Showcase Pro Wrestling to host Savio Vega Training and International Booking Seminar June 23, 2013

ShowcaseShowcase Pro Wrestling will host a Savio Vega Training and International Booking Seminar, Sunday June 23rd 9:30am to 12:30pm at Showcase Pro Wrestling Pro Wrestling Training Center 126 Main Street Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

Savio Vega is a 30 year veteran that has seen great success around the in Japan, United States, and Puerto Rico. Vega wrestled in the WWE for over Five years. His greatest rivals were Jeff Jarrett and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Vega soundly defeated Austin in a Caribbean Strap Match. Following the WWE Vega returned to Puerto Rico to wrestle and run IWA, also worked for TNA Wrestling as Talent Development, Road Agent for tevelson and Ring Ka King Program in India. Savio Vega now works for the biggest wrestling promotions in Puerto Rico, WWC.

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