Booking TNA Bound For Glory 2010

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Booking TNA Bound For Glory 2010
By Jim Boy Star

Today I want to take a look at Bound For Glory 2010. What? You say Bound For Glory is in October and matches are not even announced yet. Well, you would be correct! That’s why I am going to use this column to fantasy book TNA Bound for Glory 2010.
Let’s put it this way. In my warped imagination I was told that I have to choose the direction that TNA goes with their biggest show of the year. This does not necessarily mean I think of specifics of the storylines, I just need to give them a direction and I also do not have to think of who actually wins. I realize that this is a ridiculously warped line of thinking and would never happen in real life. But just like pro wrestling, I want you to think that it is real. Now….. LET’S BOOK!

TNA World Title Match

Rob Van Dam © vs Kurt Angle
Out of all the matches I’m going to book, this seems the most likely in my opinion. They have Angle climbing up the rankings as it is. I think it would be an awesome match and definite match of the year candidate.

TNA Tag Team Title Match

Motor City Machineguns © vs Team 3D
Say what you will about Team 3D. You may say that they are over the hill, you may say they are overrated, but in my opinion they are one of the most recognized tag teams in the history of pro wrestling. Therefore, just having the Gunn feuding with Team 3D would help elevate them so much more. I think there is a number one contenders match with Generation Me vs Ink Inc. coming up. I would have Generation Me win and Sabin and Shelly would beat them on the September PPV. From there, Team 3D gets their show.

TV Title Match

AJ Styles © vs Jeff Hardy
Now, AJ Styles has the TV title. He just named in from its former name as the Global title. I realize some may see this is a step down for both men. However, my personal goal is to have them feud for this title and bring some credibility to this new championship. Plus, the match in itself would just make a good match. I am pretty sure they have fought before, just not sure when. With the right build I think this has the possibility of becoming one of the most interesting matches of the night.

Sting vs Mr. Anderson
To me, this is a natural fit. You have Sting, who seems to want all younger guys to show respect to the older wrestlers. On the other side, you have one of the most disrespectful characters in pro wrestling today in Mr. Anderson. The promos between the two in itself can sell this match to the fans.

X Division Title Match – Ultimate X Match

Doug Williams © vs Kazarian vs Jay Lethal
Doug Williams represents the “anti X division”. Kazarian represents the rise of Fortune. Jay Lethal is there as the good guy. The guy the TNA regular-fan would want to win.

TNA Knockout Title Match

Madison Rayne © vs Taylor Wilde vs Velvet Sky vs Angelina Love
Some may call this a cluster. I understand that. As you can see, I would split the Beautiful people. Or so you think. Velvet Sky would eventually get tired of Madison Rayne and Lacey Von Erich would be torn between the two. Taylor Wilde is in there because I think she is really talented and I would push her again to make her relevant again. To go against my own rules, I may want to lobby for Velvet Sky hitting Madison Rayne with the belt (while the referee isn’t looking of course) and instead of covering, she lets Angelina Love cover Rayne. Love then reveals she is back with Velvet Sky to reform the original Beautiful People. And what side will Lacey be on? Tune into Impact to find out.

Desmond Wolfe vs Samoa Joe
Unfortunately, it seems that Samoa Joe has been put on the backburner in TNA. To my knowledge, he is not even on the “Whole FN Show” special on Spike TV. I would make Samoa Joe one of the main threats to the new Fortune group. Plus, I just think this would be a really awesome match.

Abyss vs The Pope w/Hulk Hogan
Clearly, Hogan cannot be put in the ring and expect to have a great match. Some may argue he wasn’t even able to do that when he was in his prime. The story would go, Hogan says that at one point he thought Abyss was the future legend in TNA but not anymore. So he went out to find who really is. And that person is the Pope.

Tag Team Gauntlet Match

Winners are the number one contenders for the TNA Tag Team Titles
Participants: Beer Money, Generation Me, Ink Inc., Brutus & Magnus, and LAX
The expectation is that the huge pop would be when LAX is entered in as the last participant. I would build it as just the four teams outside of LAX. I would also advertise the winner of this match would get the title shot at the next PPV.

Mick Foley Segment
This would be when a new wrestler that signed with your company can debut. I am pretty sure that Mick Foley will have something to do with Bound For Glory because his new book comes out in October and it is called “Countdown To Lockdown” (personally, I can’t wait!). Maybe even have a quick spot where Foley goes through a table thereby having his start a new feud with someone.

So there you have it. Nine matches and one segment. I would have Jarrett do a backstage segment during the show and thank the fans for everything. For all you Matt Morgan fans, I would have him fight Orlando Jordan in the pre show unless we add more teams into the gauntlet match, which I would not be opposed to.

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Jim Boy Star

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