9 Banned WWE Moves

How many times have you watched a professional wrestling match and thought, “that CANNOT be safe”? Well, most of the time those moves really are safe, believe it or not. After years of training, the performers in the ring know exactly how to execute each move to only look devastating, while making sure that both the inflictor and receiver walk away with all their bones and limbs intact. However, in the long history of pro-wrestling and, more specifically, the WWE itself, there are a few moves that have popped up that really aren’t safe at all. These moves can have a high-risk of real injury due to the precise timing needed to pull the maneuver off correctly. One forgotten tuck, one split second early or late, one missed cue can have real consequences in these dangerous moves. In this infographic, we show you nine of these banned moves that WWE has forbidden to be performed – tricks that have either been modified to be more safe or are completely banned from the ring itself. From kicks straight to the head to drops right on the head to chairs hit directly to the head, we urge you, don’t try this at home.

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