• When Jesse Ventura Was Governor

    Remember when a former professional wrestler got himself elected as the governor of a major state?

  • Happy Memorial Day!

    If you celebrated Memorial Day today...we hope that you had a great day with your loved ones!

  • Ray Rowe discusses Ring of Honor, WWE, and more

    One half of Ring of Honor’s War Machine, Ray Rowe recently took some time to participate in an interview with PWMania.com.

  • Candy Carthwright

    Title History: INSERT Career Highlights: November 28, 2008 – FTW: Candy Carthwright defeated Mel Sanchez. September 11, 2010 – FTW: Divina Fly defeated Candy Carthwright....

  • Mick Foley through the years

    Take a look at Mick Foley through the years, including some pictures from his youth that he provided to Newsday.

  • Evie

    Title History PWWA women’s title defeating Jessie McKay in a tournament (August 25, 2012); Stardom: Artist of Stardom titles w Hiroyo Matsumoto and Kellie Skater defeating Io...

  • Happy Easter from OWW!

    All of us here at Online World of Wrestling wish you and your families a wonderful Easter holiday.

  • Kay Lee Ray

    Title History: ICW Fierce Females title defeating Viper in a tournament (May 4, 2013); SWE Speed King title defeating Martin Kirby (August 9, 2014); SWE...

  • Thunderkitty

    Title History: Career Highlights: March 15, 2009 – SBW: Johnny Webb and Red-Headed Stepchild defeated The Nobodies (May and Pinky). August 22, 2009 – XPW: Christina Von Eerie,...

  • Grado

    Title History: SWA tag team titles w Glen Dunbar winning a tournament (August 20, 2005); SWA tag team titles w Glen Dunbar defeating Darkside and...