Bob’s Random Rumblings – ROH 11th Anniversary Show 2013 Predictions

Random Rumblings

Tonight, ROH returns to internet pay per view with their 11th Anniversary Show. Here is the card along with my predictions for the event.

Six Man Mayhem:
QT Marshall vs. ACH vs. Silas Young vs. Mike Sydal vs. Adam Page vs Tadarius Thomas

All these men were involved in the tournament to determine a number one contender for the ROH Television Championship and all came up short, obviously. I’m a fan of Silas Young who has had several memorable matches with ROH guys in other independent promotions (AAW). However, I’m thinking that they will push ACH on this show. He just signed a contract with the promotion and is quite popular among the fans. So, he gets the win here.

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ROH Ringside – Issue #8

ROH Ringside

Last issue I spoke about the tournament that determined the final four wrestlers that will battle to be Ring of Honor’s first ever Champion. In this issue I want to talk about the actual final itself; a Four-way Sixty-Minute Iron-Man Match. The competitors? Christopher Daniels, Doug Doug, Spanky and Low Ki. What you must keep in mind, is that each pin is two points and each wrestler that is pinned gets minus one points. Unique, but interesting.

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How “ROH champ vs. DGUSA champ” was Booked – by Arda Ocal


Editor’s Note:  The following article appeared in a recent edition of the Baltimore Sun.

2013 began with a very unique occurrence in the world of pro wrestling. On Jan. 6 in Toronto, Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate USA, two very well-respected outfits among professional wrestling fans, saw both their champions in the same ring, facing off against each other.

It wasn’t exactly as expected. The match that was promoted by independent wrestling outfit Smash Wrestling was to be a 1-on-1 non-title encounter between Kevin Steen (ROH champ) and Johnny Gargano (DGUSA champ). Instead, it became a tag team contest between Steen and Tyson Dux vs. Gargano and “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea.

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ROH Ringside – Issue #6

In issue number four, I talked about the first R.O.H. show (“Era of Honor begins”). Now I wanted to talk about their second show, however, overall since this show does not have anything super spectacular about it, except for a couple of matches I decided to focus this issue on the mini-feud between Christopher Daniels, Low Ki and American Dragon Bryan Danielson (damnit, took me three tries to get his name write, because I’m actually getting used to Daniel Bryan), that happened during both the first and second R.O.H. show.

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ROH Ringside – Issue #5

I’m going to go a bit “off topic” in this article, and speak about something that caught my attention a few weeks ago. Now, as I mentioned before, I’m watching all the ROH Shows in order from the very beginning to get a good following and understanding of the entirety of  R.O.H. and its evolution. As I write this article, I’ve started watching the July 23rd, 2004 show “Death Before Dishonor 2 – Part 1”. Therefore I still have eight years of DVDs collect and watch, before getting up to date with today’s R.O.H., and of course taking into account that when I get to 2012, it will probably be 2016 thus four more years to collect, but that’s a different story. I am subscribed to R.O.H.’s YouTube account, and will watch some videos from them. I do check their website from time to time to look at stuff. However, I avoid watching results, reviews or any other type of “Spoilers” so that I can watch the current shows with as much “ignorance” as possible.

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Big change to ROH’s creative team

Hunter “Delirious” Johnston has taken over as the head of Ring of Honor‘s creative direction effective immediately. The ROH locker room was informed on Saturday at the promotion’s Rahway, NJ debut.

Jim Cornette and ROH came to a mutual decision on the change I am told. Cornette will remain with the company in a backstage role and will assist Johnson as well as working on production and logistics.

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Recent Roderick Strong interview

David Dexter reports that Roderick Strong talked with Zach Takes and Zach Grigg recently on Shotgun Wrestling RadioHere are the highlights:

On how he got his start: “My story is different that I got into wrestling, that my dad was a single dad and his buddy called him and asked him to be a pro wrestler. He said sure why not and they needed three students. He would take me over three times a week and it ended up being at Jim Neidhart’s house. Eventually, I just kept doing it and it was something to do in the off season when I wasn’t doing football. When the time came I decided to do this full time, I went to IPW to continue my training and work for them for the time being.”

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Recent interview with ROH wrestler Mike Bennett writer Daniel Pena reports that Ring of Honor wrestler Mike Bennett appeared on Kayfabe Wrestling Radio with Alan Wojcik (interview available at Highlights from the interview are as follows:

If banding together independents would help them as a whole and the state of independents as a whole today: “I think that’s would be a great idea and that would be wonderful. I think that’s the biggest problem with independent wrestling right now; with the exception of recently, that’s why the WWE didn’t look at independent wrestlers and independent promotions, because for every really good promotion, there was 10 or 20 really crappy promotions and I think it stems down to the ego of a lot of guys. They don’t know how to just shut up and know their role; if so-and-so gets mad at a promoter, and they go ‘Well, I’ll show you.”

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Bob’s Random Rumblings – Remember CM Punk as ROH Champion?

Reliving A Title Run: CM Punk’s reign as ROH World Heavyweight Champion in 2005

Ring of Honor has had only fifteen World Champions since the promotion debuted in February 2002. The champions include Low Ki, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Daniel Bryan (Brian Danielson), Homicide, Takeshi Morishima, Nigel McGuiness, Jerry Lynn, Tyler Black, Roderick Strong, Eddie Edwards, and Davey Richards.

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