WSU Best of 2007 (2-disc DVD set)



“The BEST OF WSU IN 2007”

(Reviewing WSU’s First Year)

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Alicia vs. Becky Bayless: This match featured the in-ring return of Becky Bayless after an extended European vacation and hiatus from the world of professional wrestling. Wait a minute… when was Becky Bayless ever a wrestler? She was only a valet as far as I know and not a very good one either. So Becky Bayless returned to the ring to resume her non-existent wrestling career and her opponent was popular Northeast valet/wrestler Alicia, who most people believe took Becky’s spot when she took her leave of absence. In her defense, it looks like Bayless has actually attended a couple wrestling classes while preparing for her return. Alicia carried Becky to a decent match while Becky relied heavily on her naturally irritating personality to get herself over. Around the 10:00 mark Alicia faked a “chest injury” but then attacked Bayless from behind and made her submit with a vicious submission hold! Alicia went insane after the match and refused to release the hold and they had to use physical force to separate the two angry fighters ( 7 / 10 ). This was a good way to kick off the WSU evolution.

Talia Madison vs. Daffney: The main event of the first ever WSU show was a showdown between pin-up girl Talia Madison (Velvet Sky in TNA), who was well trained and brought a lot of experience with her to the ring, and WCW legend Daffney Unger (known globally as the “Scream Queen”). I absolutely LOVE Daffney and I’m so happy to see her getting around the wrestling scene in places like NWA Wrestle Birmingham in Alabama, Full Impact Pro in Florida and SHIMMER Women’s Athletes in Illinois. Daffney was talking earlier about not being there for T & A but she kept squeezing her breasts for the drooling fans. I’m begging you for a close-up! I was actually very impressed with Daffney’s ability to absorb punishment. Talia proved her superiority after 15-minutes of action by defeating Daffney with a stiff Back-cracker ( 8 / 10 ).

Alicia vs. Luna Vachon: The legendary Luna Vachon came to the ring with an unspecified championship belt over her shoulder. Alicia came out in her “Hardcore” gear for the biggest match of her career. Luna was there representing Becky Bayless, who had her butt kicked by Alicia WSU Volume #1. Luna violated Alicia’s ass with a mini frying pan. Luna rammed Alicia’s head into the wall and then smashed her with an orange pylon. Luna found a shovel under the ring and smashed it over Alicia’s backside and tossed her into the merchandise table. All of Luna’s offense seemed to be directed towards Alicia’s ample posterior. Alicia mounted a comeback and choked out Luna with a night stick. Luna turned the tables but missed a moonsault allowing Alicia to slam Luna and secure the 1-2-3 to win ( 8 / 10 ).

Alicia vs. Luna Vachon vs. Amy Lee vs. Nikki Roxx: What started out as a regular four-way wrestling match, turned into a tag team falls count anywhere match. Nikki Roxx still has the best ass in the wrestling business. Roxx was on the ground, getting ready to absorb a chairshot from Amy Lee when suddenly Luna crushed her from the opposite side with a plastic crash can! Ouch! Alicia & Roxx worked together against Luna & Amy Lee, even though it was technically a four-way. Eventually Alicia showed her true colors and turned on Nikki, waiting for the right moment to pin Roxx to become the first ever WSU champion!!!

Luna Vachon cut a short and sweet promo calling the Diva Killers a couple of Draino Drinking Douchbags! Then her tag team partner, Primetime Amy Lee, cut one of the most unintelligent promos of all time – spewing senseless profanity at the top of her lungs and making no sense whatsoever. Arn Anderson would be put in his grave if he heard the crap coming out of Amy Lee’s mouth.

Satan’s Sisters (Amy Lee & Luna Vachon) vs. The Diva Killaz (Kayla Sparks & Miss Deville): This tag team match featured the 15-minute slaughter of the sweet and innocent tag team of Kayla Sparks and Miss Deville at the hands of Satan’s Sisters, Primetime Amy Lee and the legendary Luna Vachon. At one point, something went seriously wrong, and Luna snapped and started smacking Miss Deville around legit. Luna then viciously whacked Deville, Liz Savage (flat on the face), and Sparks with a frying pan. Luna then started shouting profanity, “I guess I’m not no f***ing Diva am I?” – Amy Lee finally pinned both Diva Killas at the same time. Something else was going on at ringside involving Luna Vachon and Liz Savage but they didn’t show it on camera but they still made an extremely big deal about it on commentary. Savage was apparently messed up really bad by the frying pan shot to the face from Luna. This was either a totally unprofessional act by Luna Vachon or a flawless act of scripted intimidation ( 6 / 10 ). Whatever it was, it came off controversial and a little unsettling. After the match, Amy Lee & Luna Vachon proclaimed themselves as the unofficial WSU Tag Team Champions and asked for real competition, putting out an open challenge.

Alicia vs. Amber: This match is listed chronologically on the DVD cover, but was not put in the right place, so now we’re going back in time to when Alicia was not the WSU champion. On the other hand, the 6/23 date might be a misprint. This DVD set is slowly turning into a “Best of Alicia” compilation. Amber is a super cute babyface, adored by all the teen-aged boys in the audience. This was probably one of Amber’s greatest matches, all thanks to Hackensack’s own Alicia – who scored the victory in the end!

Alicia vs. Alexa Thatcher: This match was listed on the DVD cover but was nowhere to be found on either disc one or disc two.

Tracy Brooks vs. Nikki Roxx (Ivory as special Ring Enforcer): When I first skimmed the match listing for this supposed “Best of” DVD set, I was disappointed that my girl Alere Little Feather was not featured – however the “Drunken Indian” got to be the referee for this battle of TNA Knockouts. The line between the Nikki Roxx character and the Roxxi Laveaux character was just starting to blur on the independent circuit. Ivory was not really a ringside enforcer so much as an innocent bystander that got involved in the match. Ivory was sitting at the autograph table cheering on the participants and encouraging the action in the ring. Roxxi was heel, and got into a shoving match with referee Little Feather. Moments later, Tracy Brooks had scored the win and Roxxi stomped her way backstage unhappy with the result! On a side note, Ivory was looking really hot… about as fit as she has ever been. I wish she would come out of retirement and wrestle a few matches for SHIMMER or WSU.

Alexa Thatcher vs. Cindy Rogers: This was the rematch after their thrilling time limit draw on the previous DVD. The “Definition of Technician” Cindy Rogers faced off once more with Alexa Thatcher. You may recognize Alexa from her appearances in TNA as a jobber named “Alexa Jade.” At first glance, you might mistake Alexa Thatcher for a flake – and I admit to doing that in the past – but she has really developed into a fine wrestler. The announcer lost points with me when he proclaimed “to hell with SHIMMER!” – not cool. Don’t get me wrong, this contest was a damn good match. These two girls are so evenly matched that it ended in a double-pin draw ( 7.5 / 10 ). The crowd wanted five more minutes but their wish was denied by the referee. Alexa and Cindy hugged after the match, but this rivalry is far from finished.

Angel Orsini vs. Amy Lee: Angel Orsini was previously known as “Prodigette” during the dying days of Extreme Championship Wrestling, and as “Riptide” around the independent circuit. She’s a real wrestler, and she’s tough-as-nails. Unlike Primetime Amy Lee, who thinks she can mask her obvious lack of wrestling skill with a onslaught of aggressive profanity. Late in the match, the light’s went out and when they came back on, Angel was covering Amy Lee for the 1-2-3 to win the match ( 6.5 / 10 ). Mercedes Martinez appeared and admitted that she was the one who attacked Luna Vachon before the show and Angel Orsini was in on it too.

Alicia vs. Christy Hemme (Tammy “Sunny” Sytch as Special Referee): When Christy Hemme was cut from the WWE, I was quite surprised because I knew that she had genuine interest in learning how to work a proper wrestling match. That’s why I was happy when she joined TNA, and was allowed to go into serious training for an eventual career as an in-ring performer. Hemme hit the independent circuit here in North American as well as a few shots in Europe and Australia. While she may not be the most polished wrestler, she does possess the desire to entertain through intense physical interaction. Sunny is the original wrestling Diva, and has gone through many ups-and-downs over the past few years, but has recovered and changed her life for the better. I have a lot of respect for her now, and wish only good things for her in the future. Alicia is the young torch-bearer for WSU, and certainly had her work cut out for her on this night. Christy may have been legitimately hurt, because the finish of the match saw Alicia botch a simple roll-up – which was totally Christy’s fault – to get the 1-2-3 and retain her WSU title ( 7 / 10 ). Referee Sunny confronted Alicia and knocked her out. Damn, Sunny looks good in a Zebra-stripped referee shirt! Let’s see her in WWE again soon!

Alicia vs. Becky Bayless: They called it the New York/New Jersey rivalry. Becky Bayless was looking hotter than I have ever seen her, wearing a tight ACDC shirt and rocker pants. Alicia deliberately poked Becky on the chest, and Becky unloaded with a vicious forearm to the champion’s face! It was no holds barred, but it didn’t matter because they didn’t really use any wrestling holds. It was just an intense feverish fight to the imaginary death. The match ended somewhat prematurely and out of the blue, with Alicia putting Becky down for the 10-count to retain the WSU championship ( 8.5 / 10 ).

Alicia vs. Alexa Thatcher vs. Melissa Stripes: They started off with a three-way Greco roman knuckle lock, and then Alexa and Melissa began a double-team assault on the champion before turning on each other shortly thereafter. A few hiccups later, Melissa Stripes was eliminated and sent unceremoniously backstage in defeat. One minute later, Alexa pinned Alicia, but the referee realized that Alicia’s foot was on the ropes and restarted the match. Alicia grabbed a chair, but Becky Bayless showed up to pull the chair away and scold Alicia for her actions! Bayless then turned heel and hit Thatcher with the weakest chairshot in the history of chairshots, allowing Alicia to get the pin and retain her WSU championship. Alicia then proceeded to vacate her title by handing it over to her “best friend” Becky Bayless! Bayless cut a promo about the pact she made with Alicia to work the marks to get themselves over in 2007.

Alicia vs. Tammy “Sunny” Sytch: Sunny showed up and protested the untraditional title switch that just happened. Sunny explained that she recently got her wrestler’s license and challenged Alicia to a title match. Alicia said she was finished with WSU and proceeded to walk out, proclaiming Becky Bayless as the WSU champion. Primetime Amy Lee pushed Alicia back into the ring, where she briefly grappled with Sunny until Sunny nailed her with a Stunner and scored the 1-2-3 to be crowned the NEW WSU champion! Alexa Thatcher, Cindy Rogers, Amy Lee, Missy Sampson, and a few others hit the ring to congratulate the new champ. Sunny respectfully paid tribute to Alicia, handing the belt over to her and giving her a big hug, giving the former champion the farewell she deserves. The roster took a knee and surrounded Alicia, who cut her final promo inside a wrestling ring (at least until she inevitably comes out of retirement.)

BONUS MATCH (6/28/08)
Angel Orsini vs. Jana: By this time, Angel Orsini was the WSU champion, taking on all comers in some of the most brutal women’s matches in WSU history. I’m not really sure why they chose to include this match from 2008 as a bonus but hey they did and who am I to complain. It was just one of many successful title defenses by Angel Orsini which will no doubt be included on WSU’s “Best of 2008” DVD collection.

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