presents: Wrestlemania 30 for 30 – Wrestlemania XIV

30for30Wrestlemania 30 for 30 talks of the show that saved the WWF – Wrestlemania XIV from 1998 – the show that began the Attitude Era! We review the entire show in GRAPHIC DETAIL, plus spend a considerable amount of time talking about the history and importance of Mike Tyson, the Monday Night War and WCW’s biggest PPV ever, a brief look at the Montreal Screwjob, AND we talk about the Raw the NIGHT AFTER MANIA – the greatest reset show in the history of the business. In depth bios on all your favorites including the ROCK N ROLL EXPRESS, the return of the NWA in 1998, LOD 2000, Foley and Funk, and SO MUCH MORE ITS UNCONTROLLABLE!

Bombastic J and Bodacious G join the Emperor Big D as always…

Listen to the show here:

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