Daniel Bryan thought neck injury might end his career

Daniel 3

By Josh Stewart, newsday.com:

Daniel Bryan says being a WWE Superstar is what he does best. But the fights outside the ring have been much tougher in the last year.

Bryan appears on “SmackDown!” on Thursday night as the company moves its weekly SyFy show from Friday. He will be an entrant in the Royal Rumble on Jan. 25. Earlier this week, Bryan admitted that at one point last year he thought the neck surgery that put him on the shelf the month after WrestleMania XXX might end his career.

“There was a point several months ago where it almost seemed like I wouldn’t be able to come back,” Bryan said.

He uses the word “depression” to describe his feelings, then hesitates a bit — his mom is a therapist and he knows that’s a clinical diagnosis. But his body wasn’t responding to different forms of rehabilitation in the months following the operation.

The nerve ailment that forced the surgery wasn’t healing properly to return strength to his right arm.

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