Alpha Female talks about her time in TNA


German professional wrestler known by the ring name Alpha Female recently took part in an exclusive interview with She is currently working for World Wonder Ring Stardom. Alpha Female spoke on several topics from her time working with TNA Wrestling, her WWE tryout in 2012, working in Japan and Europe and more.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

Working in Japan: I work in Japan for the all female company, Stardom, without a doubt the best female company in Japan and also one of the best in the world I would say, I´m very proud to be able to work with the girls. We have a show every weekend and train at least three times a week. It is very professional and also very though. I would not say it’s a typical indy wrestling show as we are very organized, we meet and travel in a tour bus, we are a fixed group under a contract, if we get hurt we get medical help and a monthly pay check, so these are few of the differences between my work in the indies in USA or Europe. The contract in Japan doesn’t stop me for signing with any other company, but the offer was just never good enough to leave Japan behind me.
Her TNA Experience: I had a TNA tryout a few years ago, but I wasn’t good enough, it was a hard but an eye opening experience. I changed my whole gimmick and worked really hard on my look and wrestling and came back on the map when I attend at the TNA fan party. I made some contacts and made sure the TNA officials knew who I am. A few months later they approached me to be a part of the European Gut Check. The head trainer D Lo Brown liked what he saw and put my name forward. They contacted me again and asked me if I want to be a part of the TNA European Tour. I had some time off from my time in Japan so I could take that opportunity, I had a great time on the TNA Tour. Everyone was super nice and I could learn much and make some contacts. Make sure you follow the Alpha Female and see where my path is going… Japan, USA, Europe, I can take the whole world.
Her WWE Tryout: I had a WWE Tryout in 2012 and I was full of hope as the officials like Drew McDonald and William Regal seems to like me, but unfortunately I never heard back from them. I have my own idea why they don´t want to work with me. I think I’m not Diva material, been way too long in the business and simply not what they looking for. I´m okay with that as I´m still able to step in the ring and pay my bills. Sure it’s a dream of mine to work for them, still hoping, but if this is something that never will happen I’m okay with that too, it might not be in my destiny, who knows.
Alpha Female also reveals her thoughts on the WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts division, her greatest moment from her career, advice for upcoming wrestlers, her future and more.

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