WWE Survivor Series 2002

November 17, 2002 – New York City, New York (Madison Square Garden)
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|| RAW Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler ||
|| SmackDown! Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz ||

Lance Storm & William Regal defeated Goldust & The Hurricane
Bubby & Spike Dudley & Jeff Hardy beat 3 Minute Warning & Rico
Billy Kidman defeated Jamie Noble (WWE Cruiserweight Title)
Victoria defeated Trish Stratus (Divas Hardcore Match)
The Big Show defeated Brock Lesnar (Undisputed Title Match)
Los Guerreros beat Rey/Edge and Benoit/Angle (SD! Tag Team Titles)
ELIMINATION CHAMBER: HHH vs. RVD vs. Y2J vs. Kane vs. HBK vs. Booker

SUNDAY NIGHT HEAT: Jonathan Coachman & Lita explained that there was a ban on showing the Elimination Chamber on Heat (cheap!).

ON LOCATION (WWE THE WORLD): Stacy Keibler asked rock band “Saliva” to sing Test’s new entrance music. Stacy added that if there’s one thing that Testicles like, it’s Saliva!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Eric Bischoff thought about entering Stephanie McMahon‘s office but changed his mind and walked away.

William Regal & Lance Storm defeated The Hurricane & Goldust: Tommy Dreamer appeared after the match!

SURVIVOR SERIES KICKS OFF!: Video package featuring the Brock Lesnar vs. The Big Show build-up and the Elimination Chamber participants. We also get our first glimpe of the Elimination Chamber hanging above the ring.

Jeff Hardy & Bubba Dudley & Spike Dudley defeated Rico & Rosey & Jamal: Bubba picked Spike up and threw him over the top rope onto Rico, Rosey & Jamal! Bubba dropped to his knees and Jeff Hardy leaped off his back over the top rope onto the three men. Spike hit the wassup headbutt on Rosey. Bubba called for the tables and he set one up in the corner but was attacked. Jamal missed a spear into a table but was not eliminated (because he went through on his own momentum). Rico set up a table and tried to suplex Spike through it but it was blocked. Rosey & Jamal hit a double flapjack manouver on Spike through a table! Spike was eliminated! Jamal splashed Rico by mistake and Bubba hit a Bubba-bomb on Jamal. They set up a table as Jeff stood on the entrance ramp and Swanton-bombs onto Rosey to eliminate him! Rico went up top setting for a moonsault but fall and crotches himself. Jeff went through a table on the outside but was not elimnated because he did it to himself. Jeff was set up outside and Jamal went to the top rope and splashed to the outside! Jeff was eliminated! Bubba set Rico on a table and went to the top but Jamal pulled Rico to safety. Bubba brought Jamal to the top rope and powerbombed Jamal through a table from the top rope! Jamal was eliminated! Jamal & Rosey come back to triple team Bubba. D-VON comes out in his old DUDLEY atire and the Dudley Boyz put Rico in the 3D!

Stacy Keibler & the band Saliva: Stacy Keibler talked about all the Testicles and introduced Saliva playing live at THE WORLD…… Saliva played “Always”..

Billy Kidman defeated Jamie Noble w/Nidia to win the WWE Cruiserweight title!: Billy Kidman went up top for the shooting star but Nidia pulled Jamie Noble out of the ring. Kidman leapt onto Noble outside of the ring instead! Nidia got up and slapped Kidman. Noble went after Kidman but accidentally knocked Nidia off the ring apron! After a few near falls, Kidman hit the shooting star press to win the CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE! Kidman went out through the crowd, DDP style..

Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle: Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit were talking about Kidman winning the WWE Cruiserweight title.. Angle says they can win back the titles, then they begin to argue.. Angle wasn’t having any of it much to Benoit’s dismay. Angle said no one can beat them when they’re on the same page. Benoit offered his hand, but Angle refuses and instead wanted a hug from Benoit.

F-VIEW: Victoria was talking to a mirror – “Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s the prettiest of them all?”. Victoria freaked out and Yelled “TRISH STRATUS? TRISH STRATUS??????..” Victoria went berzerk and destroyed the room..

Victoria defeated Trish Stratus to win the WWE Women’s title: Victoria used a broom stick on Trish choking her and hanging her with it from the top rope. Trish worked Victoria over with a Singapore Cane. Victoria fough back as her nose began to bleed. Victoria went under the ring and brought out a mirror and then a fire exstinguisher. Victoria won the match after a suplex to win the WWE Women’s title!

Jonathan Coachman & Eric Bischoff: The Coach asked Eric Bischoff about the Elimination Chamber. Bischoff gave nothng away just saying he has got one over on Stephanie. The Big Show interupted and said that Bischoff made a mistake letting him go. Big Show said that he will walk out as champion tonight..

Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar: Paul Heyman expressed his concern, saying Brock has not been the same since Hell in the Cell.. Heyman said he was still confident of Brock winning tonight over Big Show.

The Big Show defeated Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman to win the Undisputed title: The crowd was solidly behind Brock Lesnar for the match. Big Show worked on Brock’s injured ribs immediately.. Brock hit a german suplex on Big Show! The referee was knocked down, and Brock hit a belly-to-belly suplex on Big Show! Brock hit a big F5 on the Big Show! The referee counted.. ONE…. TWO….. But suddenly Paul Heyman pulled the referee out of the ring — SCREWING BROCK LESNAR!!! Big Show used a chair to Brock’s ribs and then his head! Big Show nailed a “giant” chokeslam on Brock onto the steel chair.. Big Show pinned Brock to win the WWE Undisputed title! Big Show left with Paul Heyman in a getaway car..

Los Guerreros (Eddie & Chavo Guerrero) defeated Rey Mysterio & Edge and Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit to win the WWE Tag Team titles: Kurt Angle hugged Chris Benoit before the match officially began. Rey with a splash from the top on Chavo kickout after 1. Rey fell from the top rope after trying a springboard moonsault suffering a rare loss of balance. Angle tried to tag in one of the Guerreros but they jumped off the ring apron. Rey went for a hurricanrana on Eddie, but was caught and Eddie dumped him outside. Angle got the Anklelock on Edge but Rey came in and broke it up. Benoit side-suplexed Eddie over the top rope. Eddie frog-splashed Edge but Benoit headbutted Eddie from the top rope. Benoit covered but Chavo hit Benoit with the belt! Benoit & Angle started to argue, as Angle was holding a title belt and Benoit thought Angle was the one who hit him! Edge hit a spear on Benoit — 1-2-3 — Benoit/Angle are eliminated! Angle & Benoit argued in the ring and continued to beat on Edge, Rey, Eddie, and Chavo. Benoit hit a german suplex on Chavo, while Angle hit an angleslam on Edge! Benoit & Angle continued to argue as they made their way backstage. Edge hit a double spear on both Guerreros! Rey hit the 619 on Eddie! Rey went for the West Coast Pop on Chavo, but got hit in the back with the belt! Eddie locked Rey in the El Passo Lasso until Rey tapped out and Los Guerreros win the WWE Tag Team titles!

Christopher Nowinski + Matt Hardy + “Holla if ya hea’ me!” Scott Steiner: Chris Nowinski came out and insulted the New York City fans. Nowinski said the Yankees bought their World Series victories. Nowinski said New York was #1 in stupidity. Matt Hardy interrupts and asked Nowinski who does he think he is? Matt said he’s come to tell him New Yorkers aren’t stupid, they are classified as “Losers”. Matt said he’s having the ‘mattitude’ sucked out of him like the life out of the Knicks. Nowinski said they’re not losers, they’re just too stupid to know better. Nowinski said to the crowd “Are you Losers or just Stupid?” Matt said they’re both “Losers” and “Stupid” — they’re “Loopid”! Suddenly Scott Steiner’s music hits and out comes BIG POPPA PUMP! Steiner walked slowly to the ring looking big and healthy. Steiner clotheslines Nowinksi and suplex’s Matt Hardy. Steiner beat the two of them down. Steiner gorilla pressed Matt outside the ring onto Chris Nowinski! Steiner did a few push-ups in the ring.. Steiner grabbed the mic: “This goes to all my Freaks in NYC Holler if Ya hear me!”

Shawn Michaels defeated Triple H and Kane and Booker T and Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam to win the World Heavyweight title: The structure was 32 feet wide, 16 feet high, 10 tons of steel, and 2 miles of chain! Eric Bischoff went to the ring before the match and bragged about creating the Elimination Chamber. Kane, Booker, Shawn Michaels, and Chris Jericho entered the ring and were each confined to an individual locked pod with bulletproof plexi glass. HHH (accompanied by Ric Flair) & Rob Van Dam started the match in the center of the ring/chamber.. HHH was busted open within three minutes!!! RVD hit the Rolling Thunder over the top rope onto HHH laying on the steel staging. RVD flipped off (middle finger) Jericho through the glass. RVD climbed on top of Jericho’s chamber. Jericho pulled RVD into the chamber through the steel chain roof. FIVE MINUTE MARK: Chris Jericho’s chamber opened.. RVD went after Jericho, while HHH laid in the corner bleeding. RVD tossed Jericho over the top onto the staging. RVD jumped on the side of the cage, flipping off it hitting Jericho with a cross body. HHH and Y2J double teamed RVD and slammed him into the steel chain repeatedly. HHH hit RVD with a DDT! TEN MINUTE MARK: Booker T’s chamber opens.. Booker laid out HHH and Y2J clearing the ring. Booker did a spineroonie (cause this is the most important match of his career, right?). RVD and Booker T started to go at it. HHH and Y2J lay out on the steel staging getting catching their breath. Booker hit HHH with a scissors kick but didn’t follow up with the cover. RVD went to the top of an empty chamber, 15 ft in the air, and delivered a five-star-frog splah onto HHH! RVD hurt himself landing awkwardly in his knees. Booker with a missile dropkick and ELIMINATED ROB VAN DAM. FIFTEEN MINUTE MARK: Kane’s chamber opened.. Kane came in and cleared the ring. Kane gorilla pressed Y2J face first onto the chains! Kane threw Y2J through the bullet proof glass face first and it shattered! Kane hit a chokeslam on Booker T. Y2J hit the lionsault on Booker T and pinned him to ELIMINATE BOOKER T. Y2J was busted open and bleeding. Kane press slammed Y2J into the ring from the staging area. Kane powerslammed HHH off the top turnbuckle. TWENTY MINUTE MARK: Shawn Michael’s chamber opened.. HHH continued to rest in the corner. Kane chokeslammed ALL of them and called for the tombstone on HHH. HHH reversed it and pushed Kane into a Shawn Michaels superkick! HHH pedigreed Kane. Y2J hit the lionsault on Kane and KANE WAS ELIMINATED. Michaels was busted open and bleeding, too. HBK went for a piledriver on Y2J on the steel staging but Y2J reversed it into a back body drop. Micheals hit a moonsault on Y2J. Michaels locked in the Walls of Jericho on Y2J but its broken by HHH. HHH set up Y2J for the Pedigree but it was reversed to the Walls of Jericho! HHH crawled to the ropes but Y2J dragged him back. Michaels superkicked Y2J and pinned him.. JERICHO WAS ELIMINTED. Michaels & HHH face off. HHH hit the spinebuster on Michaels. HHH back body drops HBK onto the steel staging on the outside. Michaels went for the pedigree on HHH, but he reversed it and does a catapult on Michaels into one of the PODS! Michaels went through the glass, and was busted even more now and layed motionless! HHH dragged him back into the ring for a two-count. Michaels pulled himself up on HHH’s trunk. Michaels & HHH traded blows. HHH hit a facebuster on Michaels! Micheals fell to the steel staging outside the ring. HHH went for the pedigree, but Michaels reversed it into a catapult for HHH into the chain! Michaels climbed to the top of one of the chambers and delivers a flying elbow!!!!! Michaels got to his feet and went for the superkick.. HHH blocked the superkick, reversing it into a pedigree!! HHH covered Michaels for another close two-count! HHH tried again but it was reversed and Michaels hit the superkick on HHH and pinned him! — TRIPLE H WAS ELIMINATED! Michaels becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion!
Micheals celebrates in the ring as confetti and ticker tape falls from the roof!

CONCLUSION: Triple H was rushed to the hospital after the match with an unknown throat injury suffered when RVD frog splashed him. Thanks to Daz for helping with Play-By-Play (Send Him PRAISE)