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Well hello there peeps (and no, that’s not a Christian impression) and welcome to the latest addition of the Women’s Wrestling Write-Up here at OWW. As always I am Jack and I’ll be delivering you with the recent goings on of the WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts. Whilst it appeared there would be lots of action this week, there is less than anticipated due to Rosa Mendes’ Smackdown segment being cut and Layla vs. Natalya also not airing on Superstars as advertised but never fear, Monday Night RAW’s 1000th episode definitely delivered! In addition to RAW, we have action from NXT and IMPACT Wrestling. So let’s let the pigeon’s loose (more on Velvet Sky later) and see how karma (more than that later too) treated the ladies of the squared circle this week.

To kick things off this week, our Opening Contest pits what could be my new favourite Costa Rican (sorry Rosa Mendes) Sofia Cortez vs. the Dungeon Diva herself, Natalya. Will Sofia cause a major upset or will the Diva that follows me on Twitter (YEAH BABY!) cripple her foe with the Sharpshooter? Let’s have a look shall we?


My Thoughts: Well this is without a doubt the best showing so far on the new NXT from the Divas – I really enjoyed it. Sofia has a very unusual attire which makes her easy on the eye and Natalya was comical as always, showing off her childish personality with numerous “I Hate You”s aimed at Sofia. I think you need to be friendlier Natalya; you’ve only just met her! There were some really nice spots in the match too, in particular Sofia’s Wheelbarrow Armdrag and Natalya’s surfboard. The ending was a little weird but I guess the story behind it is Natalya knew she had her work cut out and rather suffer a potential pinfall loss, why not lull Sofia into a false sense of security and strike with a Sharpshooter when she wasn’t expecting it. The end made the greatest Canadian since Trish still look strong whilst giving Sofia a nice rub that she can use in the future, as she’s going to be the one sticking around on NXT after all. I would definitely like to see these two square off again and I’m sure we will once Sofia has been promoted to the main roster.

Next up this week is actually the Death Slot as due the fact I will be categorizing all of RAW’s segments as our Main Event, there is nothing to put in Midcard Mediocrity this week. So who ended up in the Death Slot this week? Sadly, it’s the TNA Knockouts. After a week of inactivity, we got a tag team match this week featuring ‘Hardcore Country’ Mickie James and our favourite Widow’s Peak Freak Tara vs. Queen Madison Rayne and ninja-esque Gail Kim. Earl Hebner has been enlisted as the referee so how will his relationship with Madison affect the match? Let’s find out shall we?


My Thoughts: What on earth was that pinfall that ended the match? That is honestly the messiest thing I have ever seen since Chyna’s attempt to sing karaoke back in 2006! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-SDWy1V7Jg) Whilst yes, it plays into the whole Madison and Earl love story, Mickie BLATANTLY got her shoulder up whilst Madison’s didn’t get off the mat at all. If Madison got hers up and Mickie’s stayed down, whilst no part of Madison’s body was over Mickie, I still would have accepted that as a possible finish yet the way this came off was horrendous and is therefore my WTH Moment of the Week. Thankfully when the match is a Fatal 4 Way next week, I’m sure it will be much better. We will see Gail vs. Madison potentially when they both are desperate to get the win and Mickie and Tara’s interaction will also be stellar as when they’ve squared off in the past, it’s been nothing short of epic.

Now we’re onto this week’s Main Event! It hasn’t taken a long journey for us to get here but think of it as travelling across a short rainbow and now we have reached a massive pot of gold! RAW featured possibly the greatest backstage segment ever featuring AJ and Divas Champion Layla, AJ’s wedding to Daniel Bryan, Trish Stratus getting into some familiar positions backstage with Triple H, the return of a certain Billion Dollar Princess and we even got a match involving the legend that is Lita! So much to get on with so first, let’s see the antics between AJ and Layla.


My Thoughts: When this started, I honestly didn’t think it would be as legendary as it has become. It started off with Layla being able to showcase some of her comedic and slightly goofy personality which I really enjoyed and then Jim Duggan turned up. Just when I thought things would turn sour, we got the first stroke of genius as Roddy Piper and R-Truth were jump roping with Little Jimmy! The expressions on AJ and Layla’s faces were priceless and then I literally laughed out loud at the next part featuring Mae Young and her hand ‘son’. I honestly applaud who wrote that as it was bloody brilliant and I legit laughed out loud watching it at 1:30am in the morning and I woke my mum up, sorry Mum! Brilliant start the RAW’s Diva proceedings. We got side-splitting humour and WWE seemingly haven’t forgotten about their Divas Champion.

Next up there was another backstage segment that reminisced on a storyline from yesteryear as Trish Stratus and Triple H got stretchy.


My Thoughts: Not exactly PG but it was pretty funny! Who can forget when Stephanie walked in on a bent-over Trish back in the Attitude era?! DX’s involvement in this was really funny as well as although unusual to see Trish in such a small capacity; it was fantastic to see her nevertheless.

The next segment of interest on RAW 1000 was the wedding of Daniel Bryan and AJ. Will these two get married? Will anyone protest these two living in holy wedded matrimony? Will we realise why Daniel has had such a U-turn when it comes to AJ? So many questions and a very shocking outcome. Before we all burst, let’s click the link!


My Thoughts: In the immortal words of Booker T, OH MY GOODNESS! AJ is the General Manager of RAW? That is definitely my OMG of the Week and possibly the biggest OMG moment I’ve ever had. I was not expecting this at all and yet again, WWE have surprised everyone when it comes to AJ and her developments. Whilst I don’t see her wrestling as much now, at least we will get her on TV every week without fail. With Daniel Bryan gunning for revenge and Eve and Vickie still sticking their noses up every time they see AJ, there is certain to be some nice stories coming up. Also, with a woman in charge, will we be getting Divas action and storylines every week on RAW? I seriously hope so and they don’t all have to be centered around the Divas Title, although that would be even better. Fingers crossed for RAW 1001 onwards!

So we’re about half way through the Divas segments on RAW 1000 so that means we’ve got plenty more to recap and mark out over! Next up, things got very personal between Triple H and Paul Heyman and matters got even juicier when a certain Stephanie McMahon showed up. Still as stunning as ever, the fine wine like Stephanie had lots to say to Paul Heyman. What business went down? Cue Lil’ Kim!


My Thoughts: THE BITCH IS BACK and I hope she sticks around for the rest of this feud! Stephanie’s mic skills are up there with the greatest and her slap was epic, her bizarre fight with Heyman was epic and everything about her is epic! I love how she was all like “I don’t care that I have a dress on, I’m going to kick some arse!” Stephanie provoking Paul should have had nothing to do with making Brock fight HHH as frankly, it doesn’t make sense but still, least we got to see Daddy’s Little Girl! Oh and Brock, shouting “F**K OFF” isn’t PG. Not to take the crown away from Whitney Houston (R.I.P) but Stephanie was definitely the Queen of the Night tonight!

Finally, we have the return of Lita! (OMG IKR?) In a segment with Legend Magnet Heath Slater, Lita answered his challenge for a NO DQ, NO Countout match. However, Lita didn’t come alone. Let’s see the final Main Event happening of the Week!


My Thoughts: Whilst the selection of ‘Legends’ was hotchpotch to say the least, this was a very feel good segment. I love how Sgt. Slaughter was randomly there despite not facing Heath Slater at all but I suppose he is actually the biggest legend of all who was there, so we’ll let him off! Lita got an excellent reaction from the crowd and she looked stunning. Yet another fine wine like woman, WWE hire them well! And is it just me or is that one of the best moonsaults she has ever done? She certainly hasn’t missed a trick and I’ll be pining over her for the foreseeable future.

Well there you have this week’s edition of WWW and I hope you enjoyed looking at stars of the future in Sofia Cortez whilst checking out blasts from the past in the form of Trish and Lita. Now onto people who could have been potential stars of the future yet sadly, either their company or themselves are wanting to take a break.

First up, I’d like to address Kharma’s release from WWE. I am unaware of the circumstances in Kia’s life right now yet if the internet is to be believed, she was ready to return and WWE just didn’t have anything for her. How can you not have a storyline for one of the Top 5 wrestlers in America? Are you for real? Kia herself has since said that just because she is gone from the WWE now, it doesn’t mean she won’t be back, so with her saying this, I believe that she was also partly responsible for her release and perhaps she has left on good terms and hopes to return when she’s ready. I am one of her biggest supporters so I wish her well and hope that one day, WWE get the ball rolling with her once again.

The second release I would like to address is Velvet Sky being granted her release from TNA. The former Knockouts Champ has stated that it is what is best for her right now so as long as she’s happy, that’s the main thing. It’s not like TNA were doing much with her anyway yet losing what is perhaps their most popular Knockout is a major loss, and I’ll miss her letting the pigeon’s loose every week. Is it a coincidence that both Velvet and Angelina have been granted their releases at a similar time? Who knows, we may see he Beautiful People on WWE TV sooner than we expect.

To quote a cartoon that I never liked in Looney Tunes, that’s all folks. How will RAW 1001 pan out and what will AJ get up to in her first night as GM? Will Layla get an appearance on RAW for the 2nd time in two weeks? Considering its 3 hours, I’d be fuming if she doesn’t. Until next week, I hope you have a good ‘un!

— Jack