Matches that will be on WWE’s ‘Legends Of Mid-South Wrestling’ DVD



The Mid South DVD, called “Legends of Mid South Wrestling,” will be released on 9/10.

Matches includes:

- Ted DiBiase vs. Paul Orndorff

- Andre the Giant & Dusty Rhodes & Junkyard Dog vs. The Samoans & Ernie Ladd

- DiBiase vs. Jim Duggan Coal Miner’s Glove Tuxedo street fight loser leaves town cage match (famous match from Houston and best match of Duggan’s career)

- JYD vs. Butch Reed street fight

- A series of Rock & Roll Express vs. Midnight Express matches

- DiBiase vs. Michaels (Michaels as a rookie job guy)

- Rick Steiner vs. Nick Patrick

- Flair vs. DiBiase (their famous TV match that Dick Murdoch attacked DiBiase before the match and they did a double turn)

- The Blade Runners squash (Ultimate Warrior & Sting as a tag team)

- Terry Gordy vs. Duggan,

- DiBiase & Steve Williams vs. Freebirds lumberjack match

- Gordy vs. Williams

- Williams vs. Big Bubba Rogers and One Man Gang vs. Big Bubba Rogers.

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