FIP Unstoppable 2007 (DVD Review)

*** FIP DVD Reviews by Brad Dykens ***
Date: November 9, 2007 – Crystal River, Florida

Seth Delay vs. Jon Davis: For the benefit of all the thirty-year-old fans reading this review, this is obviously not the same Jon Davis who created the Garfield cartoon. This Jon Davis is one of many rising stars on the busy Florida independent circuit. Seth Delay is just a jobber with a push, and I don’t know how he has lasted so long in one spot. This would have been a great way to launch a big Jon Davis push, but he was jobbed to the jobber. Seth Delay wins the match, even without his trademark arm band – which Dave Prazak claims is a “loaded forearm.”

The YRR (Chasyn Rance & Sal Rinauro & Kenny King & Jason Blade & Claudio Castagnoli & So-Cal Val & Rain) + Jerrelle Clark: Where the hell does the YRR find those random skanks with the delicious bodies and soulless eyes. Holy crap, that’s Rain – nearly unrecognizable. Several members of the YRR ran their mouths like they always do, including Claudio Castagnoli cutting a promo on FIP World champion Roderick Strong. FIP high flyer Jerrelle Clark showed up and challenged Chasyn Rance to a match.

Jerrelle Clark vs. Chasyn Rance (w/So-Cal Val & Rain): After Chasyn Rance won the match, he was rewarded with precious hugs from the lovely Val and Rain, before he was rejoined by Kenny King, Sal Rinauro, and Jason Blade for an in-ring celebration. Sal Rinauro challenged anybody with some gold in the back to come out. FIP Florida Heritage champion Erick Stevens answered the call and they set up a title match for later between Stevens and Rinauro.

Jack Evans vs. Davey Richards (w/Dave Prazak & Mr. Milo Beasley): Before the match, Dave Prazak came out with his wheelchair-bound Vice President Mr. Milo Beasley to confront Davey Richards about his recent departure from DP Associates. Prazak said he wanted one more opportunity to prove that they can take Davey Richards to the next level by standing in his corner tonight. Richards allowed Prazak and Beasley to watch the match from ringside so they can see two good competitors put on a honest match. Davey Richards eventually made Jack Evans tap out with the Kimura after an exciting match without any outside interference from the DP crew at ringside. After the match, Davey Richards accepted a handshake from Dave Prazak and apparantly agreed to rejoin DP Associates.

Bobby Cruise & ROH World champion Nigel McGuinness + FIP World champion Roderick Strong: Nigel McGuinness came out and said he wanted to defend the ROH World title tonight but he has a torn bicep and cannot compete at this time. Nigel said he would come back when he was healthy and defend the ROH World title in front of the FIP fans. FIP World champion Roderick Strong interrupted and made it clear that his FIP championship meant more than Nigel’s ROH championship.

The Heartbreak Express (Sean & Phil Davis) vs. Black Market (Joey Machete & Shawn Murphy): The Heartbreak Express came out in street clothes and insulted the fans for being dumb enough to believe that they would keep their alliance with Black Market at the Cage of Pain event. Sean Davis tried to tell the fans that they would never see Black Market in FIP again, but Joey Machete & Shawn Murphy showed up right on que to defend their own honor against the Davis boys. The HBE quickly retreated, but Black Market gave chase and engaged in a bitter brawl throughout the consession area – making an enormous mess! After some uncontrolled chaos, the Heartbreak Express darted out the back door and escaped via a waiting vehicle, leaving Black Market to proclaim, “you’re gonna pay, and your gonna pay in blood!”

Rain (w/So-Cal Val & The YRR) vs. Trenesha: Rain was known as “Payton Banks” in TNA, and Trenesha was known as “Rhaka Khan” in TNA. Neither girl was using their TNA gimmick in this match. Trenesha isn’t the most polished wrestler out there but she tries hard. Rain is a seasoned pro who is well-trained in the art of pro-wrestling. Rain won the match and it started to become clear that the YRR faction was the true “unstoppable” force in Full Impact Pro.

Erick Stevens vs. Sal Rinauro (w/Rain & So-Cal Val): After the previous match, Erick Stevens came out for his title match with Sal Rinauro, but he (Stevens) was attacked from behind by Davey Richards – with Dave Prazak barking orders! Stevens fought back and smashed a can of beer over Richards’ head! Richards kicked Stevens in the gut and dropped him with a DDT on the arena floor at ringside! Jack Evans ran out and brawled with Richards to the back as Sal Rinauro taunted Erick Stevens and demanded that they start their title match immediately. The bell rang and the bloodied Erick Stevens desperately climbed into the ring to defend his pride and joy – the Florida Heritage title. I figured Rinauro would pick up a quick win, but Stevens was determined to defend the honor of his home state. It didn’t matter though because Rinauro took full advantage of his opponent being less than 100% and captured the Florida Heritage title. The YRR celebrated their first championship success!

The Briscoe Brothers vs. The YRR (Kenny King & Jason Blade w/Rain & So-Cal Val): Kenny King & Jason Blade vowed to ride the YRR’s wave of momentum and challenged the world famous Briscoe brothers to defend their FIP Tag Team titles right now! The Briscoes have never backed down from a challenge, so they hit the ring ready to defend their belts. The Briscoes are world class athletes, but they were caught off guard by members of the YRR, who actually managed to dethrone the Briscoes and capture the FIP Tag Team titles. The YRR continued their reign of dominance at this particular event. The final piece of the puzzle would be Claudio Castagnoli’s opportunity to capture the FIP World title from Roderick Strong in the main event!

Roderick Strong vs. Claudio Castagnoli: Claudio Castagnoli set out to complete the triple crown in one night for the YRR by challenging Roderick Strong for the FIP World title in the main event. The YRR have literally dominated the night with four impressive victories, including the accumulation of two separate championships. The YRR have already proven to be the true ‘unstoppable’ force of Full Impact Pro. Pretty good for a group made up of glorified jobbers – not including Castagnoli. It just goes to show with the proper promotion and development anybody can become an appealing wrestling character. About ten minutes into the match, Strong scored the first fall over Castagnoli to gain a huge advantage over the challenger. Another ten minutes into the match, Castagnoli planted Strong with a Ricola-bomb and scored a pin to even the score at one fall a piece. It was somewhat quiet at ringside without the YRR around, because they were sent to the back by the referee before the match even started! Eventually the YRR showed up and desperately tried to help their Swiss stablemate, but the Briscoe brothers hit the scene to take out the YRR brats. The beautiful So-Cal Val remained at ringside to cheer for Double C. Strong played defense and then made his comeback with a Gut-buster followed by a Gibson-driver to win the match and retain his cherished FIP World Heavyweight title!!!

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