Earnings Report proves WWE Network a success


Alfred Konuwa:

WWE is doing it again.

You know? That thing where they reinvent themselves in the face of troubled times, only to thrive for the next decade?

It’s happening. But this time, it may not be a charismatic, big-name WWE Superstar who leads them into the next era. Because as of right now, the biggest star in the WWE is the WWE Network.

WWE held their third-quarter 2015 earnings call today and reported strong numbers and, more importantly, earnings growth. Of note:

  • Operating Income Before Depreciation and Amortization (OIBDA) increased by $20.7 million from the prior year quarter
    Total international revenue increased by 43%
  • WWE Network total subscribers increased 79%, and has reached 1.3 million form the third quarter 2014. Paid subscribers rose to 1.2 million
  • Network segment revenue reached a record of $145.8 million

With arguably the biggest risk in WWE history paying off, WWE has positioned itself as a competitive brand in an ever-changing world where streaming content poses a strong threat to television. According to a report by Variety earlier this year, Netflix NFLX +2.78% viewing will surpass network TV viewing by 2016.

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