Is Chris Jericho returning to the WWE soon?

Chris Jericho 3Is Chris Jericho returning to the WWE soon?  The Winnipeg Sun in Canada may have spoiled Chris Jericho’s WWE return. They wrote the following today:

“Chris Jericho is bringing the WWE to Winnipeg.

The World Tour is coming to MTS Centre March 7.

Other stars coming to Winnipeg include CM Punk, Big Show, R-Truth, The Miz and Daniel Bryan.

Tickets will be available on and Ticketmaster, but are not yet for sale.”

There has been no word from WWE or Jericho about a return. In recent interviews and Twitter comments, Jericho maintains that he is not returning any time soon.

Chris Jericho talks 3rd book, CM Punk, Fandango, and more with Arda Ocal

Chris Jericho 3Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) caught up with Fozzy lead singer and WWE Superstar Chris Jericho (@IAmJericho).

Here are the highlights:

- How Fozzy audiences are becoming more and more music/metal fans as opposed to the WWE Universe coming to see Chris Jericho

- Will he ever only adopt a part time “PPV only” schedule

- Does Chris Jericho look at the WWE locker room and say “I can make these guys coming up a star”

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Recent Chris Jericho interview

Chris Jericho 3Courtesy of

This past Thursday, Chris Jericho joined Inside The Ropes to talk about his 2013 run in WWE. Here are the highlights from the interview:

On his mindset during WWE comebacks and fear of being a nostalgia act: It’s never been a nostalgia thing for me. It’s always been the way, that I try to re-invent myself, even from week to week when you’re full time because people watch you every Monday for years and years. So if you have the same look, the same hair, the same costume, the same tights, the same moves, it gets boring. So I always try to recreate myself and reinvent what I was doing. When I came back in 2013, I didn’t really know what to expect and suddenly I was in this role where I was doing some of the best work of my career. So it’s fresh, because you’re working with new guys and I’ve obviously got a big well that I can go into if I wanna use some stuff that I’ve done before. I’m not the type of guy that looks back to the past too much. I don’t watch my own stuff, I definitely don’t have all these memories of “I did this, then I did this and then I did this” I just remember a time frame. Like I’m writing my third book right now and I’m writing about the Shawn Michaels-Jericho feud from 2008 and I don’t remember the specifics. I actually had to go online and find a timeline of some of the stuff cos I’ve never watched it because once it’s done it’s done and you move onto the next thing. So I don’t really think too much about it, I just come back, do what I do and make sure I perform at the level that I’ve set for myself and once I can’t do that then I won’t come back, at all.

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Recent Chris Jericho interview

Chris Jericho 4Chris Jericho discussed Fandango‘s character during an interview with Hooked on Wrestling:

“I think probably when I did Dancing with the Stars Vince probably watched it and thought all the dancers looked gay and thought they’d make a great heel. This is his his new pet project. He loves it. He’s rolled with it from the start and now it’s getting over to a degree- I don’t know if he’s more over or the song is over, but at least there’s a reaction.

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Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho sign new deals wth WWE

BrockSource: is reporting that both Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar have signed new WWE contracts. Jericho has signed a short-term deal which will see him compete on WWE shows through WrestleMania 29. PWInsider adds that Jericho was kept hidden in a bus until his time was up for the Rumble to keep the element of surprise. He left WWE this past August to tour with his band Fozzy. Meanwhile, former WWE and UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar also penned a new – and most likely a multi-million dollar – deal with WWE. His one-year limited appearance contract through WrestleMania 29 has been extended for another two years, keeping him around through WrestleMania 31.

This thread is located at: presents the 25 wildest ring animals of all time!

Courtesy of

“Lionhearts”, Tiger Jacksons and Bearcat Wrights, oh my: has stumbled into the zoological sub-genre of sports-entertainment.

Dating back to the squared circle’s “pioneer era” and the likes of “Russian Lion” Georg Hackenschmidt, extending all the way through to present day, Superstars have repeatedly turned to beasts of the wild for inspiration in devising new methods of intimidation.

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Recent Chris Jericho interview

David Dexter reports that Chris Jericho appeared on Wrestling Voice Radio with Duane Doogan (available on, iTunes and Stitcher Radio).

Highlights from the interview are as follows:

Does he believe there is an attitude of ‘if you’re not with us, you’re against us’ within the WWE: “I don’t think it’s a vicious thing, I think there is just so much going on in the WWE at all times, so many angles, stories, it’s kind of out of sight, out of mind. If they had their way, I’m sure everybody who ever worked there would be working for them. If that was the case you’d have Steve Austin, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart and every single person only working for them but guys move on and branch out and sometimes they support that, sometimes they don’t.”

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