PRESS RELEASE: OWW and CAGEMATCH announce a strategic partnership

CagematchPRESS RELEASE: OWW and CAGEMATCH announce a strategic partnership!

Dear wrestling fans around the globe, Online World of Wrestling (OWW) and CAGEMATCH, the internet wrestling database, would like to inform you that we have entered into a mutually beneficial partnership with the goal of improving your experience as a wrestling fan.

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AJ Styles wrestling seminar Saturday April 12, 2014 in Meadville, PA

AJ Styles 5AJ Styles wrestling seminar Saturday April 12, 2014 in Meadville, PA!

Learn ring technique, psychology, and character development from former multiple-time World Champion and one of the most impressive athletes of our era, AJ Styles! Taking place this Saturday, April 12 in northwest Pennsylvania at the Meadville Area High School Gymnasium! Cost is $40 to attend, please email or message Joe Dombrowski on Facebook to reserve a spot/get more information or visit presents “Painter puts World Wrestling Champions on Canvas” by Mike Mooneyham

Mike MCourtesy of writer Mike Mooneyham:

Rob Schamberger didn’t know much about pro wrestling when he caught his first televised mat show nearly 16 years ago.

He was 18 years old, doing laundry at his parents’ house, and his stepfather was flipping through channels.

When he stumbled upon a station where “Nature Boy” Ric Flair was cutting a promo, Schamberger immediately ceased what he was doing.

“My stepfather had been a fan back in the ’60s and ’70s here in Kansas City. He would go to Memorial Hall every Thursday night and watch guys like Bob Geigel, Bulldog Bob Brown, Harley Race and Sonny Myers,” Schamberger explains.

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Justin Credible discusses his favorite WWE WrestleMania moments

justin_credibleFormer ECW Champion and WWE Superstar Justin Credible has published a new column at Credible discusses his favorite WWE WrestleMania moments.

Here are some highlights from his article:

“WrestleMania 17. This was my favorite WrestleMania for many reasons. The main event was a dream match. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. The Rock. These guys were the two biggest wrestlers of the “Attitude Era”. The build for this match was also masterful. Then on the other side of the spectrum It was my first appearance at WrestleMania. I had been to WrestleMania’s before during my Aldo days, but never performed. The show was held at Reliant Stadium in front of 67,000 fans. Even though it was on the pre show I got to go out, and wrestle on the WrestleMania stage. When the X Factor music hit I went through the curtain, and I couldn’t believe the sea of people. As I’m walking down the huge ramp to the ring I couldn’t help but think I made my dreams come true. The match was ok. I never got that big Mania moment, but for that moment I made it full circle. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. The rest of the card speaks for itself, but WrestleMania 17 was Justin Credible.”
You can read Justin Credible’s column “The Justin Credible Report” in its entirety at this link.

“Finding Zach Gowen” official trailer released – Available worldwide starting this Friday

zachgowen“Finding Zach Gowen” Official Trailer Released – Available Worldwide & In New Orleans Starting This Friday

View the “Finding Zach Gowen” trailer featuring Zach Gowen, Jimmy Jacobs, Truth Martini, Rhino, Paul London, Jimmy Korderas, Brian Gorie, and more here:

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Anarchy Wrestling TV taping report: March 22, 2014

anarchyAnarchy Wrestling TV taping report: March 22, 2014

The crowd was down a bit from 3-8 for the 3-22 TV taping, the last before Hardcore Hell on March 29, but they were loud and involved all evening.

Miss Rachael brought out the Laredo Kid claiming he was another victim of Todd Sexton’s jealousy and manipulation that now crossed national borders in it’s reach.  Todd Sexton made quick work of the Laredo Kid.  Postmatch BJ Hancock then a returning Joey Rhymer attacked Sexton until Brody Chase ran them off.

CB Suave def Seth Delay.  It was announced that Suave would defend the TV Title against his former partner Tommy Penirelli, the man he beat for the title, at Hardcore Hell.

In a battle of the 5 Star King vs The Best in Georgia, Anthony Henry def Shane Marx

Bobby Moore def Shaun Tempers with Jeff G Bailey by countout so Tempers retained the Young Lions Title.  Ace Rockwell and Slim J were at ringside distracting both Moore & Tempers throughout the match.  Postmatch it was announced that Tempers will defend the Young Lions Title against Bobby Moore, Slim J & Ace Rockwell at Hardcore Hell.  Bailey said that Tempers had to be pinned or submit to lose, and that if he pinned or submitted any of the other 3 match was over.  And if any of the other pin or submitted someone other than Tempers, he was eliminated and match would continue.

Brandon Parker def “Dynamite Soul” Eric Walker

Lars Manderson & Alex Avgerinos with Brody Chase def Vandal & Kameron Kade

Mike Posey requested he be announced as the uncrowned Anarchy Champion, and said that at Hardcore Hell he would team with Corey Hollis & John Skyler against any 3 wrestlers.  Ace Rockwell def Mike Posey.  Postmatch Seth Delay accepted Posey’s Hardcore Hell challenge and said he’d team with Steven Walters & Billy Buck.

Washington Bullets claimed that Nemesis was injured (at their hand) and Shadow Jackson was home dealing with various age related issues, and that they had no competition.   Washington Bullets (Jon & Trey Williams) def BJ Hancock & Joey Rhymer with Miss Rachel by DQ when Shadow Jackson holding a baseball bat attacked the Williams Brothers when they were outside of the ring and ran them out of the building.  Todd Sexton and Brody Chase, who had been on commentary, then hot the ring attacked BJ Hancock & Joey Rhymer and drove them to the floor.  Sexton announced that he would face BJ Hancock at Hardcore Hell in a Street Fight with Brody Chase handcuffed to Miss Rachael.  Shadow Jackson returned to the ring, grabbed the mike from Sexton and challenged the Washington Bullets to face Himself & Nemesis for the Anarchy Tag Team Titles at Hardcore Hell.

Also at Hardcore Hell on March 29, Se7en with Jeff G Bailey faces Stryknyn, and in the Main Event Mikael Judas defends the Anarchy Heavyweight Title again Iceberg & Geter in a no DQ match.

Former ECW champion Justin Credible suggests CM Punk wrestle Vince McMahon at WrestleMania

justin_credibleFormer ECW Champion and WWE Superstar Justin Credible has published a new column at Credible discusses the road to WrestleMania 30, reacts to Monday’s RAW, brings up a crazy way to talk CM Punk into a match at WrestleMania, Sting and more.

Here are some highlights from his article:

“John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt is also starting to pick up steam. I like that Cena is selling his fear, and insecurities. I’m tired of the Cena superman act, and I think this is a logical step to take. I believe Cena will make Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania. If Bray is up for the challenge, and holds up his end of the match.

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Kevin Sullivan and Shane Douglas team up for a seminar March 29, 2014 in Clayton, NC

Seminar“The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan and “The Franchise” Shane Douglas will be teaming up this Saturday afternoon, March 29 at Clayton Fitness in Clayton, NC, giving wrestlers, promoters, writers, and fans a unique chance to learn from two of the greats and ask any questions they may have at a Seminar/Q&A they will be hostingfrom 2-4 p.m. Single admission will be $40 and the two will also be doing autographs and photo ops included with your admission price. For further info or advanced tickets, email

Famous belt maker Rico Mann joins CAC Radio

CAC Radio logoFamous belt maker Rico Mann joins CAC Radio!

Join CAC Executive Board Member Morgan Dollar and his radio cohost David Buckler as they welcome Mr. Rico Mann to the program. Rico talks about his partnership with Dave Millican and Reggie Parks and how they have created championship belts for the world’s largest wrestling promotions. Rico also talks about working with superstars such as Madonna and KISS, the one-of-a-kind CAC Honoree belt they donate to the club every year. and how much he enjoys coming to the CAC Reunion. In addition, Morgan and David spend some time discussing the 2014 award nominees, William Moody’s inclusion in the WWE Hall of Fame, and much more. We hope you enjoy the program!

Check out and for more information on these great championship belts!

Stay in touch with Rico Mann on Facebook at /Rico Mann and Twitter @RicoMann.