WRESTLING GLOBE NEWSLETTER by Mike Aldren – January 12, 2013 edition



Mick Foley was announced Friday as the first name for this year’s WWE Hall of Fame class. Foley started rumors regarding his induction months ago stating if he were to be inducted he would rather it be this year with the induction ceremony taking place at Madison Square Garden. Foley, 47, attended shows in the Garden before going on to become a pro wrestler and one of the central figures during WWE’s Attitude Era when the company enjoyed its most profitable years. His induction coincides with the release of his new WWE DVD, “For All Mankind – Life & Career of Mick Foley”. Following the official announcement Foley tweeted, “Thanks to all of you who sent messages of congratulations, and to my fellow wrestlers, who have kept my cell phone jumping. It’s a big day!” Foley has said he would like Jim Ross or Terry Funk to induct him. Remaining Hall of Fame tickets go on sale today and by the time you read this will have sold out.

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