Amy VitaleGet Ready wrestling fans! Our special guest this week on The Wrestling Hotseat is Miss Amy Vitale, a natural performer in the wrestling industry, her cross over appeal has spawned a successful modeling career, and her widely read blog is one of the most humorous and engaging on the internet. With a hyper active schedule, she appears at wrestling events all over Florida and the United States.In this great interview with one of the truly beautiful women of wrestling, both inside and out, we learn firsthand how she paid her dues, why breaking in oldschool should still be the way, her thoughts on why more Florida wrestling standouts aren’t used in WWE or TNA, and so much more!

Topics Discussed Include

Being a model, actress, and professional wrestling manager

Coming up oldschool, from working the vendor area, selling merchandise, being the ring girl, and finally getting her shot

Her first big photoshoot

The difference between modeling and performing in wrestling

Her Italian-American heritage and how cultural tradition is missing in most American families

Her favorite music and what gets her amped up, especially on photoshoots

Her animals and how much she cares about animals

How a model/actress ended up in the wrestling industry

Why it’s important to have a back up plan

If being a woman was a help or a hinderance in wrestling

Her thoughts on longtime associate, Francisco Ciatso (a former Wrestling Hotseat guest)

Her fascination with the Japanese culture

Why her blog is important and how it serves as a creative outlet, entertainment center, and schedule of events

What she’d be doing if she wasn’t in wrestling

The D1PW organization and what a great organization it is to work with

What the future holds for Amy Vitale

Amy Vitale has a very popular Myspace page complete with a wish list and contact information!

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Her exhaustive schedule is listed on the MySpace page, as she is literally at wrestling events every week, all over the state.

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