Recent Mike Mondo interview writer Daniel Pena reports that Mike Mondo, formerly Mikey of The Spirit Squad joined Inside The Ropes this past week to talk about his career.  Highlights from theinterview are as follows:

How he ended up as part of The Spirit Squad: “Originally I wasn’t supposed to be in the Spirit Squad. It was gonna be Kenny, Dolph Ziggler, Mitch and I believe, Elijah Burke. It was those 4. That was who it was planned for. But from what I was told, Elijah Burke, didn’t want to take on the role, I don’t know why. I was at home for the holidays, Tommy Dreamer called me. He was in the office at the time. Tommy got me my job with WWE and got me hired. A lot of the office didn’t want to hire me. John Laurinaitis said he didn’t see any money in me. He was like “yeah he can work but OK, so what how can we make money with him?” Dreamer told me to come to New Jersey when RAW was in town. He told me he had a spot for me on the Spirit Squad. He took me in front of Stephanie and she took a look at me and said “Yeah, that’ll work” and I was in the group.”

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