WNS Podcast – Episode #116 with guest: Diamond Dallas Page


BANG! In this week’s episode (#116), the WNS Podcast Crew welcome “Diamond” Dallas Page to the show to discuss the success of DDP Yoga, the revival of Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Scott Hall, and more, including a touching Randy Savage story toward the end of the show!

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Jake “The Snake” Roberts in the ‘Accountability Crib’

Newsday spent 24 hours in the ‘Accountability Crib,’ where former WCW champ Diamond Dallas Page is working to change the life of pro wrestling legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

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Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts speaks on moving in with Diamond Dallas Page

This article was published on November 20, 2012 by JOSH STEWART / josh.stewart@newsday.com

Jake “The Snake” Roberts walked around an Atlanta yard on a recent Saturday afternoon enjoying simplicity.

Texas A&M was on its way to upsetting No. 1 Alabama, so the Gainesville, Texas native was getting his way on TV. But the former WWE Superstar was enjoying his own little unexpected victory. He figures he had walked a couple of miles that day — just living life — when months earlier a 50-foot walk would have been an exhausting task due to COPD and he would’ve needed help getting up if he went to the floor to even try and exercise.

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