky drops repeated legs over Riott. Time expires.

No. 18: Natalya

Carmella trips Natalya over the ring apron as she enters. Carmella tosses out superkicks to Banks and Michelle. Carmella with a big superkick to Riott. Time expires.

No. 19: Kelly Kelly

Natalya nearly eliminates Kelly on her way in, but Kelly hangs on. Kelly connects with her spinning huricanarana to Michlle. Natalya tosses Michelle over the top rope.

Michelle McCool is eliminated.

Time expires.

No. 20: Naomi

Naomi with repeated Rear End shots when she enters. Banks dumps Naomi to the corner. Naomi with a knee to the face of Banks and Becky drops Naomi on her back. Becky with a top rope dropkick to Naomi. Kelly is nearly tossed out by Natalya. Riott tosses Becky over. Becky is hanging on. Riott finally gets her out.

Becky Lynch is eliminated.

Time expires.

No. 21: Jacqueline

Jackie is in and throws a clothesline at Carmella. Jackie tackles Banks and throws tons of shots. Jackie levels Riott with a huge clothesline and trips up Kelly. Natalya and Jackie try to toss Kelly over the top rope. Time expires.

No. 22: Nia Jax

Nia Jax quickly eliminates Jackie and Kelly Kelly.

Jacqueline is eliminated.

Kelly Kelly is eliminated.

Riott goes after Jax. Jax has her up in a press slam and dumps her over the top turnbuckle. Jax then flips Riott out and sends her to the outside.

Ruby Riott is eliminated.

Naomi with body kicks to Jax. Jax blocks a huricanrana attempt by Naomi and drops her to the ring apron. Naomi with a kick to Jax. Jax with a right and Naomi falls out. Naomi falls over the eliminated women and against the barricade. Naomi is still alive on the barricade.

Time expires.

No. 23: NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon

Moon has her left arm in tape as she hits the ring. Moon with a right and body kicks to Jax. Moon with a big springboard kick to Jax. Jax with a shot to the bad arm of Moon. Jax literally tosses Moon across the ring and rolls out. Naomi is walking across the ring barricade and puts her feet on a chair at ringside. Naomi is walking on her hands keeping her feet propped up. Naomi gets to the steel steps and climbs up top. Jax catches Naomi and tosses her over the top rope to the outside.

Naomi is eliminated.

Time expires.

No. 24: Beth Phoenix

Phoenix gets in the face of Jax. They exchange shots. Loud “THIS IS AWESOME” chant. Phoenix is trying to get Jax on her shoulders, but Jax breaks it up. Natalya, who was never eliminated, is back in. Natalya and Phoenix are double teaming Jax. They knock Jax out, but only through the second rope. Natalya and Phoenix hug. Natalya slaps Phoenix and tosses her over the top rope. Carmella attacks Natalya right away.

Beth Phoenix is eliminated.

Time expires.

No. 25: Asuka

Carmella bails when Asuka hits the ring. Asuka with a huge knee to the face of Banks. Asuka levels Carmella after she misses a big kick attempt. Moon is back in clutching her left arm. Asuka is mocking her bad arm. Moon takes down Asuka with a huricanrana. Moon misses a shot in the corner. Moon with her Eclipse off the top. Moon is hanging. Asuka drops Moon’s bad arm over the top rope and she goes flying out.

Ember Moon is eliminated.

Time expires.

No. 26: Mickie James

James with a kick to Carmella and takes out Asuka with a top rope splash. James with a neckbreaker to Banks. Natalya pushes James to the corner with force. James with another neckbreaker this time on Natalya. Carmella is trying to toss out Banks.

Time expires.

No. 27: Nikki Bella

Nikki takes out Carmella and then spears Natalya. Carmella with a Bronco Buster to Nikki in the corner. Nikki has Carmella on her shoulders. Nikki drops the jaw of Carmella over the top rope. Carmella falls to the outside. Asuka takes out Nikki.

Carmella is eliminated.

Time expires.

No. 28: Brie Bella

Brie is back! Brie with shots to Banks and Natalya. Brie with elbows to Asuka. Loud “YES” chants. Brie with knees to Natalya and James. Brie with knees to Asuka and Banks. Brie and Nikki celebrate together. Nia Jax is just starting to recover and The Bella’s take her out. The Bella’s with a double suplex on Natalya as time expires.

No. 29: Bayley

Bayley stuns both Bella’s over the second rope on her way in. Bayley drops James. Asuka with a spin kick that drops Bayley. Asuka tries to toss out Bayley. Bayley hangs on.

Time expires.

No. 30: Trish Stratus

Trish tackles Natalya right away. Trish with chops to the Bella’s. Double Stratusfaction on both Brie and Nikki Bella. Bayley with boots to the face of Trish. Trish with a flip up huricanrana to Bayley! Trish and James are facing off. Huge reaction for this. James and Trish exchange shots. James kicks Trish in the face. James blocks a huricanrana attempt. Trish kicks James in the head. James falls off the top rope.

Mickie James is eliminated.

Nia Jax is back in and levels Trish! All of the women are going after Jax. Jax explodes and fights all of them off! Jax is throwing elbows and kicks to everyone. Asuka with a spin kick to Asuka. Trish with a shot to Jax. The Bella’s are on the ring apron trying to pull Jax over the top rope. The rest of the women get involved. Jax is tossed out.

Nia Jax is eliminated.

Banks tosses Bayley out!

Bayley is eliminated.

Banks is smiling at Bayley. Trish with an elbow to Banks. Natalya tosses Trish back. Natalya has Trish in a Sharpshoote staring at the WrestleMania sign. Trish breaks it up. Trish dumps Natalya over. Natalya hangs on. Trish hits Natalya. Natalya is out.

Natalya is eliminated.

Banks is getting in the face of Trish. Trish mocks Banks doing the Banks pose. Trish goes for Stratusfaction. Banks counters and tosses Trish over the top rope.

Trish Stratus is eliminated.

Asuka is standing behind Banks. Asuka mocks Banks as well and smiles. “ASUKA’S GONNA KILL YOU” chant starts up. They turn and see that only The Bella’s are left. Banks levels Asuka to drop her. Nikki and Brie are just getting up. They join Banks in beating down Asuka. Banks backs off as The Bella’s get in shots. The Bella’s with a knee to the face and clothesline combo. Banks with a running knee to Asuka. The Bella’s toss Banks out!

Sasha Banks is eliminated.

Nikki leans down and does the “L” on her head towards Banks. The Bella’s are trying to eliminate Asuka. Asuka is hanging on. Asuka fights both of them off. Nikki and Brie are on their knees. Asuka with kicks to both Bella’s. Asuka is fired up. Asuka tosses Brie over the top rope. Brie is hanging on. Nikki clotheslines Asuka. Brie is on the ring apron holding the second rope. Nikki drops Asuka off her shoulders. Nikki with an elbow to Brie. Nikki has eliminated her own sister Brie. Brie is in shock.

Brie Bella is eliminated.

We are down to Nikki Bella and Asuka. Nikki charges. Asuka with a shoulder charge from the ring apron to Nikki. Asuka with a top rope missile dropkick to Nikki. Nikki catches Asuka with a springboard kick to the face as she charges in. Nikki has Asuka on her shoulders and tosses her over. Asuka hangs on. Nikki with a big elbow. Asuka catches Nikki with a kick. Asuka wraps her leg around the neck of Nikki and pulls her over the top rope to the ring apron with her. Nikki with an elbow. Asuka is down. Asuka kicks out the legs of Nikki. Nikki falls off the ring apron and falls to the outside. Asuka wins!

Winner of the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble: Asuka

After the match, Michael Cole yells loudly that Asuka is going to WrestleMania.

Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss enter the ring. They stare down Asuka and hold up both of their Women’s Championships.

“Bad Reputation” hits. “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey is walking out. The former UFC champion enters the ring and points at the WrestleMania sign. A loud “HOLY SHIT” chant starts up. Ronda extends her hand to Asuka. Asuka slaps it away. Ronda smiles. Ronda points again at the WrestleMania sign. We still don’t know who Asuka will challenge.

Ronda leaves the ring and shakes hands with Stephanie McMahon at ringside.

Quick Match Results

* AJ Styles def. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn to retain the WWE Championship
* The Usos def. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin to retain the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships in a Best 2 out of 3 Falls match
* Shinsuke Nakamura won the 2018 Royal Rumble Match
* Sheamus and Cesaro def. Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan to become the new WWE RAW Tag Team Champions
* Brock Lesnar def. Kane and Braun Strowman in a triple threat match to retain the WWE Universal Championship
* Asuka won the first ever 2018 Women’s Royal Rumble match