WWE SummerSlam 2001

August 19, 2001 – San Jose, California (Compaq Center)
Broadcast Announcers: Jim Ross & Paul Heyman
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BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Torrie Wilson & Stacy Keibler attacked Lita from behind and laid her out!

MOMENTS LATER: Lita looked questionable for her handicap match with Jacqueline against Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, and Ivory.. As a trainer checked on her, Matt Hardy told her that maybe she shouldn’t compete if she was hurt. Lita kept insisting that she was fine..

INTERVIEW: Booker T said “Finally, The Book has come back, to Summerslam!”.. Lillian Garcia stated that this is Booker’s first SummerSlam..

WWF Divas (Jacqueline by herself) defeated The Alliance Divas (Torrie Wilson & Stacy Keibler & Ivory): Jacqueline was all alone until Molly Holly ran to the ring to join her! Lita eventually hobbled to ringside and hit the Twist of Fate on Ivory, allowing Jacky to pin her! Paul Heyman entered the ring and said that the WWF women had ripped off the women of the Alliance!


Edge defeated Lance Storm to win the WWF Intercontinental title: Lance Storm came to the ring and said that there was no place for off-beat shenanigans in this business… but before the Intercontinental champion could finish, Edge began walking to the ring. As he did, Christian watched on from a monitor in the back with other WWF Superstars. The action quickly spilled outside the ring as Edge nailed Storm with a nasty clothesline. When Storm climbed back into the ring, Edge nailed him with a big cross-body splash from the top rope. Storm made his way to his feet, and soon knocked Edge down and began trash-talking to him. As Edge struggled to get to his feet, Storm kept up the assault by kicking him in the face. Meanwhile, the WWF Superstars, along with Christian, cheered Edge on as they watched in the back. Storm continued to go after Edge’s lower back, which seemed to be tender, but Edge made his way to his feet and nailed Storm with a huge powerslam! Storm made his way to his feet and locked Edge into a single-leg Boston Crab and waited for Edge to submit, but Edge made his way to the ropes, breaking the hold! Edge stood up, and Christian ran down to the ring! As Christian was about to hit Storm with a spear, Lance pushed Christian into his brother! When Christian stood up, Lance hit him with a superkick! Storm went over to cover Edge, but he kicked out! Edge nailed Lance with a DDT, allowing him to get the win and the pin! After the match, Christian presented Edge with the Intercontinental championship and then hugged his brother!

Michael Cole & Test: Michael Cole asked Test why he turned his back on the WWF. Test grabbed the microphone and said that he left because there was no loyalty in the World Wrestling Federation!

Chris Jericho: Chris Jericho said that he would beat Rhyno later, because there was a first time for everything. Y2J then mentioned that Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley had quite an extensive list of first-times!

The Dudley Boyz (Bubba & D-Von Dudley) & Test defeated The APA (Bradshaw & Farooq) & Spike Dudley: Spike, who had just returned from a broken leg, went after his brothers with absolutely no abandon – even though it didn’t take long for Bubba Ray to start pounding on his smaller brother. As Test started pounding on Spike, D-Von and Bubba got out a table! Test lifted Spike up and threatened to toss the runt of the litter through it, but Spike’s quick thinking, and a finger to the eye, caused Test to set him down before tossing him into the table. Soon, Shane McMahon snuck out to the ring, just as Spike was finally successfully launched through the table by Test! Shane then entered the ring and smacked Bradshaw with a chair – which allowed Test to pin the Texan!

Edge & Christian & WWF Superstars: New Intercontinental champion, Edge, was congratulated by various WWF Superstars on his victory. Christian then walked up and Christian said he had good news – Commissioner Regal had given him a European championship match on RAW!

Debra & Shawn Stasiak: Shawn Stasiak walked in and said that he thought he know what his problem was – his pink tights! Debra told him the only way to impress Stone Cold was if he went out and kicked someone’s butt!

WWF Light Heavyweight champion X-Pac defeated WCW Cruiserweight champion Tajiri to unify the two championships: The two men immediately started using everything in their high-flying arsenals, but eventually, X-Pac was able to slow down Tajiri by stretching him out. After the stretching, Tajiri was clearly at a disadvantage, and X-Pac started pounding on the Japanese Buzzsaw. As X-Pac celebrated, Tajiri finally made his way to his feet, where he was able to set up X-Pac for a nasty baseball slide to the face. Tajiri then locked on the Tarantula, which forced X-Pac to fall to the canvas in pain. As Tajiri climbed out of the ring, X-Pac flew after him, nailing him with a nice somersault plancha – which might have taken more out of X-Pac than it did out of Tajiri! The two men climbed back into the ring as X-Pac’s friend Albert started walking out to the ring. When Albert climbed up on the ring apron, Tajiri spit the red mist in his face, but the pause allowed X-Pac to hit the X-Factor for the pin and the win! X-Pac became the Unified champion once again!

Perry Saturn: Perry Saturn said that he needed help finding Moppy – he asked the fans to help him find the love of his life.

Rhyno & Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: As Rhyno prepared for his match – Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley told him that she needed him to Gore Jericho through the ring! Rhyno cut her off saying that he was going to take out Jericho once and for all!

Chris Jericho defeated Rhyno w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley by submission: As the match began, Chris Jericho carried a huge monkey on his back – the fact that he had never been able to defeat Rhyno. The two men took it to each other early and often – and Jericho delivered a mean elbow from the top rope. It was an elbow that Rhyno found difficult to recover from, and Y2J kept the offensive juggernaut moving. When Jericho climbed to the top rope again, Stephanie grabbed at his ankle, allowing Rhyno to get to his feet. After Y2J kicked off Stephanie, he jumped toward Rhyno, who caught him by surprise with a Gore just as he landed! The Man Beast pulled Jericho into the ring and started beating on him. Jericho yelled in pain as Rhyno tried to squeeze the life out of him with body scissors. When Rhyno went to end the match from the top rope, Jericho moved out of the way, and both men lie in the ring for almost a full ten-count. The two men made it to their feet, and the high-impact match continued. Jericho eventually was able to hit Rhyno with a drop-kick and made a cover, but Stephanie distracted the referee! Y2J walked over and pushed the ref out of the way and then planted a huge kiss right on Stephanie! As Stephanie coughed and was nauseous outside the ring, Jericho tried to end the match with a Lionsault, but Rhyno was able to kick out! The Man Beast then went to lock Y2J into his own Walls of Jericho! As Jericho screamed, he inched his way to the ropes – which caused Rhyno to break the hold! As Jericho tried to stand up, Rhyno measured him up for the Gore! Rhyno ran to hit Y2J, but he missed and hit the turnbuckle! Jericho was able to force Rhyno to tap to the Walls of Jericho not long after! As the match ended, Stephanie stormed her way to the backstage area!

The Rock & William Regal….. & Shawn Stasiak: As The Rock walked backstage, William Regal asked him if he was a hundred percent. The Rock cut him off and said he was ready to go – and there was no way he was missing SummerSlam! The Rock asked Regal if he smelled it – and as the two spoke, Shawn Stasiak ran by, trying to take out The Rock, but he missed!

Rob Van Dam defeated Jeff Hardy to win the WWF Hardcore title: RVD and Jeff took it to each other in the ring in hand- to-hand combat, trying to wear each other down so they could go get a ladder. It wasn’t long, however, before the match spilled outside the ring, where the two started throwing each other into the ring barrier. Soon, a ladder had come into play, as Hardy put one in the ring. The ladder was quickly used as a weapon – which was within the rules – as both men tried to wear each other down so they could get the opportunity to climb the ladder and grab the championship. Van Dam propped Hardy on a ladder and then went all the way across the ring and hit him with all of his body weight! Jeff’s body just bounced off the ladder. Van Dam continued to bounce Jeff off the ladder in an effort to fully incapacitate Jeff. Hardy was able to slam the ladder into RVD’s chest however, and that caused RVD to try to recover outside the ring as Jeff began a climb for the championship. RVD made it into the ring in time, however, and knocked the ladder, and Jeff Hardy, over. Jeff rolled around in pain as RVD set up the ladder to climb to the top, but Jeff hit a drop kick from the top rope that knocked RVD down. Jeff climbed back to the top rope and tried to hit the Swanton Bomb, but Van Dam rolled away! RVD then climbed to the top rope to hit the Five-Star Frog Splash, but Jeff also rolled away! With Van Dam down, Hardy once again began to climb the ladder – but Van Dam started climbing the other side! The two met at the top, where Van Dam suplexed Hardy off the top of the ladder! The two made their way to their feet, and once again met at the top of the ladder, where Jeff Hardy powerbombed Van Dam off the top of the ladder! Jeff once again began the slow climb to the top! Once he got there, Van Dam pulled the ladder out from under him, and Jeff dangled from the rope the belt hung from! Jeff tumbled to the canvas, which allowed RVD to climb the ladder and snag the Hardcore Championship!

Booker T & Shane McMahon: As Booker T prepared for his match with The Rock, Shane McMahon walked in bearing gifts – bookends made out of the announce table Booker hit Rock through last week!

WWF Tag Team champions The Brothers of Destruction (The Undertaker & Kane w/Sara Calloway) defeated WCW Tag Team champions Diamond Dallas Page & Chris Kanyon to unify the titles: After both teams entered the cage, the Undertaker’s wife Sara locked the cage door shut. As soon as the bell rang, DDP and Kanyon both made a run up the cage walls. The Brothers of Destruction caught them, however, and pulled them inside the ring. All four men began pounding on each other, but DDP held a slight advantage over the man he was up against – the Undertaker. Kane came to help his brother, and the battle continued. The Brothers of Destruction started lifting DDP and Kanyon up and tossing them into the cage. Taker even kept slamming DDP’s body into the cage! Kane whipped his brother off the ropes to give him some momentum, but Kanyon stepped in the way in order to give DDP a reprieve. Taker and Kane were soon flat on their backs and Page and Kanyon started to try to escape! Taker and Kane chased them down and Taker climbed to the top of the cage! Taker told Kane to let Kanyon go – and they tossed DDP back into the ring! Undertaker grabbed a chain and jumped back down into the ring and the brothers started pounding on DDP! There was no escape for Page as Taker went after him with a vengeance! Taker set DDP up and told Page to go and not come back – and to never look at Sara again! As Page climbed out, Kane convinced Taker to grab DDP! Taker pulled DDP of the ropes and chokeslammed him, and then set him up for the Last Ride! After the huge powerbomb, Taker and Kane celebrated the unification of the WWF and WCW Tag Team Championships!

The Rock & Shawn Stasiak: The Rock was getting checked out by the World Wrestling Federation Trainer, Shawn Stasiak once again tried to take down The Rock – and missed again!

Kurt Angle defeated WWF Heavyweight champion Stone Cold Steve Austin by DQ: The two met long before entering the ring as they met while Austin made it halfway down the entrance ramp. But soon, both entered the ring and the bell rang, signifying the start of the contest. Angle took the offensive at the start and tried to take the reigning champion down as quickly as he could. Austin took down Angle, however, with a nasty shot to the back of his head. The Rattlesnake started going after Kurt’s ankle – which was injured not long ago by Austin on SmackDown! Angle tried his best to reverse Austin’s moves into the Ankle-Lock, but Austin was able to wriggle away. After once again taking down Angle and going after his injured leg, Austin started battering Angle with suplexes. Angle was able to reverse the suplexes into a series of seven suplexes himself! Angle then went for the Angle Slam, but Austin was able to reverse it and slam Angle’s face into the canvas! Stone Cold then set Angle up on the top turnbuckle and started pounding him – and then nailed him with a super-plex off the top rope! Both men struggled to their feet, where Austin was able to hit Angle with a Stunner! Austin made the cover, but Angle kicked out! After yelling at the referee, Stone Cold hit Angle with a nasty Stunner that sent the Olympic hero flying out of the ring. Austin went after him and started bouncing his face off the steel ring post. Austin went to use the Championship belt to nail Angle but referee Earl Hebner snagged the belt away. With Angle a bloody mess, Stone Cold kept pounding on him. With Angle barely able to stand up, Stone Cold threw him in the ring and made a cover, but Angle kicked out miraculously! Once again, Austin took Angle outside the ring and started bouncing his head off the announce table. Angle mustered enough strength, however, to grab Austin’s ankle outside the ring, and tried to drag him into the ring! In the ring, Angle screamed as he put the champion in the submission hold again, but Austin made his way to the ropes. The brawl spilled outside the ring again, where Angle hit Austin with a suplex onto the bare floor! Austin tried to fight back, but Angle hit him with another suplex! Angle started bouncing Austin’s head off the announce table and then tossed him into the ring. Angle started climbing to the top rope and hit Austin with a moonsault! Angle was able to get his arm over Austin, but Stone Cold kicked out! Austin grabbed Angle and locked on the Cobra Clutch! As Angle tried to reach for the ropes, he made his way to his feet! Angle got Austin into a pinning predicament, but Austin moved out of it! As Stone Cold held on, Angle seemed to be getting weaker by the second. Austin hit Angle with yet another Stunner and made a cover, but the Olympic Hero refused to give up and kicked out once again! Angle stood up and nailed Austin with an Angle Slam! He made another cover, but Austin kicked out! Both struggled to make it to their feet, and when Austin did, he nailed referee Earl Hebner! Angle then hit Austin with a DDT, and referee Mike Chioda ran out to count, but Stone Cold kicked out again! Austin got up and nailed Chioda with a Stunner! Referee Tim White ran out, and Austin took him out too! WCW referee Nick Patrick ran out and disqualified Austin for excessive violence toward the referees – thereby allowing Austin to retain the WWF championship! After the ruling, Angle locked Nick Patrick into the Ankle Lock!

The Rock defeated Booker T to win the WCW World Heavyweight title!: As the match got underway, Booker T took it to Rocky as fast as he could. Knowing The Rock would be coming out with guns blazing, Booker T knew he had to pull out all the stops. With Shane McMahon watching on from ringside, Booker did his best to impress his boss. The match made its way outside the ring, where The Rock nailed Booker with a low-blow. Booker eventually returned to his feet and tossed Rock over the ring barrier. As WCW owner Shane McMahon urged Booker to finish Rocky off, Booker started pounding Rock into the concrete arena floor. Booker started dismantling the announce table as J.R. demanded that he get him in the ring and actually wrestle the man. As The Rock tried to get to his feet, Booker tossed him headfirst into the ring post. Booker then pulled the challenger into the ring and took a moment to catch his breath, which also allowed Rock to catch his breath. The Great One attempted to throw a few punches at Booker, but Booker T countered, knocking The Rock right off his feet. Rocky got back up and nailed Booker with a DDT, but Booker was able to kick out of the manuver. Outside the ring, Shane McMahon grabbed the WCW Championship. With the referee looking the other way, Shane nailed Rock with the belt! Just then, the APA ran out to the ring and chased Shane down. The WCW Owner ran right into a Clothesline from Hell from Bradshaw and was out cold on the floor! In the ring, Booker hit Rock with a Book End, and slowly made a cover, which allowed The Rock enough time to kick out of the attempted pin. The Rock got to his feet and nailed Booker with a spinebuster, and the crowd got on its feet as Rock nailed Booker with the People’s Elbow! After going for the pin, Shane McMahon entered the ring and interrupted the count! Rock chased down Shane outside the ring and nailed him with a Rock Bottom! When Rock got back in the ring, Booker T took him down and nailed him with the Scissors Kick! After doing the Spinerooni, Rock stood up and hit Booker with the Rock Bottom! Rock made the cover and scored the win to become the new WCW Champion!