“Best in the World: The Unauthorized Biography of Phil Brooks” now on Amazon.com

PunkDavid Dexter reports that an unauthorized biography of CM Punk has been released today called “Best in the World: The Unauthorized Biography of Phil Brooks”. It’s being promoted as the first of its kind in looking at Punk’s life and career.

Sports Entertainment Publishing said the eBook would be a digital exclusive and would not go to print.

Jeremy Rennis, a member of the marketing team, said: “From his strained family ties to his apparent looming plans for early retirement, this unsanctioned and unvarnished eBook exclusive is a must read for professional wrestling fans and admirers of one of the WWE’s most elite performers. I think fans will gain a lot more respect for Phil Brooks. This is really giving the wrestling world an opportunity to see the most controversial man in sports entertainment in what is ultimately a very inspiring new light. This isn’t a biography produced by a wrestling promoter. It isn’t edited to favor or insult WWE. It’s the unvarnished truth – good, bad, and ugly.”

The book isn’t about gossip or rumors. SEP says the goal is to “accurately tell the true story of Phil Brooks.”

The book looks at his family life, his career in WWE and his rumored plans to retire in less than two years.

It is available now on Amazon for $2.99:


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