From one side of the pond to the other and around the world, wrestlers have been tied in knots by Dave Taylor.  Now the Squire himself has come to ClubWWI.com for an uncut shoot interview that rips the bloody curtain down to bring you all the details on the entire wrestling business.

Known for not holding his tongue, Dave speaks openly on a ton of topics including: Shock Over A Question Shawn Michaels Asked Him, Donald Trump Buying Monday Night Raw, Not Watching TNA’s “Spotfest,” Being Backstage The Night Hulk Hogan Turned Heel, Who Suggested He And Paul Burchill Interrupt The U..S. Anthem To Sing “God Save The Queen,” The Dangerous Heat That Followed, Bill DeMott’s Training Methods, What Ring of Honor Wanted To Have Him Do, Why It Didn’t Happen, The Surprising Reaction Some Fans Have To Seeing William Regal, Ric Flair, Brock Lesnar, Floyd Mayweather, Randy Orton, Finlay, and More.

Not holding his tongue has lead to some interesting situations.  One such situation was his WWE release.  James Guttman asked Dave if he knew it was coming and Taylor tells ClubWWI.com listeners about the moment he knew his release was on the way.

“I wasn’t surprised by it because I stood up at a meeting and said a few words and I knew as soon as I said it my days were numbered.”

Dave explains that he and Paul Burchill had gotten nothing but praise for their house show work as a team.  In fact, one agent even suggested they work main events after the reaction they had received.  Taylor tells the story of his conversation with the agent and how it didn’t go anywhere after that.  A short while later, WWE held their monthly meeting.

“We had a meeting.  They have a meeting every month with all the guys.  And they said, we need people to stand out.  We need people to get heat.  Stuff like that.  And I just got a bit sick of it and I stood up and said, “Alright.  What’s wrong with me and Burchill?”  And they couldn’t answer me.  I said, “We’ve been to house shows, we get excellent reports.  I’ve seen some of the reports.”  I said,” I’ve been told of some of the reports.  The agents are all (at the meeting) to tell you.”  And they said, “Yeah.  Eh, um, eh…”  That went on for a good ten minutes.  Afterwards everyone was shaking my hand.  I said, “Yeah.  You send me a check when they fire me.”

Taylor talks more about his WWE release, being relieved to get it, stress that comes with working in WWE compared to WCW, the final WCW show, and more..  One topic that seems to have some WCW ties is celebrity crossovers in wrestling.  When James asked about his thoughts regarding Donald Trump’s purchase of Raw, Dave sums it up in one word.


Guttman and Taylor then discuss the use of celebs in wrestling and the problem that always arises.

“It’s always the same thing.  Bring a celebrity into the business and then you must put him over.  It’s like in WCW.  That David Arquette character came in and they made him World Champion within two weeks!  And I’m thinking to myself, why don’t we put ourselves over?”

It doesn’t end there, Dave speaks about the changing face of celebs in wrestling, Big Show putting over “that boxer,” Jay Leno, Dennis Rodman, and tons more.

But ClubWWI.com’s festivities don’t end there.  You’ve heard audio shows from Bull Buchanan, D-Lo Brown, Ivory, Tom Prichard, and more (all available to listen to right now), but a new one is on the way…and it’s going to bring a world of controversy with it.

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