ChickFight 7 on Mav TV, Episode 1

Filmed at the Marina Center in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England on January 14, 2007


ChickFight appears on MavTV On Wednesdays at 8 p.m., Saturdays at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., Sundays at 10 p.m., and Mondays at 2 a.m.


This show has the first round of matches for the ChickFight 7 Tournament. Even though they have changed the venue, this is another entertaining show with the top quality wrestling we expect from ChickFight.

Chynna Mai is the host.

Cheerleader Melissa defeated Sweet Saraya

A huge fan favorite here, Sweet Saraya is a 17 year veteran and a living legend of UK wrestling. Melissa, who was a fan favorite at the San Francisco ChickFights, is booed by the crowd as she enters.

The women tie up almost immediately, struggling for some time as each tries to achieve dominance. Melissa has the size and youth advantage, but Saraya has the experience advantage. Saraya finally puts on a headlock, but Melissa immediately escapes with a punch to her stomach.

They lock up again. Melissa twists Saraya’s arm behind her back and punches her three times in the midsection, while turning to keeps Saraya’s back to the ref, so he can’t see what she’s doing. Saraya goes down, and the ref questions Melissa, but she insists she only used palm strikes.

The crowd gets behind Saraya as she struggles to get back to her feet. Saraya goes for a shoulder block to Melissa’s midsection, but the Cheerleader holds her there and delivers a hard forearm to her back. She follows up with a forearm across her shoulder blades, and then some kicks. With Saraya down on the mat, Melissa hits her with her spinning leg hold. Saraya tries to get up, but Melissa grabs the leg she’s working on and holds it, then takes Saraya’s other leg out from under her with a back heel trip. She keeps hold of the leg and viciously stomps Saraya’s thigh just behind the knee several times, all the while mouthing off to the crowd.

Summoning all her determination, Saraya powers back up onto her good leg and hits Melissa with an enzuiguiri. She gets Melissa in a front face lock and pounds her back with forearm shots. She forces Melissa into the corner and hits her with a loud chop to the chest, followed by some punches to the midsection and another forearm to the back. The fans may have expected an exhibition of scientific wrestling, but they are getting a brawl.

Cheerleader comes back with a forearm to the back followed by a body slam and a running elbow drop. Then she shows disrespect for Saraya with some kicks while she’s down, and rubbing her boot into Saraya’s face. Melissa is so good at being bad! I saw her live n a feud with Allison Danger, and some experienced indy fans in the crowd actually believed that she had come out and beat up Danger at intermission because she was truly angry with Allison over something.

The ref breaks it up, but Melissa goes right back to rubbing her boot into Saraya’s face. Finally the ref breaks it up and Saraya gets to her feet. She catches Melissa in a go behind waist lock and then switches to a full Nelson. She hits Melissa with a snap mare takedown followed by a neck snap and then a kick. Saraya bounces off the ropes and hits Melissa with a double leg drop, then rolls over and cinches in a headlock.

They show Saraya’s son Zack Zodiac and her husband wrestler Rowdy Ricky Knight in the audience. Melissa powers up and escapes after delivering a couple more fists to Saraya’s stomach and then lifting her and dropping backwards with her. Melissa follows that with a couple of kicks and then tosses Saraya out to the floor. Saraya’s son runs over to check on his mom, but Melissa goes out to the floor and he cautiously backs away.

A forearm shot by Melissa knock Saraya backward into a fan’s lap, but Melissa snatches her into a headlock and pulls her away, delivering a forearm shot to her back, followed by a kick. Saraya fights back with a series of forearms and punches, then grabs a handful of Melissa’s hair and drags her back and rolls her into the ring after a final fist to the stomach.

Melissa catches Saraya and chokes her out over the top rope, much to the distress of Saraya’s young son. Then she goes to choke Saraya on the mat with a knee across her throat, but the veteran Saraya locks a head scissors on Melissa and takes her down to the mat instead. Saraya arches and then rolls over and arches to make the scissors even more painful. Melissa finally escapes by kicking her in the head and slapping her face.

Sweet Saraya comes back with a chin lock, but Melissa powers to her feet and backs up, slamming Saraya into a ring post. She goes to whip Saraya into the opposite turnbuckle, but Saraya reverses and Irish whips Melissa instead. Saraya charges and Melissa lifts her foot, but too soon, allowing Saraya to grab her foot and lock in a submission hold that’s like a combination Indian death lock and front face lock – sort of a variation on the bow and arrow. Melissa powers over so that Saraya’s shoulders are on the mat, so she has to break the hold.

Melissa puts a variation of the Indian deathlock on Saraya. Saraya struggles toward the ropes and a fan pushes the rope in so that she can grab it. An angry Melissa hits her with a brutal curb stomp and then menaces the fan who helped. It looks like she threatens him with a curb stomp of his own. Melissa goes back to choking out Saraya over the ropes, breaking for the ref’s count.

Saraya counters out of an attempted scoop slam and hits Melissa with a reverse DDT. Pin attempt only gets two. Saraya has to struggle, but she finally locks the larger Melissa into a Boston Crab. Melissa works toward the ropes, so she turns it into a Mutoh Lock, but Melissa struggles even closer to the ropes, then reaches up an rakes Saraya’s eyes to escape.

They brawl until Melissa hits her with a running Samoan drop, but only gets two. Melissa slams her shoulder, then gets her in a surfboard variation, grinding her heel into the base on Saraya’s neck. Saraya powers up to her feet, but the stronger Melissa forces her right back down again. She fights up again, only to be forced back down, and then slammed to the mat, but again only for two.

Saraya manages to rebound off the ropes and hit Melissa with a flying head scissors, spinning her around and around. It only gets her two on Melissa though. Saraya goes for another full Nelson, but Melissa escapes and grabs Saraya by the hair, swinging her around the ring and down to the mat. She gets two. The fans are now running up the ring to yell at the ref, they are so angry, but Melissa locks in a reverse Texas cloverleaf. Saraya manages to roll through and turns it into a sort of reverse Figure 4.

Melissa powers out and hits her with a hard forearm to the face, then lifts Saraya to her shoulders and carries her over to a corner of the ring, where Melissa actually climbs up to the second turnbuckle while carrying Saraya. At that point, Saraya escaped to turn it into a sunset powerbomb out of the corner, but only gets two. She drops Melissa on her head, but still gets only two.

Saraya goes for an Irish whip, but Melissa reverses it so hard that Sweet Saraya goes part way over and through the ropes, twisting them and getting her neck caught between the two top ropes. Her family, including her daughter Britani and Britani’s partner in the Norfolk Dolls, all run over to try to free her. Melissa runs into the group and trues to make it worse for Saraya as the announcer reminds everyone that Mick Foley lost his ear in a similar predicament. They get Melissa away, and manage to free Saraya.

The announcer claims that the Norfolk Dolls are trying to keep Melissa from attacking Saraya, but as Melissa is at this point nowhere near Saraya and not even moving in her direction, it looks more to me like they are just attacking Melissa for revenge. Melissa fights back though, and dishes out some payback until the refs force her to the locker room. Saraya has to be more or less carried from the ring, and it’s clear she can’t continue, so they call the match in favor of Cheerleader Melissa.

MsChif defeated Jade

MsChif starts off by screaming and terrifying the ref as well as Jade, who is a pretty young girl just starting out as a wrestler. She is clearly at a disadvantage against MsChif. MsChif screams again as Jade tries to lock up, and Jade and the ref hug each other out of terror. A third scream causes both of them to bail out of the ring, now with Jade yelling at the ref to make MsChif stop. Jade says she wants to go home, so MsChif goes out and chases her around the ring. Jade slips back in and earns boos from the fans when she stomps MsChif when she gets back in. Jade gets the Goth Princess in a headlock, then a go behind waist lock.

MsChif cartwheels out of an armbar and applies one to Jade, backing her into the ropes, then shooting her across the ring to hit her with a big clothesline on her trip back. MsChif locks her in a unique submission hold, then rolls through to a crucifix pin attempt, but only gets two. After a suplex she rolls through and pummels her with a series of blows to the head. The ref makes her break even though she isn’t doing anything illegal, and Jade claims that MsChif has ruined her face.

MsChif has words with the ref. Jade attempts a clothesline, but MsChif dodges, screams in her ear, and powers her down to the mat with a belly to back takedown. She locks in a front chancery, but Jade escapes and holds onto the Goth’s arm as she twirls around, flips her and kicks her shoulder. Jade gets MsChif in an arm bar submission hold and every time the ref isn’t looking, she bites MsChif’s fingers. The ref makes her break, so she kicks MsChif’s shoulder again.

Jade gets MsChif in a reverse hammerlock, and then switches to an arm wringer, still working the shoulder and arm. She follows with a snap mare and then two leg drops on the same shoulder, but MsChif kicks out of the pin attempt. She keeps stomping and dropping knees on the arm, then goes for a drop toe hold to take her down again.

Jade twines the legs and then grabs MsChif’s green hair to pull her into a vertical Mutoh lock. She keep pulling on the hair to bend her nearly in half, then throws her back when the ref counts to make her let go of the hair. Jade throws a tantrum, allowing MsChif time to recover and come back with series of forearms to Jade’s midsection and head.

Jade is Irish whipped to the corner and gets the boot up when MsChif charges. She climbs to the second turnbuckle for a tornado DDT but still gets only two and throws another tantrum. The Goth comes back with a series of forearms and sets Jade on the second turnbuckle, then climbs up to deliver a piledriver from the second rope and get the pin.

“The Jezebel” Eden Black defeated Lacey

Eden Black is another huge fan favorite, while Lacey is another whiny girl like Jade. The announcer (who never has told us his name) tells us that Eden Black is about “kicking people’s faces off, mostly.” Finally Lacey stops running her mouth and they go to a collar and elbow tie-up. Eden goes behind and gets a cravatte on Lacey, then rolls through into a side headlock. She breaks it with elbows to Eden’s middle, and they follow up with a nice series of moves as they run the ropes. Lacey celebrates a monkey flip too long and gets a Shining Wizard from the Jezebel.

Black gets a wristlock applied and works it till Lacey rolls through and applies her own and kicks Eden in the midsection to get her to her knees. Black rolls through, back, kips up and gets a top wristlock on Lacey. She goes behind and locks on another cravatte. Snap mare takeover on Lacey only gets a one on the pin attempt. Lacey trips Eden, who gets right back up. They go through a series of beautiful acrobatic pin attempts until Lacey breaks to whine again.

The Jezebel charges Lacey in the corner, but she gets the boot up, grabs Eden by the hair and yanks Eden’s head back into her knees, then, still holding the hair, jams Eden’s face into the mat. Two count is all she gets. In frustration, she pounds on Eden’s back, then pulls her up and smashes her face into the turnbuckle and chops her in the chest. Lacey takes to to the next corner and does the same, but when she tries for a third, Black escapes and pummels her with a series of chops and then forearms to the face.

Lacey reverses an Irish whip and Eden slams hard into the opposite corner. After again getting only two, Lacey begins choking Black. She breaks for the ref’s count, but then goes right back to the choke. The ref again counts, so she pulls Eden over to a corner, where she delivers forearms and kicks to her back, then a running double knee. Lacey charges again, Eden dodges, but Lacey manages to stop, and hits Eden with a back drop driver. Another pin attempt gets two.

Lacey puts a cobra clutch on Black, who powers to her feet only to be viciously slammed onto Lacey’s knee. Lacey screams at another two count, then goes for another choke, but Black kicks her off. Forearm shots and a side suplex still get only two. Eden blocks a suplex attempt and reverses it into a three handled family gredunza. Lacey slaps on an Indian deathlock with neck grapevine, but Jezebel makes it to the ropes.

After a flurry of moves, a TKO from Lacey gets another two. Lacey throws another tantrum and then goes for a choke, but Eden escapes and suplexes Lacey onto the back of her head. She gets only two, so Jezebel locks in her cross triangle choke and submission, forcing Lacey to tap out.

The next new episode will continue the preliminary round of ChickFight 7, which was held in the UK.

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