FPWA presents “Ring of Horror 4” on 10/20

FPWA Wrestling & KocoSports.com Presents…
RING OF HORROR 4 – October 20th, 2007 at 8PM
Earlier Door Time, Doors Open at 6PM for Fun, Games and Surprises
Pinellas Park Boys and Girls Club
7790 61st Street N. Pinellas Park, FL
Tickets are only $10
For more info contact the FPWA Offices: (727) 368-6137

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match for the FPWA Tag Team Titles
The Psychedelics (champions) vs. Punk And Disorderly

Triple Threat FPWA Heavyweight Title Match
Mr. Marcus (champion) w\ Bumpy vs. ‘The Fire Breathing Monster’ Torcher vs.
‘The South Florida Phenom’ Scott Commodity w\ ‘The South Florida Floozy’ Arsen

No Holds Barred Street Fight
Lou Cypher & Kahagas w\ Mr. James T. Micco vs. ‘Superhero’ Mark Zout & ‘The Reborn’ Heater

Kiss My Foot Match
Austin Amadeus w\ VIP vs. Aaron Epic w\ Evan Starsmore

Fatal Four-Way Tag Team Match
The Lifeguards vs. Bobby Wohlfert & Jayson Copely vs. Manny Khoas & Kenneth Hughes vs. A.D.D. & Carlton Xero

Strong Style Rules!
Eric Cooper vs. Dagon Briggs

The Past VS The Future
Naphtali vs. Ash Kristansen

“The” Nick Fame vs. Chris Jones

The First-Ever FPWA Florida State Championship Open!!
Nooie Lee must defend his title verses Logan Fernandez, Keith Blonde, Jelena, Buster Ryan, Suicide, Johnny Vandal, and Kobayashi Khoi

Ring Announcer: Shannon Rose


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