Card For TNA’s One Night Only: Victory Road


TNA’s Victory Road returns tonight as “One Night Only” special, these specials have been a huge underachievement as the buyrates have plummeted since the series began. For those of you interested in ordering the show or watching via other means, here is the card for tonights show. Please note that this show was taped months ago.

* Bram vs. Davey Richards
* Austin Aries vs. Kenny King
* Kaz and James Storm vs. The Freak and Knux
* Bobby Lashley vs. Samoa Joe
* Abyss vs. Mr. Anderson
* The Bromans vs. Bully Ray and Rockstar Spud
* Gunner vs. Magnus
* EC3 vs. Sanada
* Samuel Shaw vs. Crazzy Steve
* Eddie Edwards vs. Zema Ion vs. Tigre Uno
* Battle Royal: The Winners of the above matches compete for a TNA title shot

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