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Welcome to The Armpit wrestling quiz for the week of January 16, 2017. 

WWE’s UK tournament will have taken place by the time you’re reading this, but this is being written before it’s over.  With the rise of the UK wrestling scene, and WWE’s pre-emptive actions to crush the competition there (no matter what they say publicly), this week’s quiz will focus on perhaps their most famous tag team ever: “The British Bulldogs.”

Congratulations to last week’s winner: Megan, a three-peat winner!  Most of you who sent in missed at least one question, unfortunately.

Last week’s answers:


1) Before Kazuchika Okada became one of the best workers in the world, he was one of the many squandered talents in TNA.


2) After Ric Flair pinned Rick Steamboat to win the NWA title for the 6th time at WresteWar ’89, ringside judge Terry Funk attacked him after Flair told him he had spent too much time in Hollywood with Sylvester Stallone, and thus wasn’t a top 10 contender for the title.


3)  Terry Funk’s manager at the time he wrestled Ric Flair in their “I Quit” classic at Clash of the Champions IX was the late, great Gary Hart.


4) In the opening match at WrestleMania X, Bret Hart lost cleanly to his brother Owen.  It was brilliant booking, because Bret won the title later that night (against Yokozuna) and could now do a program with Owen with fans now thinking Owen stood a real chance.


5) Bret and Owen wrestled in a steel cage classic at SummerSlam ’94.  I remember reading how it was rated *****, but wasn’t able to watch it because I had just left for college and my dorm didn’t have access to cable.


6) In the Bret vs Steve Austin classic at WrestleMania XIII, it was a double turn in which Bret turned heel and Austin turned face.  Very important match in WWF/WWE history.


7) To build heat for the Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle match at WrestleMania in 2005, WWE brought in Marty Jannetty and Sherri Martel for angles with Kurt.  Sherri is very much missed and WWE’s blatant omission of her from their history is criminal.


8) The crowd was so hot for CM Punk vs John Cena at Money in the Bank 2011 because the show was held near Punk’s hometown of Chicago.


9) In 2004, Punk wrestled another ***** match, this time with Samoa Joe in ROH.


10) Undertaker had two WrestleMania classic matches with Shawn Michaels and three with HHH.  We originally had listed two matches (not three) with HHH as one of the possible answers, and we apologize for the error (thanks to those who pointed it out).  Because of the confusion, we accepted all answers (although all of you got it right anyway).


This week’s questions:


  1. The Bulldogs, consisting of bulked up cruiserweight Dynamite Kid and legit powerhouse Davey Boy Smith, were already worldwide stars before they came to the WWF. Which two promotions were they most famous for working in?


  1. a) All Japan and New Japan
  2. b) CMLL and EMLL
  3. c) NWA and AWA
  4. d) Stampede and New Japan


  1. A little known fact is that the “Boy” in Davey Boy is because his mother mistakenly put his gender in the “Middle Initial” box on his birth certificate. That is a true story. But what about Davey Boy and Dynamite being first cousins?  Is that true?


  1. a) Yes
  2. b) No


  1. Most of us are lucky to even have a driver’s license by age 17.Dynamite and Davey Boy, by that age, were already teenage sensations in pro wrestling.  While the two are famous for being a great tag team, their early years were spent feuding with each other.  Dynamite was the bigger star first, in three countries (UK, Canada, and Japan).  He put cruiserweight wrestling on the map with his legendary matches with which Japanese wrestler?


  1. a) Mistuharu Misawa
  2. b) Tatsumi Fujinami
  3. c) Tiger Mask (Satoru Sayama)
  4. d) Jushin Liger
  5. e) Riki Choshu


  1. Davey Boy later followed Dynamite to Japan, but he also worked for Stu Hart between tours as his top babyface. Just before Davey got married around this time, his fiancé discovered that he had gotten a groupie pregnant. The wedding almost didn’t happen, but all was forgiven and they went through with it.  Whom did Davey Boy marry?


  1. a) Diana Hart, the sister of Bret and daughter of Stu
  2. b) Dynamite Kid’s sister
  3. c) His high school sweetheart
  4. d) A bartender in Calgary, who always let Davey Boy drink for free even though he was under 21


  1. Much like the Rockers, the Bulldogs had a very brief stint in the WWF before they left, and then came back and eventually became stars.Why did WWF hire the Bulldogs in the first place?


  1. a) Vince McMahon thought they had a world of talent.
  2. b) Hulk Hogan recommended them.
  3. c) They had just won the All Japan tag tournament, and thus were hot commodities.
  4. d) It was a condition Stu Hart insisted on when Vince McMahon “bought” Stampede Wrestling.


  1. Another little known fact is that just before the WWF re-hired the Bulldogs (they had quit almost immediately after their first stint there), Bill Watts was about to sign them for Mid-South Wrestling. Had that happened, today we’d be talking about all the great Rock N Roll Express vs British Bulldogs matches from 1985. Instead they signed with Vince, and he gave them a real bulldog as their “manager.”  What was the name of this bulldog?


  1. a) Mathilda
  2. b) Rover
  3. c) Clifford
  4. d) Marmaduke
  5. e) Snoopy
  6. f) Buck
  7. g) Lassie


  1. The Bulldogs almost always had the best matches on the card in mid 80s WWF, including WrestleMania II. They were a dominant team, but Dynamite left the company in 1988 following a very real-life backstage feud and fight(s) with which tag team? (Hint: details are in our Backstage Fights section of The Armpit)


  1. a) Demolition
  2. b) Rougeau Brothers
  3. c) Hart Foundation
  4. d) Rockers
  5. e) Islanders
  6. f) Conquistadors


  1. Dynamite did some wrestling after that, but nothing notable and retired young due to injuries. Davey Boy’s career, however, continued to soar. He won the WWF Intercontinental title from Bret Hart in a classic at which event?


  1. a) Survivor Series ‘92
  2. b) Royal Rumble ‘92
  3. c) SummerSlam ‘92
  4. d) WrestleMania VIII


  1. It’s complicated, but with all the pressure the WWF was under in ’92 and ’93 to crack down on steroid use, Davey Boy didn’t last long there. But in WCW, where steroids flowed free like the river, Smith was welcome with open arms. His first most memorable moment was the infamous exploding boat video promoting Beach Blast ’93.  Whom did Davey Boy team with that night to take on Vader and Sid Vicious?


  1. a) Road Warrior Hawk
  2. b) Lord Steven Regal
  3. c) Ric Flair
  4. d) Sting


  1. Davey Boy had two more runs with the WWF, and one more with WCW, before his death in 2002. He was part of the New Hart Foundation in an angle that carried the WWF through 1997. While what really happened depends on whom you choose to believe, what role is Smith alleged to have had in the Montreal Screwjob?


  1. a) He convinced Vince to screw Bret.
  2. b) He broke up the fight between Vince and Bret, injuring his knee in the process.
  3. c) He gave Shawn Michaels a real-life beating as revenge.
  4. d) He held Vince down so Bret could punch him repeatedly.



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Answers will be posted next week.  Have fun and good luck.

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