Head injuries and depression in pro wrestling


Welcome to OWW Radio! Each week hosts David (@dlb19338) and Alex (@AlexGoff84) will provide perspective to the WWE, TNA, and everything else making news in the world of professional wrestling.   A new episode will be posted each week. This week David is joined by Dr. David Reiss (@dmrdynamics) to talk about sports medicine, depression in pro wrestling, the Cauliflower Alley Club’s 50th reunion, and much more.

Also Kerry Morris (@chitownot) stops by to talk about WWE’s upcoming Survivor Series and everything else going on in World Wrestling Entertainment.

Note: Dr. Reiss’s segment starts at the 25:45 min mark.

Dr. Reiss’s contact information:

Kerry’s contact information:

  • Twitter: @chitownot
  • Facebook: /kerry.morris

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