Interview with famous “Sign Guy” Rick!

I know in the past I have given you, our faithful readers, another interview. I have given a few from wrestlers, but I wanted this one to be a treat. I have for you an interview with a wrestling “Super Fan”. I give you, Rick “The WWE Sign Guy”. For those of you who don’t know, Rick attends a lot of WWE shows, and has some of the most creative signs out there. He has appeared on Deal or No Deal, and has graced the pages of WWE Magazine. But I will let Rick tell you about it himself, I just ask the questions around here.Blue Coyote: First off, how was the “Rumble”?

Rick: I thought this year’s Rumble was great! The Rumble is my favorite PPV. Actually when I think about it, there is not a Rumble I didn’t like!

Blue Coyote: Me either! The Rumble Match is my favorite of all time.

Blue Coyote: Were you surprised to see Snuka, Piper, and Cena? I was shocked.

Rick: Absolutely! That’s one of the reasons I like the Rumble. It’s always full of surprises!

Blue Coyote: Who are some off your favorite wrestlers of all time? What about today?

Rick: Wow. That’s a tough one. I do feel like Ric Flair is the best of all time. I grew up watching him as a face and a heel. He is quite a performer! It’s tough to look back and choose just a few. It’s like what I said in the RAW commercial: I like the guys who yell back at me.

Blue Coyote: Well you are at the shows to get yelled at; I just have to pretend with my Wrestling Figures.

Blue Coyote: You have been in WWE Magazine, and even Batista’s book, what has that notoriety been like?

Rick: It’s been crazy! I’m so lucky. I’m just a fan who loves to watch WWE. I was honored to be in Dave’s book and in WWE magazine.

Blue Coyote: How was your “Deal or No Deal” experience?

Rick: That might have been the greatest experience I have ever had. People asked me if I was nervous and I wasn’t! I was more excited than anything! It was so great to have my family and friends there to experience it as well. I think the best moment though was when the wrestlers came out. I had absolutely no idea. It blew me away. I will always be thankful to those guys who were there!

Blue Coyote: I was sitting at home, and recognized Layla. I know it’s not fair to play armchair quarterback, but I would have picked her for the case to be by my side, and tore through everyone quick. I believe in fate like that. What went through your head when she opened her case to reveal the $1,000,000?

Rick: Layla actually had the $750,000. But still in hindsight, you are right! I actually wanted to keep her up there so I can look at her a little longer. Ha Ha!

Blue Coyote: At 6’7″ were you active in sports in high school?

Rick: Yes! I was lucky enough to get a basketball scholarship after high school.

Blue Coyote: Was it a big shock moving to Texas from Ohio?

Rick: Yes! It was quite a big shock! I think the biggest shock was playing basketball. In Ohio, I was pretty much the 6th man on the team. Once moving to San Antonio, I was an immediate starter! I had a blast playing hoops there.

Blue Coyote: You have stated in the past, you maxed out your credit cards to travel and go to WWE shows. I noticed you were at, like, every Texas show, but now you are going nation wide. You still maxing the cards, or did “Deal or No Deal” help get you from coast to coast?

Rick: Yeah, things got rough with the credit cards. “Deal” really helped at the perfect time! Unfortunately, things are starting to get bad again! I will have to me more careful this time.

Blue Coyote: I have seen Superstars spit, snot on, and rub your classic red hat all over their bodies. I got to know, is it the same hat or do you replace it every now and then?

Rick: Oh god yes I replace it. I have been through over 40 red hats. Once they are violated, I put them in a zip lock bag. I have a huge bucket with all of the messed up hats.

Blue Coyote: You seem to be very close to your family. What do they think of your wrestling passion?

Rick: Well, at first they wondered why a person my age would spend so much time and money doing what I do. They later realized that it was a passion of mine and that life is too short so why not do what we love to do?

Blue Coyote: When my father passed away, I dove into my love for wrestling. Would you say your love for wrestling helped you cope with the passing of your wife?

Rick: Absolutely, its something I really absorbed myself in. It helped me get through a very tough time.

Blue Coyote: You have stated you don’t know any of the Superstars personally, but they sure seem to know you. What is your most memorable encounter with a WWE Superstar?

Rick: Wow, this will take about 30 pages to write. I have so many memorable moments. Off the top of my head, I do remember once I was on the same flight with the entire Smackdown roster. The plane was full, but thankfully I managed to find a seat. The bad news was it was near the Big Show. I gave him a hard time the night before, and he gave me a hard time on the flight! Big Show is actually the nicest guy and a great sport.

Blue Coyote: That’s Karma I guess.

Blue Coyote: How much time and money do you invest into your brilliant signs?

Rick: Wow, I would freak out if I really thought about the time and money I spent on signs. Markers, poster boards, props, blowing of pictures at Kinko’s, man a whole lot but its worth it!

Blue Coyote: Have you ever thought of writing an autobiography?

Rick: Yes, I have thought about that! I think some chapters would be difficult to write. My life wasn’t all wine and roses.

Blue Coyote: I have read a lot of Wrestler biographies, and some are like reading a fact sheet about the guy, but a good one was Shawn Michaels. He told the good and bad and I think the fans appreciated that. I would read your book though.

Blue Coyote: I will be at RAW in Austin. When I talked to you before you said you would be there. Who are you looking forward to seeing at the event?

Rick: I think the thing I’m really looking forward to in Austin is 2 shows in 1 night!!!!

Blue Coyote: That’s the best part, 2 shows for the price of 1!!!

Blue Coyote: Wrestlers have great road stories. Do you have any funny stories from your travels to any WWE shows nation wide?

Rick: Hmmm, I have several stories! I will give you a really quick one. I recently went to a few shows up North. I had to drive right after the show back to New York and immediately to get on a flight. I pulled over to a gas station to buy a coke. I had my back turned and I saw a very large shadow. I then heard, “I see you.” I slowly turned around and it was Kane! We talked for a little bit then I was back on the road. He scared the crap out of me!

Blue Coyote: Yikes! It could have been worse; it could have been Big Show again.

Blue Coyote: I met you at the TNA show in Bell County, Texas. You seemed to enjoy the show. You said you were mainly there to see former WWE talent. Booker T’s match was great, but I think Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe stole the show. What is your opinion of the show?

Rick: I thought the show was good. I don’t watch TNA but it was good to see the former WWE guys again. I had some fun times with them in the past.

Blue Coyote: You said you were going to try and make the TNA shows in Austin and Dallas. Did you make the shows and did anything happen like it did with Christian taking your hat in Belton, TX?

Rick: Haha, no nothing really happened. Some of the other TNA guys spit their gum at me. I think another guy said I was at the wrong show too.

Blue Coyote: Ever think you could become Rick the TNA Sign Guy?

Rick: No, I don’t think so. My blood pumps WWE!

Blue Coyote: I know TNA is becoming more popular, but I have to agree with you there.

Blue Coyote: Have you ever though of entering the “Squared Circle”?

Rick: No, but I would love to eventually be a part of it.

Blue Coyote: Me too. I would love to be a Ref, or even a writer for the show. If you make it to WWE first, put in a good word for me.

Blue Coyote: What is your wrestling schedule like this year?

Rick: Hmm, that’s tough to say. I wish I had the road schedule in advance! I check every day for any more shows they list so I can start preparing!

Blue Coyote: I lost touch with some friends in the Dallas Area. Is there any good Indy Promotions in the area?

Rick: Yes!!! PCW in Arlington is great! Whenever I jones for some wrestling, I head over there! On TLC they are actually now showing “The Bussey Boys” reality show. They own PCW. They really have some great talent and put on a great show!

Blue Coyote: What is your prediction for the Elimination Chamber Match at No Way Out?

Rick: Hmm, I guess I will go with the prediction I had for the Rumble: HHH.

Blue Coyote: I’m going for Hardy or Jericho, but we will see.

Blue Coyote: I love your RAW Fan Nation commercial. How did that come about?

Rick: I was watching RAW and they were running a commercial that said, “Do you want to star in your own RAW commercial?” I immediately sent them a tape and they chose me and about 8 others from across the country. It was a blast!

Blue Coyote: I know you love comedy movies. What has been the funniest movie you have seen lately?

Rick: Hmm, I thought Superbad was really good. Knocked up was good too.

Blue Coyote: I would have to agree with you there.

Blue Coyote: Are there any sites I can direct our readers to, to keep up with the “Sign Guy”?

Rick: You bet! I always keep up with my “my space” page!

I have to say, I had a lot of fun doing this interview, and I hope ya’ll had a good time reading it. Check back soon for more interviews. This is Blue Coyote signing HOWLIN’ at you. Until next time, HHHOOOWWWLLL!!!

Shawn Moniz


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