TNA Knockouts Title History

Champion Date Location Event
Gail Kim 10/14/07 Atlanta, GA Bound For Glory
Notes: Gail Kim won a Gauntlet Match to become the first TNA Women’s champion. The title would later become known as the TNA Knockout’s title!
Awesome Kong 01/10/08 Orlando, FL TNA IMPACT
Taylor Wilde 07/10/08 Orlando, FL TNA IMPACT
Notes: Taylor Wilde accepted the $25,000 Fans Challenge and defeated Awesome Kong for the TNA Knockout’s title.
Awesome Kong 10/23/08 Las Vegas, NV TNA IMPACT
Angelina Love 04/19/09 Philadelphia, PA Lockdown
Notes: Angelina Love defeated Awesome Kong and Taylor Wilde in a triple threat match inside the ‘Six Sides of Steel’ to win the TNA Knockout’s title.
Tara 07/07/09 Orlando, FL TNA IMPACT
Angelina Love 07/19/09 Orlando, FL Victory Road
Notes: Angelina Love defeated Tara after the Beautiful People offered sexual favors to referee Slick Johnson.
Cody Deaner 08/16/09 Orlando, FL Hard Justice
Notes: Cody Deaner and ODB defeated Angelina Love and Velvet Sky in a match where Love’s Knockout title was on the line.  Deaner pinned Sky to win the match and the title.
Notes: The Knockout title was held up and Cody Deaner was forced to wrestled ODB for the championship .
ODB 09/20/09 Orlando, FL No Surrender
Notes: ODB defeated Cody Deaner to win the vacant TNA Knockout title.
Tara 12/20/09 Orlando, FL Final Resolution
ODB 01/04/10 Orlando, FL TNA IMPACT
Tara 01/17/10 Orlando, FL Genesis
Angelina Love 04/05/10 Orlando, FL TNA IMPACT
Notes: Angelina Love won a special key in a Lockbox Showdown match which unlocked the box containing the TNA Knockout title!
Madison Rayne 04/18/10 St. Louis, MO Lockdown
Notes: TNA Knockout Tag Team champions The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne) defeated Tara and TNA Knockout champion Angelina Love in a steel cage match with all titles on the line – the finish saw Madison Rayne pin Tara to capture the TNA Knockout title!
Angelina Love 07/11/10 Orlando, FL Victory Road
Notes: Angelina Love won the TNA Knockout title on a disqualification after a mystery biker chick interfered on behalf of Madison Rayne. [DECISION REVERSED]
Angelina Love 08/12/10 Orlando, FL The Whole F’n Show
Notes: Angelina Love won the TNA Knockout title fair and square.
Tara 10/10/10 Daytona Beach, FL Bound For Glory
Notes: Tara defeated Angelina Love (c), Velvet Sky, and Madison Rayne in a four-corners match to win the TNA Knockout title. Tara was supposed to be helping Madison, but she pretty much won the match by accident.
Madison Rayne 10/14/10 Orlando, FL TNA IMPACT
Notes: Tara made good on her deal and laid down to allow Madison Rayne to pin her for the TNA Knockout title!
Mickie James 04/17/11 Cincinnati, OH Lockdown
Notes: Mickie James defeated Madison Rayne in a “hair vs. title” steel cage match to finally win the TNA Knockout title!
Winter 08/07/11 Orlando, FL Hardcore Justice
Mickie James 09/01/11 Huntsville, AL TNA IMPACT
Winter 09/11/11 Orlando, FL No Surrender
Velvet Sky 10/16/11 Philadelphia, PA Bound For Glory
Notes: Velvet Sky beat Winter (c), Mickie James, and Madison Rayne in a four-corners match to win the TNA Knockout title!
Gail Kim 11/13/11 Orlando, FL Turning Point
Miss Tessmacher 06/10/12 Arlington, TX Slammiversary
Madison Rayne 08/12/12 Orlando, FL Hardcore Justice
Miss Tessmacher 08/16/12 Orlando, FL TNA IMPACT
Tara 10/14/12 Phoenix, AZ Bound for Glory
Velvet Sky 02/21/13 London, England TNA IMPACT
Mickie James 05/23/13 Tampa, FL TNA IMPACT
ODB 09/19/13 St. Louis, MO TNA IMPACT
Gail Kim 10/20/13 San Diego, CA Bound For Glory
Madison Rayne 01/16/14 Huntsville, AL Genesis
Angelina Love 04/27/14 Orlando, FL Sacrifice
Gail Kim 07/03/14 Bethlehem, PA TNA IMPACT
HAVOK 10/01/14 Bethlehem, PA TNA IMPACT
Taryn Terrell 11/19/14 Bethlehem, PA TNA IMPACT
Notes: Taryn Terrell beat HAVOK (c) and Gail Kim in a triple threat match to win the TNA Knockout title!
Brooke Tessmacher 07/15/15 Orlando, FL TNA IMPACT
Gail Kim 09/16/15 Orlando, FL TNA IMPACT

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