Wrestler AJ Kirsch discusses his career on ‘Larry King Now’

AJ Kirsch

Wrestler A.J. Kirsch talks to television host Larry King about his wrestling career, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and his experience on Tough Enough.


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OWW Radio – Wrestling star A.J. Kirsch

OWW Radio

Welcome to OWW Radio!  Each week hosts David (@dlb19338) and Alex (@AlexGoff84) will provide perspective to the WWE, TNA, and everything else making news in the world of professional wrestling.   A new episode will be posted each week.  This week David and Alex are joined by wrestling star A.J. Kirsch (@AJKirsch).  They discuss A.J.’s career, including his time on WWE’s Tough Enough, his bracket on TNA’s Gut Check challenge, his upcoming interview with Larry King, and much more!

A.J.’s contact information:

  • Facebook: /AJKirsch
  • Facebook fan page: /AJKirschFan
  • Twitter: @AJKirsch
  • YouTube: IAmAJKirsch
  • Tout: /AJKirsch

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