Booker T says IMPACT Wrestling is about to become a major threat

On a recent episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, wrestling legend Booker T spoke about IMPACT Wrestling being on the verge of becoming a major company once again. The former five-time champion credits Anthem for spending the money and acquiring fresh talent, including the batch of WWE stars released from the COVID-19 cuts back in April.

IMPACT Wrestling is perhaps maybe back in the wrestling game real soon. Maybe they’re getting ready to make a play because I was just thinking with all the acquisitions out there right now. The video, Slammiversary getting ready to kick off, Eric Young was part of it, Mike and Maria Bennett, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, Drake Maverick was in it, EC3 was in that thing also, Curt Hawkins was in there as well. Like I said, there’s a lot of other guys out there that’s independent right now, contractors that’s free agents that’s looking to get picked up. I’m wondering is this now a time for IMPACT Wrestling to explode again and get back in the game?

Booker continues naming Kassius Ohno, Heath Slater, and former United States champion Rusev as top potential pickups for the company.

Think about it. You gotta think about it. You gotta think somebody is going to show up. Look man, you gotta think Anthem. Anthem been doing a lot of big major moves, a lot of money moves. I’m sure they’re saying, “Hey man, this is the time to get back in the game. There’s guys out there like Rusev right now, we got guys out there like Heath Slater, Erick Rowan, Kassius Ohno. It’s a lot of big guys out there that we can pick up that can put a lot of behinds in the seats.” And I really think right now is the perfect time for IMPACT to pull the trigger to get back in the game. I’m serious man.

Check out the full episode below. (H/T and transcribed by WrestlingNew.Co)


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