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On Tuesday June 19, 2007 American Combat Wrestling returned to Bourbon Street Night Club, 4331 US19N in New Port Richey, Florida.



The evening was MC’d by the one and only Mr. Scott Evil who brought out ACW Unified Heavyweight champion “Rough House” Ralph Mosca who sported a scar on his head from Saturday’s match with “the Marquee” Bruce Santee. Mosca announced there would be a 4 person tournament to crown a #1 contender to face ACW Cruiserweight champion Jaison Moore next week. He also brought out the injured Dany Only who addressed the status of Dogmatika. Only said before he could make amends with Sideshow, Nooie Lee got in the way. He said once he was medically cleared from his leg injury he would settle all the scores. 

(1) In the cruiserweight tournament, Logan Fernandez defeated Chris Jones.Before the opening bout Fernandez belittled the fans and his opponent for his musical choice of Fergie’s “Fergilicious.” Jones let his wrestling do the talking with chain wrestling moves and some mind games. Things came to a screeching halt as Fernandez appeared to injure his left ankle but it turned out he was gold bricking and suckered in the referee and Jones. Fernandez went to work with a side slam for two and several chokes along the ropes. After a corner move that caused whiplash, Fernandez took Jones to the mat in a stretch. However Jones powered out and hit several offensive moves that led to a two count. Fernandez fought back with forearms to the jaw and two corer splashes. But his third corner move was met with a running boot to the jaw. That allowed Fernandez to win via pinfall.  

(2) In the cruiserweight tournament, Nick Fame defeated Naphtali. Early on this was a match of who could be the better at tearing someone’s left arm off a body. However it became interesting when Fame went for a waistlock and Naphtali went to the ropes for a break and it appeared Fame did some bump and grind work. After things got straightened out we were back to wrestling and criss-cross that became a cardio workout for Naphtali as Fame stopped running. Fame went to work but missed a dropkick and Naphtali choked him with his ring jacket, but Fame had other ideas which will not be mentioned here. Naphtali hit a snap suplex and a Garvin Stomp for one. Naphtali tried to kick Fame straight but psyched out the crowd with a rear chinlock. After missing an elbow Naphtali took Fame for a ride on the Airplane Spin that went on for about 35 revolutions. Naphtali was so out of it from the spinning he rolled up the referee for a two count. Fame got to his feet and rolled up Naphtali to advance. You read that correctly, Nick Fame won!! 

(3) 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup competitor Nooie Lee and Shayne Swift defeated The Lifeguards (Daron Smythe and Wade Koverly)Lee and Swift played mind games with the Lifeguards coming out in Spider Man/Venom hoods. The Lifeguards must have not hydrated properly before the match as Lee and Swift had them in trouble for several minutes. That was until the Guards were able to isolate Swift, using some legal and border line illegal tactics. The fans didn’t appreciate the Lifeguards tactics and were solidly behind Swift as he somehow survived the beating. After a mid ring collision with Smythe, Swift was able to tag in Lee who hit Koverly with an STO for two. All four men got involved and Swift hit Smythe with a spinning tope to the floor. Lee called for the Dragon Bomb but Smythe hit him with a superkick. Lee survived a double team move and hit a Code Red style move to win for his team.  

(4) In the cruiserweight final, Logan Fernandez defeated Nick Fame. Fame made a bad judgment call in doubting the fight in the shorter Fernandez and he ended up on the mat in a side headlock. Fame fought back with a backbreaker for two. The match went to the floor where Fame rammed Fernandez’s back into the ring apron. The action finally came back to the ring where Fernandez hit Fame with a forearm shot but his rope move was met with a dropkick to the face. Fame kept Fernandez grounded with a rear chinlock but Fernandez got out with a jawbreaker. His offense was cut off when Fame hit a tilt a whirl slam. Fame got cocky and went up top but Fernandez met him and brought Fame off with a release German suplex. Both men fired back at each other with suplexes but Fernandez hit a belly to belly suplex. Fame recovered and blocked a superkick but couldn’t stop a second one that nearly sent his mouth piece into the seats. 

(5) In a six man elimination match, The New Movement (Eddie Taurus, “the G.O.A.T” David Mercury & Austin Amadeus w/George Martel) defeated Ray Beez, 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup competitor Sideshow and Damien Angel.Things didn’t go the way of the New Movement in the opening minutes and they were beaten up in and out of the ring. Finally the match came back to the ring where Taurus was confronted by his former partner Angel. But before anything happened Mercury struck from behind. Angel did his best to avoid being eliminated even as he was being double and triple teamed for several minutes. Even as his team mates and the crowd cheered for him, he was part of a Tower of Doom suplex involving all six men. Beez went for a splash to the floor but Amadeus caught him and hit a powerslam. The same happened in the ring and Angel was eliminated by Mercury. Amadeus followed Angel to the locker room as Beez eliminated him with a straight jacket neckbreaker. Right after the fall Mercury grabbed Beez and kept him from tagging out to Sideshow. Beez fought back and kept fighting off defeat with the little offense he could muster. Beez was close to tagging out but Martel got Sideshow’s attention and was chased around the ring. This left Beez to be pinned after a Taurus top rope legdrop and a Mercury top rope frog splash. This left Sideshow alone to be double teamed and hit occasionally by Martel when Mercury and Taurus kept the referee busy. This backfired as Taurus was eliminated via pinfall making it a one on one encounter between Mercury and Sideshow. Sideshow went for the patented Double Penetration but Martel kept referee Billy Dalton occupied long enough for Taurus to slide back in and hit Sideshow with a superkick. Mercury used Sideshow’s own momentum to roll him up for the pin with help from the ropes. 

After the New Movement insulted the fans, Mosca hit the ring and said he wanted Eddie Taurus to put up his title shot next week in a Texas Barbwire match. Plus we were going to see Sideshow against David Mercury in a NO DQ match. Per the mini-tournament, Logan Fernandez will take on ACW Cruiserweight champion Jaison Moore. Also ACW Tag Team champions “Candizzle Dream” Joshua Masters & Sedrick Strong will take on Shayne Swift and Nooie Lee while Ray Beez goes against Big Daddy Pimp  

So come out to

Bourbon Street

when ACW returns to action Tuesday June 26th. Remember ACW is back online, so log onto for information on our events at Bourbon Street Night Club. You can watch previous ACW shows on Like live music, then check out for info on upcoming concerts.

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