Boogie’s Wrestling Camp Big News!

Boogie’s Wrestling Camp/Norville Bros Tile Co. are sponsoring a full one-year wrestling scholarship for one lucky person starting on September 16, 2007. Anyone interested in this free scholarship must apply in person at BWC. Come to BWC any Sunday before August 26th,  2007 for a one-day $20.00 tryout.

Bring with you a one page typed essay stating why you deserve to be considered for this prized position. Also, you must attach a recent photo with your essay. Photos and essays can not be returned.

Accepting all ages, weight and gender applicants. One winner will be selected through a voting process by a deciding committee, which will

include: Jimmy and Angel Valiant (founders of BWC) Jeff and Tim Norville (owners of Norville Bros Tile Co. ) and BWC’s credible instructors. He or she will be on their way to making their dream come true be it a professional wrestler, manager, valet, ring announcer or referee. Good luck to all applicants.

The BWC is located at 2916 Alleghany Springs Road Shawsville, VA 24162

Thanks. Jimmy and Angel Valiant

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