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WrestleMania 19

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March 30, 2003 – Seattle, Washington – Safeco Field

Lance Storm & Chief Morely beat Kane & Rob Van Dam (World Tag Team Titles)
Matt Hardy defeated Rey Mysterio to retain (WWE Cruiserweight Title)
The Undertaker defeated A-Train & The Big Show (Handicap Match)
Trish Stratus defeated Victoria and Jazz (WWE Women’s Title)
Team Angle beat Los Guerreros and Benoit/Rhyno (WWE Tag Team Titles)
Shawn Michaels defeated Chris Jericho (Grudge Match)
Tawnya Salenger vs. Kitana Baker (Miller Cat Fight)
Triple H vs. Booker T (World Heavyweight Title)
Hulk Hogan defeated Vince McMahon (Street Fight)
The Rock defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin
Brock Lesnar defeated Kurt Angle (WWE Championship)

SUNDAY NIGHT HEAT: Hosted by The Coach & Lita..

  • John Cena did a rap, dissing Jay-Z & Fabulous for turning down his challenge, and said he’ll main event next year’s WrestleMania..
  • Backstage, Nunzio tried to steal Nathan Jones’ wallet! A few minutes later, Nunzio, Big Show and A-Train exit a bathroom where the camera finds Nathan Jones laid out on the floor!
  • Footage of Limp Bizkit entering the building — Fred Durst admitted that he is a crack addict, then asked if the audio is on – good job..
  • All the usual video build-ups for each match with added emphasis on the Vince McMahon vs. Hulk Hogan hype..

    Lance Storm & Chief Morely defeated Kane & Rob Van Dam to retain the World Tag Team titles: The Dudleyz came in and gave Lance Storm the 3-D! Then Bubba elbowed RVD, and put Storm on top of RVD for the pin! Editor’s Note: The atmosphere of Safeco Field is certainly worthy of the WrestleMania mystic!


    Matt Hardy defeated Rey Mysterio to retain the WWE Cruiserweight title: Matt Hardy pins Rey after about five minutes while holding the ropes for leverage..

    STUFF WE DONT WANT/NEED TO SEE: Limp Bizkit performed their song live in front of a crowd that paid upwards of $400 to see wrestling..

    The Undertaker defeated The Big Show & A-Train: Nathan Jones was taken out of the match because he was attacked before the show. Nathan had a late run-in, and kicked Big Show out of the ring. The Undertaker gave A-Train a tombstone piledriver for the victory — improving his WrestleMania record to 11-0..

    BACKSTAGE: The Miller Catfight Girls bumped into Torrie Wilson & Stacy Keibler..

    Trish Stratus defeated Jazz (c) and Victoria to win the WWE Women’s title!: Trish Stratus picked up the victory to win the WWE Women’s title for the 4th time!!

    Team Angle (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) defeated Los Guerreros (Eddie & Chavo Guerrero) and Chris Benoit & Rhyno to retain the WWE Tag Team titles: Team Angle retained their titles after Rhyno gored Chavo and Benjamin scored the pinfall..

    BACKSTAGE: The Miller Catfight Girls were hanging out with Torrie Wilson & Stacy Keibler having a slutty good time. Keibler mentioned that Vince McMahon created WrestleMania, and Torrie said it was Hulk Hogan. The Catfight Girls also start to argue over the issue and decide to settle it IN THE RING or IN BED?!

    Shawn Michaels defeated Chris Jericho: After an amazing hard-fought battle, HBK pulled out an impressive victory over Y2J!! After the match, Jericho hugged Michaels, but followed by nailing him with a low-blow!!

    BACKSTAGE: Sylvain Grenier is the guy who refereed the Rock vs. Hulk Hogan match last month at No Way Out. Sylvain showed up and entered Vince McMahon’s office – looks like he’ll be referee Vince vs. Hulk too..

    PROMO: A short Bill Goldberg promo aired and Jim Ross said that Goldberg has finally signed with the WWE. The ring announcer announced that they’ve set a new record for Safeco Field attendance with 54,097 people!

    STUFF WE DONT WANT/NEED TO SEE: Limp Bizkit performed their song “Crack Addict” because the WWE wanted to be a good example for the kids..

    ADVERTISEMENT: Stephanie McMahon & Torrie Wilson plugging Torrie’s appearance in Playboy.. As if we haven’t heard enough about it on television, we get another advertisement for Torrie Wilson’s issue of Playboy..

    Tawnya Salenger vs. Kitana Baker: Just as the catfight is about to begin, Stacy Keibler came out and made it a THREE-WAY-DANCE!! Just then, Torrie Wilson came out and ladies and gentleman we have a Fatal-FOUR-WAY!! This turned into an embarassing fiasco with all four women getting their shirts ripped off. Even worse, The Coach got pansed and pinned by all four whores..

    Triple H w/Ric Flair defeated Booker T to retain the World Heavyweight title: Another grueling match, with Triple H, not surprisingly, pinning Booker after a Pedigree..

    PROMO: WrestleMania XX…. The traditional advertisement for the next WrestleMania played, announcing that the event will be at Madison frickin’ Square Garden!!!

    Hulk Hogan defeated Vince McMahon: If Hulk Hogan lost tonight, he said he will retire (finally) from wrestling. Late in the match, Vince McMahon hit a leg drop on Hogan through a table outside the ring. In the shocker of the decade, ROWDY RODDY PIPER came down to the ring to a huge ovation!! Roddy Piper immediately turned heel, and nailed Hulk Hogan with a steel pipe!! Heel Canadian referee Sylvain Grenier came down and Vince threw referee Brian Hebner out. Vince hit a leg drop on Hulk Hogan, but only get a two-count! Hogan “hulked” up, knocked out Grenier, and pinned Vince McMahon for the win!! After the match, Shane McMahon ran out to check on his “pops.”

    The Rock defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Rock hit Stone Cold with THREE Rock Bottoms to win the match! The Rock beat Steve Austin for the first time at a WrestleMania! (Austin won the other two)..

    Brock Lesnar defeated Kurt Angle w/Paul Heyman: Brock Lesnar won the title after two F5s, a brutally botched Shooting Star Press, and a final F5! Lesnar & Angle embraced after the match as a show of respect. The Shooting Star Press was the planned finish of the match, but Brock landed on his head! Kurt improvised and rolled over and covered Brock for a two count, and Brock sucked it up and hit one last F5, even though he was only half concious. Brock was bleeding from the nose which is not a good sign, hopefully it was just from bumping his face.. Brock appeared to be visibly blurry after the match, using the ropes to hold himself up..

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