GUEST AUTHOR: “A Match To The Death: Mental Health Issues Among Professional Wrestlers”

pro-wrestlingA Match To The Death: Mental Health Issues Among Professional Wrestlers

Since 1970, a growing number of pro wrestler deaths have not been due to natural causes. Accidents, drug or alcohol abuse, and in more recent times, suicides, have been steadily contributing to their untimely demise. Have the physical and personal demands of the industry, taken its toll on their mental health? From gunshot wounds, drug overdoses or other self-inflicted means, over 20 known pro wrestlers have taken their own lives. Aside from their professions and affiliations in the world of wrestling, what did these men and women “of the ring,” have in common? Earlier this year, the shocking news of Reid Fliehr’s death, baffled the world. He had just returned home from an all Japan wrestling tour, which he had been involved with since 2008, when was found dead in a North Carolina hotel room. The autopsy report revealed Reid overdosed on a lethal combination of heroin and prescription medications. His father, former 16 Time World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion, Ric Flair, along with the rest of the family, grieve the loss.

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