WWE.com presents: “The top 30 matches in WrestleMania history”

WWE 30Courtesy of WWE.com:

WWE.com presents: “The top 30 matches in WrestleMania history”!

Nothing is more replenishing to the soul of a sports-entertainment fan than WrestleMania, and with good reason: More great matches have happened there than at any other event.

So, it was with a heavy obligation that a crosssection of editors at WWE.com attempted to rank the 30 best showdowns to take place at The Grandest Stage of Them All. The criteria was an imprecise mashup of match quality, big-fight feel and historical significance. And let’s face it: You just know a great match when you see one.

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As difficult as it was to compare, for example, Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant with Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart and not question whether the two bouts belong to different genres altogether, the task was shouldered, and what follows is a list of WrestleMania classics that are all stellar, regardless of the number beside it.

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TMZ reports that ABC’s “Goldbergs” is planning an Ultimate Warrior tribute


Courtesy of TMZ.com:

ABC Sitcom Planning Tribute to WWE Star

The guy behind the ABC sitcom “The Goldbergs” is a hardcore Ultimate Warrior fan — which is why he’s dedicating an upcoming episode of the show to his childhood hero … TMZ has learned.

We spoke with creator Adam Goldberg who tells us he was heartbroken when he heard about Warrior’s death earlier this month and desperately wanted to pay homage to his idol.

Goldberg says it just so happened his staff was working on an ’80s wrestling themed episode — so it seemed like a perfect fit.

“With the help of fans on Twitter, I was able to get in touch with [Warrior's] family and I’m thrilled to dedicate the May 6th episode to him.”

“It’s my way of saying thank you for being the coolest hero a kid could ever have.”

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2014/04/21/ultimate-warrior-the-goldbergs-abc-tribute/#ixzz2zXRXH8RZ

WWE Diva Emma talks about making it to the main roster, the Performance Center, and more

Emma 2Courtesy of http://www.heraldsun.com.au:

THE purple spotlights flare, the techno beat pulses and the audience rises to its feet.

She emerges out of a cloud of soap bubbles, stomping her feet in time with the music while dancing a jerky, straight-armed movement of her own creation.

Her smile is infectious — the audience, already mimicking her one-of-a-kind dance routine, is swept up in her enthusiasm and chants her name.

She is Emma, sports entertainment superstar, and the adoring masses are all members of her “Emmalution”, poised to take over WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

Beneath the character, 24-year-old Melbourne native Tenille Dashwood, 24, lives out the dream she has chased since the age of 13.

“It’s crazy, I feel amazing even though it’s still completely surreal,” she says of her rise through the ranks of professional wrestling.

“I’m very lucky to be able to live the life that’s everything I ever wanted, to have made that possible for myself, and to be actually doing it.”

Tenille in the ring as her character Emma for WWE.

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Bodybuilder Matt Dawson describes his experience at the WWE Performance Center

performance centerPhoto courtesy of www.onthegoinmco.com:


Incredible experience, but the most difficult thing I have EVER done, as far as athletics go.

I arrived in Orlando on Wednesday evening.  Met my roommate and several others who were attending the camp at the car rental place inside the airport.  We got our car and headed back to the hotel to unpack.  Several of us then went out to eat, and turned in pretty early, as we knew we were about to go through hell.

Hell just might be an understatement.  We arrived to the WWE Performance Center at 7:30am, as we did not want to be late for the 8am start time.  We checked in and immediately had full physicals to ensure we were all healthy enough for the camp.  I measured in at 6? 2 3/4? and 282lbs.  I was the second largest athlete there.  There was somebody they brought in from Russia who was at least 6’4? and 320lbs.

There was 30 of us in total.  20 of the guys were experienced “professional” style wrestlers, who have been doing this type of wrestling for years and years (some as long as 10 years).  They were professional wrestlers from Japan, and various countries around Europe, as well as the US.  These are the people who have worked their entire lives and are 100% dedicated for the sole purpose of making it into the WWE.  Almost all of them have impressive amateur athletic backgrounds, from All State and All American amateur wrestlers, football, track and field and other athletic endeavors.  Several of them even majored in theater while in college for the sole purpose of trying to make it into the WWE.

The other 10 of us were referred to as “athletes.”  We have no “professional” style wrestling experience at all, but all have extremely various athletic backgrounds ranging from former NFL football players, All American amateur wrestlers, bodybuilders, powerlifters, Olympic bobsledders, All American college football players and even All American gymnasts.

I was extremely impressed with the coaches, as they knew ALL of us right when we walked in.  They definitely did their homework as they knew our entire athletic backgrounds and all of our previous experiences.  For all you wrestling fans, the coaches were Bill Demott, William Regal, Billy Gunn, Dean Malenko, Normal Smiley, Matt Bloom (Prince Albert) and several others.

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Diamond Dallas Page, JJ Dillon, Kevin Sullivan, Ken Shamrock and more joined WGD Weekly’s recent tribute to the Ultimate Warrior

ultimate_warrior_2Diamond Dallas Page, JJ Dillon, Kevin Sullivan, Ken Shamrock and more joined Steve and The Scum of WGD Weekly for a tribute to the Ultimate Warrior.

Below are some highlights from DDP (courtesy of LordsofPain.net):

His Nancy Grace appearance:
“…I almost got up and walked away, but if I would’ve done that how would that look for wrestling? I was just like, Nancy, he hasn’t wrestled in eighteen years, what are you talking about?”

Warrior in WCW:
“…On his first day in WCW, when he came to the arena, at some point, he had someone grab me and Goldberg and brought us to meet him. He wanted to meet us…so, we go over to his locker room, and he gives us a big hug and he says, ‘guys, I just want you to know, I’ve been watching, and I’m loving your energy and you two guys are the reason why I want to get back in the ring.’ So, for me, I don’t know about Bill, but for me, that’s a pretty big deal…that was pretty cool, and if you followed all the way through, when I was the driver ( at WrestleMania 6), Diamond Dallas Page, chauffeur, I hadn’t even made it to WCW as a manager yet…I’m there when he is going for the World title against Hogan, and then the match that he ends up going against Hogan again at Halloween Havoc, I’m going for the World title against Goldberg, it was pretty crazy.” Continue reading

WWE.com showcases Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella’s wedding in Arizona

weddiing_642Courtesy of WWE.com:

SEDONA, Ariz. – Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella were married [recently] in a magical ceremony in front of friends, family, Superstars and Divas! The WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the “Total Divas” star’s nuptials were captured by E!’s cameras for the hit reality show’s Season 2 finale later this spring. Eonline.com broke the wedding news earlier today.

Guests joined the happy couple at L’Auberge de Sedona resort and spa, including John Cena, Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, Jimmy Uso and “Total Divas” cast members Cameron, Naomi, Natalya and Eva Marie. Nikki Bella was maid of honor for her sister.

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Maria talks to PWMania.com about CM Punk, ROH, NXT, and much more

Maria KMaria talks to PWMania.com about CM Punk, ROH, NXT, and much more!

Former WWE Diva and first Lady of Ring of Honor, Maria Kanellis recently took some time to participate in an exclusive in-depth interview with PWMania.com. Maria spoke on a variety of subjects from her favorite wrestler growing up, the CM Punk and WWE situation, WWE & NXT’s Divas, her future and more. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Favorite Wrestler Growing Up: My favorite female wrestler was Lita. I think it’s incredible to know she’s getting inducted this year. She gave me a strong female role model. My mom was a great woman, but my dad was always the king of the castle, so to speak. Lita was a strong female and did what she pleased and I admired that.

WWE & NXT Divas: I think they have great female talents nowadays. AJ and Natalya are great wrestlers. Paige in NXT can hang with any of the guys there. So I don’t think WWE is lacking when it comes to women talents. I hope the girls get more and more time to get into the spotlight because of how good they are becoming. Continue reading