Formation of Loco Wrestling in Philadelphia

Official Announcement: Formation of Loco Wrestling in Philadelphia; Training School and Promotion

Locofights Inc. in association with TV By Demand have announced this week the official formation of a new professional wrestling entity in the Philadelphia area, to be known as Loco Wrestling. Loco Wrestling differs from most other professional wrestling organizations in that it utilizes the knowledge and experience of two completely different business models: The wrestling background possessed by the trainers and officials that will head the wrestling operations portion of the organization, as well as the promoting background of our business management team, which has over 25 years experience in successfully promoting live events in the fields of sports and entertainment.

Loco Wrestling hopes to integrate these two successful mindsets to form a brand of professional wrestling that will consistently provide a successful and entertaining environment for our employees, our wrestlers, and most importantly our fans. Loco Wrestling’s immediate short-term goals over the next several weeks include the continued development of our state-of-the-art training facility, which is nearing completion at present time, the production of live events, and distribution of said live events in the form of online media content.

Loco Wrestling is proud to announce the head of its wrestling operations department as one of the most reputable and determined individuals in the game today: Ricky Reyes, who will manage the promotion‘s official training school, as well as talent roster. Reyes’ reputation certainly speaks for itself. His years of diligent training have taken him all over the world, including Japan, where he at one point studied under the legendary Antonio Inoki. His in-ring accomplishments are even more storied. From The Rottweilers to The Havana Pitbulls to appearances in rings for WWE, ROH, PWG, IWC, and countless others, Reyes brings a very straightforward, serious, and focused energy to Loco Wrestling that will no doubt set the bar very high in what an athlete must achieve to earn respect in Loco Wrestling.

The official Loco Wrestling training school will be located at B Street & East Clearfield Street in Philadelphia PA. For those who think they have what it takes to survive training with the “Rottweiler” Ricky Reyes, and who thinks they have what it takes to make it as a professional wrestler, more information is available right now at or by calling 888-369-8222.

More information on any and all other matters in relation to Loco Wrestling are also available at Stay posted to the official website of Loco Wrestling and this website for ongoing news, announcements, events, and media in relation to Loco Wrestling.
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