GOUGE Results from North Carolina 8/25

Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment August 25, 2007 Fuquay-Varina, NC  Council Gym Slamming for Soccer (show benefit the FVAA FLash White Soccer Team)

Tennessee Ernie Nord pinned Mikal Mosley w/ Ebony Michelle Mosely with the Grief Hammer(His version of the Polish Hammer)

El Mariachi w/ Felicia O pinned Koala Bear O’Day w/ Count Grog after Grog accidently knocked down O”Day with a punch.  Afterward O’Day, Grog & Wallabee Joe attacked Mariachi and injured his leg with a chair until he was saved by La Flecha, ESpartano & Ishkara

Surfer Jay Odessey vs. The Goat was ruled a no Contest when Cowboy Willie Watts attacked both wrestlers and tossed them from the ring.  Watts cut a promo and then Dick Foley came out.

Cowboy Willie Watts pinned Dick Foley

Seymour Snott & Otto Schwanz beat Ishkara & Espartano

Wallabee Joe w/ Count Grog beat La Flecha w/Felicia O after Koala Bear O’Day tossed a chair in the ring to help Wallabee retain the North Carolina Title.

GOUGE Tag Team Champs-Sweet Ebony Assassin & Trailer Park Heat beat The Urban Legends (Leroy Zbyszko & Exotic Aloysius Street)  with a double pin after a double big splash.  Afterward Count Grog & The New Age Sheepherders attacked the tag champs until La Flecha, El Mariachi and Seymour Snott made the save.  Count Grog issued a challenge to the Champs to meet the New Age Shepherders next Thurs in Raleigh.
Next Show Thurs August 30-Raleigh, NC-at Volume Eleven Tavern

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