GUEST AUTHOR: “Top 10 Biggest WWE Upsets in History” by Eric Gargiulo

1 2 3 KidEditor’s note: this article originally appeared on in June 2013 and was written by Eric Gargiulo.  I thought it was interesting and you would enjoy reading it!

“Top 10 Biggest WWE Upsets in History” by Eric Gargiulo

In this day and age of spoilers it is rare to see a surprise WWE result. Big upsets rarely happen in the WWE today but history shows that they are possible and here is a look back at ten of the biggest in World Wrestling Entertainment history.

When I say surprise result or big upset I mean a match in which the end result was just unthinkable. I recently did a similar blog looking at WWE championship matches but this is different. These are matches between two wrestlers that look completely lopsided on paper. Not only are these huge upsets but they are some of the most memorable moments in WWE history.

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